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Remote R&D Center

your nearshore development hub in Poland or Ukraine
What is a remote R&D Center

If you’re launching a new product or growing your existing business and looking for an opportunity to set up an offshore development team, opening a remote R&D center in Poland or Ukraine might be the right option for you. Opening an R&D center means setting up a fully operational nearshore IT subsidiary of your company.As your IT partner, we will take care of all the necessary processes to make your business work. You will be able to manage and train your team of professionals directly, according to your company’s standards and under your employer brand.

As soon as you are ready to take over and fully manage the R&D center in Poland or Ukraine, the entire operation under TechMagic will be transferred to you as the company owner.This model of cooperation is called BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) and has become very popular. It is convenient, cost- and time-efficient, low-risk, and scalable.

How it works with us


We build

At this stage, we analyze your specific requirements, business goals, and company culture to make the most relevant value proposition. For more in-depth analytics, we provide the discovery phase service. It helps find the best solutions for the future research and development team in Poland or Ukraine from business and technical perspectives. Once the discovery phase is over, we set up the operation unit and legal framework, as well as launch hiring campaigns. We also provide administrative support, office space, and equipment.

We build


We operate

This stage involves all kinds of management, from the office up to HR and accounting. We run the necessary processes, fully manage all day-to-day project-related operations, and provide HR and professional training support to your team. From your side, the only responsibility is to manage the remote team and communicate regularly. You can operate the R&D team in Poland or Ukraine as you wish by integrating your management practices and custom workflows. Also, you can scale your team when necessary expecting a quick response to your resources requirements.

We operate


We transfer

At this point, your already mature business is ready to be legally transferred as your company’s foreign subsidiary. We transfer 100% of the operation, including your intellectual property, employees, knowledge base, and assets.

We transfer
Core benefits
1Faster time-to-market
Faster time-to-market
With a large talent pool, you can establish a research and development center in Poland or Ukraine and deliver your product quickly
2Cost-saving solutions
Cost-saving solutions
The offshore R&D center in Poland or Ukraine allows you to save money while getting the important tasks done quickly with no hidden costs.
3Risk management
Risk management
We foster confidence and mutual respect between you and the R&D engineering center through complete transparency and up-front negotiation of all details and risks.
4Logistic management
Logistic management
We take care of all the office and working facilities for the team. At the same time, your remote R&D team in Poland or Ukraine follows the approach and uses the management tools you prefer
5Complete team set up
Complete team set up
Having analytics, project coordinators, developers, and architects on board, we can handle any project and satisfy all your requests
6Flixible resource scaling
Flixible resource scaling
Market conditions, trends, and demand change rapidly. We analyze the prevailing conditions and adopt the latest technologies to meet the new requirements
You will get

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Office & infrastructure setup

We will find, negotiate, rent, and prepare the office for your R&D department in Poland or Ukraine. We also take care of decoration, furnishing, office facilities, and procurements to create a comfortable and ergonomic workspace for your offshore development team. Our legal department is always ready to assist with reviewing and negotiating a lease contract and other real estate documents to ensure that all possible risks are covered.

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Legal support

You will get a complete set of legal services needed for the successful operation of your R&D center, including best practices on how to do taxes properly, manage HR processes, and protect your intellectual property and confidentiality. We also take care of negotiations and reviews of contracts with local suppliers.

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Business travel assistance

Should you wish to invite your employees on-site for workshops or celebrations, we offer the full package of business travel assistance for your team members. This includes support in getting a B-1/B-2 visa to the USA, a business or travel visa to the EU countries, and visa support for traveling to the UK. Also, we take care of all travel arrangements for business trips and provide a detailed travel expenses report

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Recruitment services

Our recruitment team has a vast database with 50 000+ developers' profiles. We choose a personalized approach to each candidate that lets us build wide networking among experienced local engineers instead of working with 3d party agencies. Our recruiters always try to dive deep into your product - both tech and business sides- to find a perfect match for every role. We present your vacancy for the candidates in the best way. Our recruitment managers carefully select every candidate to offer only the best for the Client interview.

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Payroll and accounting support

We oversee every employee's record maintenance, bookkeeping, and accounting. According to corporate policies, we are responsible for the financial and management reporting. Moreover, you get tax consultation on how to use tax incentives and get prepared for any possible inspections.

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Employer branding services

Attractive employer branding is one of the critical factors in engaging the best IT talent in Poland or Ukraine. You can bring your existing corporate culture to the nearshore R&D center or let us develop it from scratch for you. In that case, our team creates and implements your unique brand identity, integrating it into the local market via social media, events, and other marketing activities. Your nearshore development team will be a part of your corporate culture, share your values, and fully commit to your business goals.

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BOT vs Dedicated Team



Dedicated team

Recruitment and HR

Setup of your employer brand locally
Recruitment and HR
Recruitment and HR
Dedicated Hiring campaings
Recruitment and HR
Recruitment and HR

Business Model

Cost+ payment model
Business Model
Business Model
Team Buy-out option
Business Model
Business Model
TechMagic covers social package for the team
Business Model
Business Model
TechMagic covers business trips
Business Model
Business Model
Agreement for less than 1 year
Business Model
Business Model


Office Infrastructure support
TechMagic provides equipment

Legal and Finance

Legal support
Legal and Finance
Legal and Finance
Accounting support
Legal and Finance
Legal and Finance
IP Ownership
Legal and Finance
Legal and Finance

Team and Project Management

Less than 10 developers
Team and Project Management
Team and Project Management
Part-time resources involvement
Team and Project Management
Team and Project Management
What does an R&D department do?

An R&D department keeps a business competitive by providing insights into the market and developing new services and products or improving existing ones.

What does R&D stand for in business?

R&D is a valuable tool for growing and improving your business. It involves researching your customer needs and developing new products and services to fit them.

When should I go for the R&D?

R&D is a crucial element for staying competitive. Incorporate it into your business plan to keep up with market trends, stay relevant, and streamline your processes. It will help you improve your products, try new market niches, and boost revenue.

Why TechMagic?

TechMagic is your reliable partner in opening an R&D department in Poland or Ukraine. We focus on specific technologies and help startups and enterprises launch, grow, and scale their business. To open an R&D center in Poland or Ukraine means to empower your team with high-performing professionals.

We have expertise in JavaScript, Salesforce, Serverless, and Native Mobile. Our talented engineers provide top-quality services to our clients, backed by strong values, management experience in web application development, and an active local community.

What the client says about work with us

We've been working with this team of TechMagic for a long time. We started back more than 3 years ago. TechMagic really helps us deliver awesome products in the innovative spaces for both mobile and web.

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TechMagic - the big magic family.
Why TechMagic?

TechMagic is a software development company with a presence in Krakow, Poland and Lviv, Ukraine. We focus on narrow technology and help startups, and enterprises start, grow, and scale their business. To hire a dedicated development team in Poland or Ukraine means to increase the capacity of your team with high-performing professionals.

We have expertise in JavaScript, Salesforce, Serverless, and Native Mobile. With strong values, management experience in web application development, and an active local community we always involve talented engineers to provide quality services to our clients!

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About us
Narrow tech focus
  • Constant stack since 2014
  • Strong knowledge sharing
  • Deep expertise in selected areas
Local community brand
  • Regular tech meetups
  • Own tech communities
  • In-house training centres
Best engineers
  • Solid technical knowledge
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Shared corporate culture
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