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Interaction design


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Ideate & Mood bord

Branding & Graphics

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Web Design

We design client-centered, high-resolution web designs that look sleek in any browser. We help your shape your brand identity and ensure that you have a responsive site with optimized page loading.

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Mobile Design

We offer creative and modern design for all screen sizes and platforms: iOS, Android, tablets, and watches. We follow official guidelines, provide a native look and feel, and give your users a smooth and seamless interaction with your apps.

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Dedicated Designer

We assign a dedicated designer to handle your project’s needs and provide a single point of contact to address all your questions and concerns throughout the entire design process.

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Collaboration between UX/UI experts & business analysts

The UX/UI design team works side by side with business analysts to create products that exceed our customers’ expectations. This collaborative team ensures that every detail of your product receives expert analysis and thorough user testing. The stages of our user-centered design process do not have to follow any specific order and can be repeated iteratively. As a result of such collaboration, clients receive detailed and well-structured products analyzed and tested by users.

Defining business goals
Stakeholders Interview
Obtain project-relevant information and elicit stakeholder ideas and suggestions.
Project Audit
Gain an understanding of the current state of your project if it’s already underway.
Business Model Canvas
A summary provided to clients that describes high-level strategic details needed to bring a product successfully to market.
Research and analytics
Competitive Analysis
See how others solve similar problems to avoid reinventing the wheel; compare the pros and cons of your competitors’ solutions.
User Behaviour Modeling
Analyze your target audience and create user personas to define your users & their goals; create a customer journey map representing a visual storyline of customer engagement with your service, brand, or product.
Value Proposition Canvas
A summary of how your product or service is positioned around customers' values and needs.
Data structuring
User Stories Mapping
A short description of all features from an end-user perspective arranged into functional groups.
Information Architecture
All gathered information is arranged and organized within websites, web and mobile applications, and social media software to give users a perfect flow.
Ideation and prototyping
Brainstorming & Sketching
Come up with possible solutions based on core data, user stories, and information architecture.
Created to reach a better understanding of visual design needs.
Wireframing & Prototyping
With details and structure added to ideas, we reuse patterns and create pages on top of user flows to produce low-fidelity wireframes. Prototyping adds more visibility and insights into the future product.
Visual design
Design System
Prepares a collection of reusable components and guidelines that explain how to use each component.
High-fidelity Visual Design & Prototyping
All interface elements, spacing, and graphics presented as they will appear to users in the actual product.
Brand guidelines, logos, icons, social media illustrations, and printed products.
Finalizing product
Responsive design
We use responsive guidelines to create responsive versions of screens for each platform.
Interaction and Motion design
Ensures a truly habit-forming product that makes users come back over and over again.
Vision and Scope Document
An executive summary describing business requirements, project context, the vision of the solution, and the scope and limitations of the project.
User Testing
Plan for testing and a short roadmap of improvements to learn what works and what doesn’t and improve KPIs.
Feedback analysis
UX lab, surveys, and session recordings to test, observe, and fix, then test, observe, and fix again.
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We support design-related decision-making at every stage of your product life cycle — from ideation to release and maintenance.

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Our most used tools
After Effects
After Effects
Our UX/UI design projects


Platform for jobseekers, employees, and employerse
Good&Co is a job-listing platform designed by TechMagic that connects people and companies. The service provides valuable insights through candidate surveys and personalized interview questions.
  • Location
    USA, San Francisco
  • Technologies
    Angular, React, Node.js, RoR, Swift, Java, AWS
  • Platform
    Web, DevOps, Testing Automation, UX/UI
  • Team size
    From 3 to 40+ people in 4 years


Video CV Platform
Work performed by TechMagic helped the client find their niche among competitors. The project's scalable structure enables easily adding new functionality and keeping up with trends in the human resources market.
  • Location
    London, UK
  • Technologies
    HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB
  • Platform
    Web, UX/UI, QA
  • Team size
    3 people


The Intelligent Platform for eCommerce
This solution built by the TechMagic team helped Acorn-i move from a consulting-business model to a SaaS model. Our input in this project has already increased the performance 15 times.
  • Location
    London, UK
  • Technologies
    Node.js, Angular, Serverless Framework, AWS
  • Platform
    Web, QA, UX/UI
  • Team size
    9 people


Instagram growth service
A user-friendly design created by the TechMagic team to make the service ordering process simple and convenient for users. We integrated a secure payment system that protects users’ credit card information even better than a bank can, which helped expand InstaSwift’s subscriber base.
  • Location
    Madeira, Portugal
  • Technologies
    Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, AWS, React, Redux, Typescript
  • Platform
    Web, UX/UI, QA
  • Team size
    7 people
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