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Our Tech Stack

Tech expertise helps to start and move fast from the very beginning. We reuse knowledge to build robust solutions, while a strong community helps us engage the best talents from the market. Our narrow technological stack consists of JavaScript, Node.js, Angular 4/5/6, ReactJS, TypeScript, Vue.js, GraphQL, Salesforce, Serverless, Native iOS (Swift, Objective-C), and Android (Java, Kotlin), AWS, Firebase.
TechMagic Tech Stack

Our Clients

Cultural Platform App
We developed mobile and web apps which help to find your personality, corporate culture fit and job match for career happiness. They connect people with similar demands applying the matching algorithm and social networks integration.
USA, San Francisco
Angular, React, Node.js, RoR, Swift, Java, AWS
Mobile, Web, QA, UI/UX
Team Growth
From 3 to 30+ people in 3 years
Used by
2.7M employees globally

We've been working with this team of TechMagic for a long time. We started back more than 3 years ago. TechMagic really helps us deliver awesome products in the innovative spaces for both mobile and web.

Palle Pedersen
Co-Founder & CTO at Good&co
‘’ We've been working with this team of TechMagic for a long time. We started back more than 3 years ago. TechMagic really helps us deliver awesome products in the innovative spaces for both mobile and web. ‘’
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Business Process Visualization App is a B2B SaaS platform which helps to visualize and organize business processes of the certain company. It has an interactive centralized space for process mapping in the cloud that allows bringing a new level of operational excellence.
London, UK
Node.js, Angular 6, AWS Lambda, Redis, Firebase, Salesforce
Web, QA, UI/UX
Team Growth
From 3 to 20+ people in 3 years
Used by
Fortune 5000 companies

TechMagic has a very good balance of understanding our goals, knowing when to take pragmatic decisions.

Adrian King
Co-Founder and CTO at
‘’ TechMagic has a very good balance of understanding our goals, knowing when to take pragmatic decisions. ‘’
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Learn More About Our Expertise


Be open-minded
Backend and Frontend with Node.js, React, Angular 6, Vue.js

Native Mobile

Be focused on results
Native Mobile
Development with Swift and Kotlin for iOS and Android

Artificial Intelligence

Put your team first
Artificial Intelligence
Development of Machine Learning and Data science applications


Be honest
Development with AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework
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Be client-oriented
Development for AppExchange and Salesforce Customization
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Be fulfilled
Full cycle design that covers every aspect of product development
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How Can We Work?

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team
Set up a team of developers dedicated only to your project
Build from scratch or extend your current team
Receive full control and management
Forget about administration processes
Integrate your existing corporate culture

Fixed Price

Fixed Price
Fixed Price
Build an MVP or do a Feasibility study for your idea
Receive a precise time frame expectations
Get a detailed price quote for the project
Forecast iterations and plan your budgeting
Get support and maintenance after the launch

Client References

The team members have been great to work with, bringing a lot of attention to details, expertise, and patience with our frequently changing requirements.
Palle Pedersen
Co-Founder and CTO at
Boston, USA
TechMagic has a very good balance of knowing when to take pragmatic decisions, and when to ask me about an issue.
Adrian King
Co-Founder and CTO at
London, UK
TechMagic built a range of technologies for Tide, implementing mobile application components utilising industry best practice.
Matt Wilson
CTO at Tide
London, UK
TechMagic provided a consistene team of qualified and talanted developers which we enjoyed working with very much.
Leonid Shapiro
Managing Partner at Candesic
London, UK
In comparison to other outsourcing companies, we are able to speak with them at a very high technical level.
Brent Gorton
Lead Solution Architect at Cloud Coach
Calgary, Canada
TechMagic is a strong partner who supports us along the various phases of our work together.
Jeff Wright
Co-Founder and CTO at Sqord
Seattle, USA
They delivered our product according to our specifications on time and on budget.
Ben Eddy
Co-Founder at Mobile Practice
Geneva, Switzerland
Every time we've released a feature, it's been good.
Erwin Damberg
Product Owner at Motiflow
Dokkum, Netherlands
They really value their reputation, which is evident in their integrity and serious work ethic.
Kirsten Zerbinis
Product Owner at Antourage
Stockholm, Sweden
They’re the best offshore team I've worked with.
Peter Harnish
Co-Founder and CEO at My Biz
San Diego, California
They are young guys and energetic. I know them and trust their character.
Igor Odnovorov
CTO at nCryptedCloud
Boston, USA
Great work. I can't say really anything bad about them.
Alexander Romero
Head of UI/UX at Hagtap
Jersey City, USA
Money and time to market are crucial. TechMagic knows that.
Merlijn Witteveen
Founder at Yealie
Groningen, Netherlands

Honours & Awards

AWS Consulting Partner
In 2017, we became a Certified AWS Consulting Partner. With paying a great attention to professional accreditations for our engineers, we are moving towards the next tiers and future activities with AWS.
Serverless Dev Partner
In 2018, we became an Official Serverless Dev Partner. Due to a big number of projects with serverless components, we are happy to be one of the trusted partners and contributors to the framework.
Salesforce Consulting Partner
In 2018, we became an Official Salesforce Consulting Partner. By maintaining an everyday practice, our Salesforce engineers are certified App Builders, Platform Developers I, Platform Developers II.

Our Founders

Oleg Dats
Lidiya Dats
Head of HR
Andrew Kuzmych

TechMagic People

TechMagic People

Contact us

Ross Kurhanskyi
Head of Partner Engagement
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TechMagic is a web and mobile development company from Ukraine that builds dedicated teams skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, ReactJS, AWS, Salesforce, iOS, Android.
Contact Person
  • Head of Partner Engagement
  • Ross Kurhanskyi
  • Email:
  • Skype ID: rostakurga
  • +1 617 275 2362
  • Heroiv UPA Street, 73A
  • Lviv, Ukraine, 79008
  • 12 Heath Hill, Chestnut Hill,
  • MA 02445, Boston, USA
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