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We provide a full spectre of blockchain development services, from idea to realisation.
Adopt Blockchain for higher business’ efficiency and agility

Blockchain technology is all about your business efficiency. It increases security and transparency of shared data, helping with their traceability and verifications. Meanwhile, immutability of data decreases risk of unwanted manipulations from hackers.

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Blockchain Development Services We Offer:
Smart Contract Development

The TechMagic team builds smart contracts based on NEO, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and EOS, that begin processes only when required, so your company operations will run without needing manual interaction and manipulation. We carry out extensive pre-release non and functional testing to ensure the smart contract code is secure.

Decentralised apps (dApps)

As a blockchain development agency, we build a brand-new world of open-source, decentralised applications combining their speed and transparency with a user-friendly design. With dApps, you can eliminate any centralised failure spots and operate on a decentralised peer-to-peer network avoiding downtime and other operational limitations.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

TechMagic’s blockchain engineers convert any physical asset or industry-specific company into non-fungible cryptographic tokens in blockchain software development. It is immutably and securely kept publicly on the blockchain to identify and transfer the ownership rights for digital things, maintaining complete copyright for your works.

Private blockchains

We simplify data transfers, increasing network speed and security for your business. Our blockchain experts enable you to minimise operating expenses, expedite procedures, decrease mistakes, and build transparent and maintainable agreements between stakeholders with a private blockchain.

Custom Blockchain Solutions Development

Providing blockchain app development services, we develop distributed apps, SaaS, and customised private and public blockchains for getting a fully-fledged decentralised platform. We leverage the conceptualisation of blockchain software and cross-chain integration blockchains.

Blockchain Consultation

In blockchain development consulting, our experts share knowledge and skills by thoroughly examining your company's needs, market research, and current trends. It includes a business case for implementing blockchain technology, a solution architecture, a technology stack, and a roadmap with a risk mitigation strategy.

Industries that can benefit from blockchain adoption
HR Tech
HR Tech
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Your industry
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We cover all needs of blockchain development:
Discovery and prototyping
Scoping and prototyping of your blockchain solution

Our specialists analyse your company's infrastructure to find weaknesses and possibilities that can be resolved by developing a custom blockchain solution. We increase your operational effectiveness and output, making adjustments as needed.

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Web and mobile development
Web and mobile blockchain application development

As a blockchain app development company, we architect secure, intuitive, high-performing blockchain systems. We offer web development for the unique qualities of blockchain technology that is shared, immutable, and securely records transactions and monitors assets within a network to address issues.

UX/UI design
Complex applications with intuitive design

We design compelling, simple-to-use goods with eye-catching UX/UI and motion graphics to strengthen your brand's visual identity in a blockchain development project. With UI/UX design, we make blockchain accessible to users and easier for ordinary people.

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Ensured continuous deployment and optimisation

Our DevOps build seamless and reliable cloud-based or on-premises infrastructure and software delivery based on CI/CD pipelines and Kubernetes. We continually enhance the software delivery chain and facilitate the development of blockchain technology across various stages and tools for containerisation, automation, and short development cycles.

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Quality assurance
Test automation and bug detection

At TechMagic, we aim for the deployment process to run as smoothly as feasible. Our QA team does everything from a QA audit to performance and automated software testing identifying any problems or possible threats to guarantee the long-term success of your blockchain solution.

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Latest practices to ensure data security

Our cybersecurity experts offer blockchain technology to create custom security solutions and vulnerability evaluations to properly safeguard your digital assets and protect your company from cyberattacks and assaults through blockchain networks.

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Why TechMagic
Years of relevant experience

Having years of experience building scalable solutions for various industries, we now offer blockchain development services. We have been working with startups, established organisations and enterprise-level companies.

High-security standards

As a blockchain development company, we put data security first. Every step and decision we make takes into account the security requirements of the fast-changing FinTech market and is based on your needs.


Our Poland and Ukrainian teams can almost immediately start creating scalable and optimised solutions to reduce development costs, including CTO as a Service. It means the price of supporting and developing the app is lower.

Business mindset

As a blockchain software development company, we are flexible and able to adapt quickly to a fast-changing market. We pay attention to the technical side and connectivity, decentralisation, immutability and automation in FinTech.

How long does it take to implement blockchain development?

Blockchain product development usually takes 2 to 7 months, depending on the project’s complexity, application requirements and technology. But blockchain MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development is around 30 to 40 days. If you are interested in the timeline and project scope of blockchain in your case, contact us, and our blockchain consultants will provide you with all the details.

How will I monitor the progress of my project development?

You will have a dedicated PM who will provide frequent task updates and reports to ensure effective communication with the blockchain application development company. At TechMagic, we also employ various product development lifecycle methodologies for each project:

  • Daily stand-ups when everyone joins in a video chat and shares what they are working on today and yesterday.
  • Weekly demos: we have a video chat, exchange screens, display participants' work, and then discuss.
  • Weekly retrospectives: based on the demonstration, we discuss what went well and what may be improved.
Why should you invest in Blockchain development?

Thanks to blockchain development tools, you can improve the traceability, security, trustworthiness, and transparency of data shared across a network. However, these are not all benefits. Answering the question what is blockchain development, we provide verification and traceability of multi-step transactions. It can speed up data transfer procedures, offer secure transactions, and lower compliance expenses. Blockchain technology can facilitate contract administration and verify a product's provenance.

What Blockchain development platforms and languages do you work on?

We concentrated our efforts and attention on a select handful that met the security and scalability standards. So delivering blockchain development service, we work with Terraform, Rust, Polygon, CosmWasm, Ethereum Layer 2, and Solidity.

Let’s turn ideas into action
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