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Tetiana Syvulko
// Recruiting Ninja
skype: tania.syvulko

Middle React Developer for Sweden Startup

Who we need
We are looking for a Middle React developer with 2+ years of experience in web development to join our team.


Must have
  • 2+ years of work experience in Web Development;
  • Solid experience with JavaScript;
  • Good experience with React;
  • At least Intermediate strong English level.

Knowledge of Firebase, Node.js, Chart.js and D3.js will be a plus.


  • Master’s degree/Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Information Security or related.

About Project

Global startup based in Sweden.

Graviz Telescope is a platform which helps business to collect data about customer experience, brand identity, opponents on the market etc. Get insights and extract the commercial effect from all available data.


How it works: 

1. Requirements Analysis

An expert team of business analysts makes sure the requirements, relevant KPI’s and goals are gathered before get down to shaping your solution.

2. Analysis & data collection

When questions have been defined, the team of analytics takes over the job. This includes setup of relevant data sources (incl. internal data) to Graviz Telescope.

3. Insights & recommendations

The result is delivered and presented according to clients need.
Access to insight platform to track changes in real time. 

From scratch.
Project team
Currently, we are building a team and will start with 1 skilled React developer and 1 Node.js developer.
Project Technologies
React, Node.js, BigQuery, Google Cloud Platform, Firestore, Serverless (Cloud Functions).
Work Schedule
Full-time working day in our Lviv office (Heroiv UPA street), flexible hours.
Interview Stages
  • 1-st stage - interview with our Recruiter and Senior Front-end developer;
  • 2-d stage - client interview.

Our Benefits

  • Opportunity to work with the most trending JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React.js, Node.js);
  • Strong JavaScript community at the company (31+ developers…);
  • Great environment for self-development: tech talks, trainings, free English classes;
  • Coverage of professional event and certifications;
  • Relocation support;
  • Modern office with rest zone, growing library of latest business literature and own football team;
  • One of the best places to work in Lviv (based on DOU rating).

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Contact Person
  • Heroiv UPA Street, 73A
  • Lviv, Ukraine, 79008
  • 12 Heath Hill, Chestnut Hill,
  • MA 02445, Boston, USA
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