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Why Serverless
Simple deployment & continuous delivery
Simple deployment & continuous delivery
Infrastructure cost savings
Infrastructure cost savings
Infinite scalability
Infinite scalability
Easier pivoting
Easier pivoting
Real reusability
Real reusability
More about Serverless
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Migration to Serverless Architecture

Enjoy scalability, constant development, and cost-effectiveness. With serverless architecture you can focus more on your business goals, and don’t care about maintaining servers to run your app, databases, and storage systems.

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Serverless Architecture from Scratch

With Serverless, we create modern business applications in an Agile way. We focus on adding value to your business, taking care of management processes, and reducing infrastructure costs.

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MVP with Serverless

We build your Minimum Viable Product to enter the market ahead of your competitors. Our high-quality serverless solutions allow you to launch and validate your business model rapidly and effectively.

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Event-driven backend development

In an event-driven architecture, the focus is shifted towards the events that flow through the system. It allows us to change the way of designing the app, tackling the problems related to scalability, availability, single source of truth, etc.

Our Serverless tools
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AWS Lamba
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AWS Fargate
Data store
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Amazon S3
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Amazon DynamoDB
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Amazon RDS Proxy
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Amazon Aurora Serverless
Application integration
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Amazon EventBridge
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AWS Step Functions
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Amazon SQS
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Amazon SNS
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Amazon API Gateway
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AWS AppSync
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The Intelligent Platform for eCommerce
Solution built by the TechMagic team helped Acorn-I to start moving from the consulting business model to the SaaS model. In the nearest future, machine learning capabilities will automate even more tasks, predictions, and calculations that are done manually today. Our input in this project has already increased the performance 15 times!
  • Location
    London, UK
  • Technologies
    Node.js, Angular, Serverless Framework, AWS
  • Platform
    Web, QA, UX/UI
  • Team size
    9 people
Our clients who use serverless architecture
Our global partnerships
In 2017, we became a Certified AWS Consulting Partner. With paying great attention to professional accreditations for our engineering units, we are moving to the next tiers and activities with AWS.
In 2018, we became an Official Serverless Dev Partner. Due to a big number of serverless app development projects and community, we are happy to be a trusted contributor to the framework.
What are the benefits of serverless architecture?

There are some key advantages of the serverless architecture. To name a few:
  • Faster deployment and updates
  • Server management is no longer a necessity
  • Cost reduction thanks to the payment model when you pay only for what you use.
  • Scalability. Serverless architecture scales inherently.
  • Decreased latency thanks to the code that runs closer to the end-user.
What are the examples of serverless services?

The most popular examples of serverless services offered by cloud providers are AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions. We prefer to work with AWS services and will be glad to help you scale and grow faster, achieving business goals with AWS Serverless.

Is serverless secure?

With serverless, you can increase security from the beginning, when building infrastructure. While it may seem challenging, serverless is more secure than the traditional approach. For example, a lot of security updates are applied automatically. This way some common security measures are no longer bothering you. The key security point is to work with experienced professionals who know how to avoid common mistakes and can build secure serverless infrastructure from scratch.

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