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Micro-investment app with its own token and reward system, that builds user’s portfolio with round-ups, top-ups, and dollar cost averaging
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Project description
Project description

Bamboo Micro-investment app with its own token and reward system from Australia. You don’t need to have any investment experience to make profit on this app. It does everything for you. Bamboo helps people grow their portfolios with round-ups, top-ups, and dollar cost averaging. It links with your bank account, and makes tiny investments when you spend money. You set a comfort rounding off the amount you spend, it accumulates and invests across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver Standard.

Core team

Core team of Bamboo are passionate about investing, and wanted to make it easier and more accessible for people without any crypto-experience to build their investment portfolio.

Blake Cassidy
Chief Executive Officer
Jim Paleo
Chief Technology Officer
Tracey Plowman
Chief Operating Officer

The main challenge was to make complex functionality and features easy and simple for users. All the development decisions and challenges were based on that mission. Being an eventsource project Bamboo needed to overcome hydration limitations. Because of the always-increasing number of events, the app deployment process became challenging. During deployment all events should be processed, and the more events were created - the harder and longer deployments were. And with time the extensive amount of events make it almost impossible to release new features due to the hydration time limit. So, the challenge for the TechMagic team was to find a solution for faster deployment without sacrificing app functionality and future growth. At the same time we needed to implement a Bam Reward system and Bam token.


Our developers re-master legacy code to make it clean and easier-to-improve in future iterations. We have left all the features for users intacted, but made it simpler to work with and scale for developers. Clean code approach allows to attract new experts and ensure their easy cooperation technically-wise. We re-wrote hydration for every service, ensuring more sustainable functionality. Also, a lot of third-party integrations were added.

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Backend specifics
Multiregional app

Our backend supports 2 regions. All changes apply to both regions simultaneously. There is no latency for American nor Australian based users.

Infrastructure as a code

All our infrastructure is fully automated and described on a code level. There is no need in any manual actions, which allows us to launch an app fast in any region in a short period of time. This means that Bamboo application can be distributed in any region.

Latest version of all frameworks and tools

We updated to the latest version of React.native, Node.js versions, AWS CDK to keep up with trends and use newest features, and the latest security updates.

Integration with financial platforms

We set up integrations with American service Plaid, which connects user’s financial data to an app; Sila - an ACH payment processor, which we use for moving funds between bank accounts; and Kraken USA - cryptocurrency exchanges to buy and sell crypto.

Low latency, high availability, scalability & performance

System receives more than 50 000 events (requests) daily. For the past year we processed 15 000 000 events. That means that even enormous requests’ spike will not cause any problems even on crucial days, like Black Friday.

BAM Rewards

TechMagic team implemented the BAM Rewards program. Bamboo offers a personal token - BAM - that users can earn simply by using the app. This token operates on the Ethereum Blockchain by using its ERC20 protocol. The majority of cryptocurrency tokens in circulation today were made up with this. Bamboo chose this for its own token, because It's one of the most utilised and secure protocols available.

BAM Rewards
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Yulia LisovskaYulia LisovskaPartner Engagement Manager

We communicate with each one third-party integration provider independently to ensure the best outcome for the project.




AU region specific


US region specific

Work approach

The Bamboo team is spreaded throughout the World. Our part of the team is located in Ukraine. One of the developers is located in Ireland, and most of the team are Australians. 2 of back-end developers from AU should be managed from Ukraine.Additionally, the PM from our side always keeps track of the tasks, to be sure that every team member, no matter where he is located and when starts his day, has everything needed from management and knows what to do. All the main communication was planned and scheduled in advance.

Itterational Kanban
Itterational Kanban

We started from classic kanban, without any links to releases. Then we practiced iteration kanban.

Flexible approach
Flexible approach

We maintain a flexible approach to be able to meet client’s changing needs, to meet not only technical, but business goals.

SCRUM ceremonies
SCRUM ceremonies

We conducted retrospectives and implemented some classic SCRUM ceremonies, including sprints when it was possible.

Regular communications
Regular communications

We introduced "daily" meetings 3 times a week with the CEO and CTO of Bamboo joining.

Project outcome

Thanks to TechMagic, Bamboo was able to experience a 700% active users increase due to the new features and capability added.

list item
Personal crypto token BAM
list item
More than 20 000 active users
list item
BAM rewards program
list item
Accounting automation
list item
Prepared release on the US market
Project outcome
Technologies used for this project
Client’s feedback

We interviewed seven highly recommended tech consulting groups and decided to use TechMagic due to their superior systems and processes. Thanks to TechMagic, we were able to experience a 700% increase in Bamboo active users due to the new features and capability they added.


Blake Cassidy

CEO Bamboo
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Yulia Lisovska
Partner Engagement Manager