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What does DevOps as a Managed Service offer?

Managed DevOps service is a managed service where our team of AWS-certified experts continuously operate, maintain, and optimize your cloud environment. This enables your team to focus where it matters most — deliver value for your customers. Managed DevOps helps you automate and speed up software integration, testing, and delivery. It works as a monthly subscription with a set of agreed services and practices the team of DevOps engineers provide.

With TechMagic Managed DevOps Services you get
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Direct access to our DevOps team expertise

Our practices and methods allow you to customise the DevOps team to meet your objectives and needs. Delivering DevOps as a managed service, we collaborate with your team, respond to inquiries and actively maintain your infrastructure.

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Lower risks and reduced bus factor

DevOps as a service model reduces the risks and bus factor by spreading the expertise and automating the processes. It leads to more reliable and efficient software development processes.

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Flexible packages from 10 hours per month tailored to your specific needs

TechMagic’s engineers work on your infrastructure fixed amount of time. During this time, they handle support requests and incidents, deploy new software, or continuously update current environments by implementing best practices.

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Cost-effectiveness compared to employing similar full-time staff with AWS expertise

Our DevOps managed services are cost-effective and easier to manage than traditional approaches. Also, thanks to DevOps and automation, organisations can release software faster and with fewer resources, drastically reducing release costs.

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Proactive recommendations for optimizing your environment

TechMagic certified engineers create the DevOps infrastructure from scratch or improve your current solutions. We deliver custom DevOps solutions for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments.

DevOps Services and Cloud Expertise
Stable Integration

Software engineers use continuous integration to merge code changes into a common repository, followed by automated builds and testing. Stable integration detects and fixes issues quickly and shortens the time necessary for new software upgrades.

Stable Delivery

Delivering DevOps-managed service, we enhance continuous integration by deploying any code alterations to testing and production environments following the build step.


We design strategies for creating a single app as a collection of microservices. Each service operates in its process and interacts with others over a well-defined interface using a lightweight method, often an HTTP-based API.

Infrastructure as Code

We swiftly deploy infrastructure and servers, update with the most recent fixes and versions, and scale thanks to the cloud's API-driven paradigm, delivering DevOps as a Service AWS

Monitoring and Logging

We keep track of metrics and logs to evaluate how infrastructure and app performance affects user interaction and get insights into the underlying causes of issues or unanticipated changes by setting up alerts or real-time data analysis.

Communication and Cooperation

DevOps as a managed service automate the software delivery process, which results in improved communication inside a business. By combining the workflows and using project tracking systems, teams are closer and more productive in reaching goals.

Choose monthly package for your current needs:
  • great for general AWS account management;
  • ad-hoc remediation of issues and provisioning;
  • control cloud costs;
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  • great for level consulting guidance;
  • ongoing monitoring;
  • ad-hoc remediation of issues and vulnerabilities, monor enhancements;
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  • great for MVP delivery;
  • ongoing monitoring and maintenance;
  • long-term improvements;
  • best practices implementation.
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  • great for supporting large and high-loaded projects;
  • ongoing monitoring and maintenance;
  • keep on track with long-term improvements;
  • effective cloud adoption and Cloud COE enablement.
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DevOps Managed Services monthly package can include:
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Resources provisioning
list item
Ad-hoc Consulting & Engineering Support
list item
Update and patch management
list item
Cleanup, maintenance
list item
IaC templates development & update
list item
AWS Account Management & 1AM design
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Proactive monitoring
list item
Incident response and resolution
list item
Backup management
list item
System fault recovery, failover setup
list item
AWS Cost Optimization
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Training and workshops
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Yulia LisovskaYulia LisovskaPartner Engagement Manager
Benefits of DevOps
Develop, and adjust to fast-changing markets and run business by delivering faster thanks to DevOps-managed service providers.
Manage and scale your development and infrastructure operations effectively with less risk if using automation and consistency.
3Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
Raise the speed of release of new features and bugs fixing to develop and enhance your product as quickly as possible.
4Improved Collaboration
Improved Collaboration
Assemble more productive teams using DevOps as a Service defining principles like responsibility and ownership.
Ensure each infrastructure and app update with continuous integration and delivery are secure to deliver a better user experience
Quickly define and track compliance using configuration management methods, automated compliance policies, and fine-grained controls
Tools and services we usually use:
AWS CodeCommitAWS CodeCommit
Github ActionsGithub Actions
AWS CodeCommitAWS CodeCommit
Github ActionsGithub Actions
Infrastructure as a code
AWS CloudformationAWS Cloudformation
Monitoring and logging
AWS CloudWatchAWS CloudWatch
ELK stackELK stack
Management and Governance
AWS CloudTrailAWS CloudTrail
AWS OrganizationsAWS Organizations
AWS ConfigAWS Config
AWS Systems ManagerAWS Systems Manager
Security, Identity, and Compliance
Amazon GuardDutyAmazon GuardDuty
AWS Secrets ManagerAWS Secrets Manager
AWS Identity and Access ManagementAWS Identity and Access Management
AWS Single Sign-OnAWS Single Sign-On
Amazon InspectorAmazon Inspector
AWS Key Management ServiceAWS Key Management Service
Hashicorp VaultHashicorp Vault
Our projects


The Intelligent Platform for eCommerce
Solution built by the TechMagic team helped Acorn-I to start moving from the consulting business model to the SaaS model. In the nearest future, machine learning capabilities will automate even more tasks, predictions, and calculations that are done manually today. Our input in this project has already increased the performance 15 times!
  • icon London, UKLocation
    London, UK
  • icon Node.js, Angular, Serverless Framework, AWSTechnologies
    Node.js, Angular, Serverless Framework, AWS
  • icon Web, QA, UX/UIServices
    Web, QA, UX/UI
  • icon 9 peopleTeam size
    9 people


Business process visualization app
Elements.cloud is an app visualizing business processes, popular among Fortune 5000 companies. A cross-browser solution, it works smoothly and lightning-fast. It's a fully tolerant, secure, GDPR-compliant SaaS product for process visualization and management.
  • icon San Francisco, USALocation
    San Francisco, USA
  • icon Node.js, Angular 6, AWS Lambda,
 Redis, Firebase, SalesforceTechnologies
    Node.js, Angular 6, AWS Lambda, Redis, Firebase, Salesforce
  • icon Web, DevOps, Testing Automation, UI/UXServices
    Web, DevOps, Testing Automation, UI/UX
  • icon From 3 to 20+ people in 4 yearsTeam size
    From 3 to 20+ people in 4 years


Referral management & care coordination app
psHEALTH automates referral management with a connected software solution that improves patient care and reduces the time, energy, and cost of managing healthcare logistics. Custom healthcare solutions like psHEALTH let you streamline online access to doctors, provide laboratory results to patients and healthcare teams, manage consultations, and much more.
  • icon London, UKLocation
    London, UK
  • icon Node.Js, AngularTechnologies
    Node.Js, Angular
  • icon WebServices
  • icon 4+ peopleTeam size
    4+ people
Our clients who use serverless architecture
What is DevOps as a Service?

The DevOps as a Service is the practice of shifting the control from operations to the development of technologies, making it easier for a company's operations staff and software development team to work together. The process involves partnering the development team with operations staff to ensure continuous integration, delivery, deployment, and testing.

What are the benefits of managed DevOps services?

DevOps helps developers write testable code, test the code's functionality, and automates the testing process to help the team quickly test. It reduces the deployment time and ensures faster fixes, quick releases, and application improvements. Managing DevOps services with the help of an experienced service provider also ensures increased automation and shortened software delivery cycles.

What’s better: DevOps as a service or having in-house DevOps?

Many software vendors are out there providing DevOps services with lots of experience. They leverage organisations with the DevOps skills and tools they need without requiring them to invest in a team, implementation or platform on a pay-as-you-go basis according to your requirements.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Managed DevOps Services may vary from project to project depending on several factors, such as project scope and complexity, technology, team composition, the number of end-users and allocated hours. Contact us to get a personal quote.

When can we get started?

As soon as we can start the project. We define your requirements and create custom solutions. Contact us, and we’ll evaluate how quickly we can get started.

Let’s turn ideas into action
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