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On February 24, 2022, russia declared war and started a full-scale military invasion in Ukraine. The deaths, suffering of civilian people, and humanitarian crisis brought to our Homeland by the kremlin regime are unspeakable. Continuous rocket/bomb strikes on peaceful cities show the brutality that only nazis were known for till now. Ukraine is facing its enemies with no fear. TechMagic stands with Ukraine. As war rages, our founders decided to switch TechMagic's focus from active growth mode to preservation mode. We work as it was declared, being loyal to our values, continuing to deliver results to our clients, pay financial rewards. Meanwhile, all commercial profit of the company itself goes to military forces and humanitarian aid. To manage all requests and close the most urgent the fastest, we created a volunteering center inside the company.
Procurement of tactical equipment
Procurement of tactical equipment
Tactical supplies and armor for our military forces and public defense. The company also offers financial support to coworkers who are willing to participate in defense of our country.
Humanitarian aid and medications
Humanitarian aid and medications
We gathered requests and closed urgent humanitarian needs of local shelters, simultaneously packing and sending help to our compatriots in the attacked cities.
Relocation and support for the colleagues
Relocation and support for the colleagues
Our colleagues from different cities were provided with all accessible resources of the company to support theirs relocation and mental support options.

How you can help

The evil must be defeated. The World can not step aside from it. And everyone can contribute to the triumph of democracy. First of all - you can be vocal. This is very easy but still crucial. Let your voice be heard. Share factual information about the war in Ukraine. The kremlin lies still blindfold people. You can also support Ukrainian people financially by donating verified funds. You'll see their list with the full description and additional information by clicking the "donate" button. Stand with Ukraine!
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