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Our FinTech software development services

From discovery to deployment and beyond, TechMagic offers more than just FinTech application development services. We are a reliable team of talented and experienced business analysts, UI/UX designers, backend and frontend engineers, cloud architects, and QA experts. Our FinTech product development company can help you build a market-ready FinTech solution of any complexity with robust performance, security, and scalability.

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We offer financial technology solutions that improve user experience and make financial services more accessible. We help you digitise banking, investing, payroll, and other tasks while making these processes more transparent. Using the latest technologies like biometric data, data encryption, tokenisation, and others, our FinTech application development company ensures a high-security grade for every product.

TechMagic, as a FinTech app development company, builds applications for your consumers to easily manage their finances, including mobile banking, personal finance management, and investment management tools. We offer expertise and experience to drive innovation in your product, making it stand out from competitors while fully meeting user demand.

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At TechMagic, we help your business stay ahead of the curve and provide your customers with the tools they need to succeed. By leveraging financial technology, our clients can unlock new opportunities for growth and drive their businesses. We develop fintech solutions that automate financial processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.TechMagic makes complex solutions easy to use for your customers. Even with major uplifts to core systems, we ensure it is seamless for users. We offer you our expertise in FinTech development, extensive experience, and a deep understanding of the financial technology landscape.

Why work with us:

  • Profound data analysis

  • We follow regulatory compliances

  • Ensured data security

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Discovery Phase
What is Discovery Phase

A discovery for products in TechMagic consists of identifying potential product concepts through research with target customers and securing the funding for development Being a FinTech software development company, we build a clear concept for the business to pitch the idea to investors, find out people's pain points and how it will be helpful to customers, evaluate these needs in detail to design the product to address these issues

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UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design Services

As a FinTech development company, we aim to raise brand awareness to help your company improve customer satisfaction and user interaction and boost your business growth and expansion with UX/UI expert designers. Our ambition is to understand the product's target audience, when and how users will use it, and what problems can be solved with its service. We want users to accomplish their goals on the app and create connections between users and service providers.

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Web Development
Web application development services

TechMagic is a software development company focused on JavaScript application development, mobile app development, AWS, and Serverless consulting. Our narrow technology focus helps build highly skilled remote dedicated teams for startups and established organizations. Our technology stack is based on Node.js, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, GraphQL, AWS, Serverless, Firebase, and more.

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Mobile Development
Native IOS and Android Development

We develop iOS and Android applications using Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, and React Native. Our mobile experts analyze your ideas and requirements and recommend top-notch technical solutions to reach the desired goal. Being experts in Firebase, we pay great attention to the latest DB technologies to implement a full scope of real-time and offline features.

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Cloud Consulting
Cloud migration and consulting services

Our specialised unit can migrate your workloads from on-premise to the cloud. Our main specialities are AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. Or, we can set up infrastructure from scratch.

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Test Automation
Test Automation Services

Our skilled QA Engineers ensure that the equipment or software performs precisely as intended, checking for bugs, defects, and other problems that may arise during product development. As an advantage, test automation reduces regression testing time and shortens time to market, resulting in significant long-term cost savings.

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Security and penetration testing services

TechMagic mainly focuses on penetration testing services to provide clients security to their data and app. We identify and exploit websites or application vulnerabilities to address any flaws discovered. This process assesses the vulnerability of underlying network configurations and operating systems and aids in preparing for potential malicious attacks and avoiding data breaches at the hands of a third party.

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Salesforce development and integration

Our certified developers have years of experience in full-service Salesforce development to advance business processes and workflows, including planning, strategy, app integration, and platform implementation. Businesses can manage all customer data, resulting in improved decision-making and a satisfying user experience, assisting employees to be more productive: solve troubles and share docs using a single app.

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Building a micro-investment app for an Australian fintech company

Check how we helped Bamboo to get a 700% increase in active users due to new features

Case study

Building a financial service product for small and mid-sized companies

TechMagic helped users manage financial services for their business in one place

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Financial Intelligence platform

TechMagic enables financial services providers to improve risk models, lower loss ratios through continuous monitoring and engage untapped customers.

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Crypto exchange live data aggregator

We improved web app productivity and accessibility, integrated a new heatmap for NFT and, SSR and SPG from Next.js to fasten up loading and improve SEO accessibility

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Would you like to see more? Download our portfolio of projects
Would you like to see more? Download our portfolio of projects

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Why TechMagic
All-in-one product development
All-in-one product development

We cover the entire software product development process and provide support services afterward within the quality management system. Technical expertise allows us to cover full-cycle development, incorporating business vision at every project stage. Our experience in multiple industries makes TechMagic a reliable partner for software development outsourcing resulting in the commercial success of your product.

High-quality software with ongoing support
High-quality software with ongoing support

As a software product development company, we create high-quality products starting from PoC or MVP development for testing your product idea to building complex enterprise software. We ensure the digital health of software solutions by providing ongoing automated testing of product features.

Innovative solutions
Innovative solutions

We discover market trends to offer the most cost-efficient solution. Our web application development services it's not just about software engineering. It's about finding the right technology stack for your business needs and developing future-proof custom software development solutions. Custom software development backed by market research, strategy consulting, project management, and agile development process.

What types of FinTech software do you develop?

We develop digital bank software, payment apps, digital wallets, insurance, BNPL software, and wealth and assets management software. Also, we offer blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange development services. No worries if you have an idea for the app that hasn’t been listed above. Contact us to discuss your project in detail.

Do you provide End-to-End (E2E) FinTech software development services?

We provide full-cycle fintech development, from the discovery phase, prototyping, and MVP to launch and scale. Also, you can reach us with legacy code remastering needs. We adopt the latest technology that ensures app actuality and easier future scaling. We have experience in both: creating a fintech app from scratch and legacy code remastering.

What technologies are used in FinTech development?

Depending on the application type, we use the most appropriate technologies to meet development goals. TechMagis is a known expert in JavaScript-based stack and iOS and Android development. Our expertise widened when we acquired Dynamo Development and added their .Net, Java and PHP experience to our team’s stack.

How can I test your expertise?

Check out our Bamboo case study to start with. Next step - contact us and ask specific questions. We’ll provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision. Also, all our developers pass technical interviews with your experts to prove their knowledge and expertise when starting a new project.

Is outsourcing a FinTech project a good idea?

The scarcity of professionals in the fintech domain has heightened this need for external assistance. The global dearth of IT workers is staggering, with approximately 80% of businesses in the US citing recruitment as their most challenging business obstacle. According to a recent study, 66% of UK organisations plan to continue or increase their outsourcing efforts in the next two years, with 32% confirming an intention to ramp up outsourcing. In addition, 62% of survey participants identified a lack of in-house capability as the primary obstacle to successfully executing complex transitions. Besides cost reduction, organisations outsource to concentrate on their core business functions (57%) and acquire access to skilled resources and talent (56%). These benefits of outsourcing enable organisations to streamline their operations, reduce their workload, and increase their competitive edge.

How do you make a highly secure and compliant financial platform?

We use modern practices to ensure data privacy and regulation compliance, choosing the most reliable and secure solutions for your project. Each case is individual, and we always make sure to follow not just common but also specific country/state regulations.

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