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We provide a full cycle of payment app development services, from idea to realisation and support.
Payment apps development company

We build reliable and secure payment apps with proven efficiency using trusted tools and approaches. TechMagic creates scalable solutions from scratch or remasters your legacy code.

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From mobile payment app development and further, we offer:
P2P Payment App Development

We define the type and features of a peer-to-peer payment app that matches your needs, choose the mobile platform between iOS or Android, or both at the same time and ensure security and compliance with QA testing in p2p payment app development.

Payment Gateway Development

As a payment gateway development company, our developers create interaction between clients and merchants, enabling secure online payment between two banks. We cover fraud prevention and PCI DSS compliance, set up notifications, and encrypt billing details.

Mobile Payment App Development

During mobile app development services, we build unique mobile payment solutions for P2P transactions on Android and iOS systems that employ debit and credit cards, mobile wallets, bank accounts, and more to attract more users and expand the market.

Third-party integrations

Our software specialists integrate your app with top online payment processing systems like PayPal or Stripe. We ensure taking the card and online payments without establishing a user's merchant or business account that accepts non-cash payments or credit cards.

Custom Payment App Solutions

For payment apps development, we address the unique requirements of banks, financial institutions, merchants and payment providers. We define your business needs through custom integrations, plug-ins and extensions for top in-app payment solutions.

Consulting, Support and Maintenance

From payment gateway development to payment p2p app development, Additionally, we support and maintain your product by improving your mobile payment solutions, fixing problems, upgrading legacy code and keeping up with the latest technologies.

Our Technical Stack
React Native
React Native
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We cover all needs of payment app development:
Discovery and prototyping
Demo or prototype to validate the idea

We analyse and validate your idea for increased efficiency and faster go-to-market. Our experts prepare a demo or prototype to experience how the app will be in use and feel.

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Web and mobile development
Scalable applications for startups and established companies

During web development services, we use deep tech technologies and innovative practices to develop robust FinTech product to scale as your enterprise grows with web development payment processing.

UX/UI design
Intuitive interface that works as users expect

We build an engaging product identity and clear user flow to make it easy-to-use so for everyone to send money quickly. UX/UI designers create user-friendly web and mobile applications to your brand’s personality and users' needs.

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DevOps services
Serverless technologies and third-party integrations

TechMagic’s DevOps provide continuous development and delivery for better company and customer collaboration with immediate changes, secure, fast, and solution quality. Also, we integrate third-party providers and automated deployment.

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Quality assurance
Test automation and bug detection

At TechMagic, we provide high-quality audits of your app, from testing to managing risk and vice versa, to make your deployment of the source code as secure as possible.

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Ensured compliance, data protection and pentest services

Our cybersecurity specialists are compliant with many standards and regulations for payment applications. We take care of data privacy, secured service architecture, encrypted data transmission and secure payment gateway.

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Why TechMagic
Years of relevant experience

9 years of experience in creating new age web and mobile payment apps indicates our valuable assets, developer’s expertise and cooperation with worldwide clients of TechMagic. Review our portfolio to get to know more about our feature-rich solutions.

High-security standards

Our employees are concerned with the safety of your app and customer data. We provide unauthorised and multi-factor access to prevent cyber attacks and guarantee that all graphics, source code, and related information are the client’s property.


At TechMagic, we take responsibility for your payment app from inception and design to development and support at an affordable price. We can help you build a powerful compliant payment app to extract the maximum value from a minimal investment.

Business mindset

As a FinTech development company, we are committed to the latest technologies and trends in the industry to adopt them for business innovation. We see potential and appreciate your company’s value to drive growth and success harder.

What is a payment processing system?

When a payment developer builds, a set of processes and technologies that transmits monetary value from one entity to another is a payment processing system. That is the regulation between merchants, financial institutions and customers that complete credit card and debit card transactions.

How does payment processing work?

Payment processing transfers the payment data to the payment association such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet or to credit card companies that communicate the debits with needed banks in the network. Web development payment processing incorporates settling of transactions, funding and authorisation.

What are the networks effects in finance?

Network effects of business are about the increasing incremental value of a product, service or platform every time the amount of users in the same network grows.

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