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CTO as a Service

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What is CTO as a Service

Chief Technology Officer as a Service is a solution for companies that do not have an in-house CTO or require expertise from experts. It offers certified technical executives who can be called upon from project inception to launch, and then to scaling and optimisation on an ongoing basis.

Benefits of CTO services for a business of any scale:
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Startups & scale-ups

CTO-level expert focuses on building core technology and brings strategic benefits. A CTO takes charge of all tech-related aspects, such as building prototypes, planning product roadmaps, making the right technology choices, fixing bugs, and building the team.

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Established organisations

CTO for hire simplifies technical decision-making and efficiently uses resources, increasing cost-effectiveness and business agility. As a result, you'll be able to respond quicker to any growth needs or/and opportunities.

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CTO-level engineers deal with constantly changing technology challenges, handle big data and respond to moving business requirements. One of CTO's responsibilities is ensuring infrastructure is robust, securе, and top-notch while the app caters to users' needs on every level.

CTO as a Service include:
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CTO-level specialist identifies all aspects that influence scalability, security, and long-term maintenance in addition to choosing platforms, frameworks, APIs, and tech stack.

Dev team compositionicon

Having experience building dedicated teams, CTO technology expert manages all technical aspects, is involved in work processes, and achieves great outcomes.

Development budget optimisationicon

CTO-level expert reduces project costs due to a well-defined strategy, adaptive design, and strong technological assistance.

Architecture reviewicon

Architect responsible for CTO role focuses on developing a superior architecture that meets and fits changing business needs today and in the future.

Compliance roadmapicon

CTO-level engineer evaluates a company’s current posture, including the controls, security policies and infrastructure to cover key security requirements.

Management best practiceicon

CTO-skilled expert manages the team to get the most outcomes of their skills and expertise, maintaining a healthy work environment.

Types of CTO as a service

Inside the organisation, full-time CTOs perform classic CTO duties. CTO-level expert from TechMagic deals with technical challenges, develops strategies, designs architectures, and chooses team members.

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You can employ CTOaaS, for the proper amount of time, for as long as you need - and no more - if you have reasons not to recruit a permanent, full-time CTO right now.

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On demand/fractional

Fractional CTOs collaborate with internal specialists and focus on specific projects based on your needs. Hire CTO when you lack the specialised skills to address a particular problem.

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TechMagic expertise

For 8 years, we have been gaining experience in various industries, including FinTech, MarTech, HealthTech and HRTech, and developed 120+ successful projects, building and managing dedicated teams. Our technical expertise and experience allow us to increase flexibility, grasp new technical opportunities, and cut expenses for any project. Through people, processes, and technology in the operating model, our CTO professionals optimise your software delivery.

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What are the CTO role and responsibilities?

The CTO's job is to help the company internally manage its infrastructure and technology. The CTO must be a strong technical leader and responsible for supervising the staff. He must integrate technological innovations into products. The CTO also identifies new opportunities for innovation and helps the organisation create and implement the strategies necessary to capitalise on them.

What qualities should you look for in a consulting CTO?

This position requires excellent communication skills, superb judgement, and the ability to orchestrate many stakeholders. An educational background in engineering, computer science, or a related technical discipline is usually required as well as experience in a technology leadership role.

When is the right time to hire a CTO?

Now is a good time to hire a CTO because the demand for a CTO is increasing. Companies are outsourcing more processes and creating new products that require more technical knowledge.

Why should startups consider referring to a CTO as a Service?

Startups often need help attracting top talent to work for them, so the challenge becomes uncovering the best talent the fastest. The CTO as a Service model solves this problem by allowing startups to use the services of a qualified CTO on demand. The CTOs, with their considerable experience and connections, can often get the startup the talent it needs more rapidly than if the startup were to try to recruit the candidates themselves. Having a CTO on a retainer or contract can also help startups ensure they have the bandwidth to execute their strategies or scale up when needed.

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