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Automation testing services we provide

We help optimize testing efforts and costs, speed up release cycles, and increase test coverage by providing custom automated testing solutions. This allows us to adopt continuous testing, reduce the risk of human error, and automate bug detection. Our test automation services incorporate a wide range of testing needs, including:

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Unit tests

Unit tests test individual features in isolation to make bug detection almost effortless. They’re reliable and extremely fast — a unit test that takes one-tenth of a second is considered slow.

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E2E tests

End-to-end tests simulate user behavior and can be executed concurrently. The main objective of E2E tests is to decrease repetitive actions, freeing up time for other essential types of testing we also offer, like usability, load, and security testing.

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Integration tests

Integration tests are also quite fast and verify how two or several units work together as a whole.

TechMagic test automation services help you
Validate your current QA processes

Delivering automation testing services, we help you increase your test coverage and ensure that your app works as you and your users expect.

Enhance test coverage and accuracy

Our custom frameworks and scripts bring you the highest quality tests, improved accuracy, and test coverage for all your needs.

Go to market faster with your product

Our QA automation services decrease your product's time-to-market by automatically and continuously running test cases to find and fix issues faster.

Minimize human error in tests

Our automation services minimize human errors for even your most complex testing scenarios.

Get faster feedback

Testing automation brings feedback loops closer to each other and helps you uncover bugs early in the development life cycle.

Test automation implementation process
Step 1

Before testing, we complete an analysis of your entire product. We define the scope of tests required and develop a prioritization scheme for testing, including identifying which tests are essential for your product. This helps prevent redundant rounds of quality assurance and delivers results that meet your expectations.

Step 2
Core development

After completing the evaluation, we develop a custom and reusable test automation framework. The framework comprises the rules and tools that our QA specialist uses to build test cases. This stage simplifies test development and accelerates test execution.

Step 3

Next, we develop automated tests and use the continuous integration process, incorporating them into the software development life cycle. This allows for testing the quality of your software as soon as new features are implemented. This stage creates a foundation for further active test development.

Step 4
Test and support

Finally, we develop tests along with complete documentation. We never leave you out in the cold. Our team provides maintenance and support services and ensures that you receive all necessary updates for our testing products.

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TechMagic is an end-to-end full-stack development company with a presence in Ukraine, Poland, the UK and the USA. We cover every stage of the development process, from concept and discovery to deployment and support. Using the agile approach, we unlock the full potential of technology for your business, bringing solid experience alongside innovations.

Our expertise covers project scoping and prototyping, UX/UI design, web application development services, mobile development, serverless computing, test automation, security services and Salesforce. On top of that, with 9+ years of experience, we know how to avoid common development pitfalls.

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How can test automation services help your business?

Test automation services help you to fix issues quicker than it appears, increase team productivity and decrease the possibility of human mistakes, producing quality and smart tests consistently. With test automation you ensure reliable work of your application.

When can we get started?

Right away. After you get in touch with one of our project managers, we will gather the brief and arrange a consultation call to get further details. We may enter into an NDA agreement with you to guarantee that we are responsible for the information you provide. Now that the toolbox has been built, we are prepared to make an offer and start working.

How do you keep my data secure?

We sign an NDA with you before the project gets underway to ensure that the information you disclose with us remains private. Our security team ensures protection of your data, sticking to latest practices and providing regular training for all the team members.

Can you set up a test automation process from scratch?

Yes, we can set up a test automation process from scratch. Our team has experience in setting up test automation frameworks for various applications, including mobile, web, and desktop applications.

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