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Our magic web development services


Our web app developers prefer to use Node.js for backend development. We enjoy its flexibility in building scalable and high-load web applications and believe that it’s the best option for serverless app development. Our team can easily integrate third-party solutions and APIs into mobile and web applications, as well as incorporate real-time features.

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    In addition to Node.js, we have expertise in other frameworks like Express.js, Loopback, and Hapi.js
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    Providing web app development services, we build web-based applications for different platforms and browsers.
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    Our engineers can integrate reliable payment services like Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree into applications


Our developers use Angular, React.js, and Vue.js for frontend solutions. As a JavaScript development company, we have experience solving complex frontend-related tasks, including implementing diagramming, online and offline video-based learning, customizable social media-based dashboards, and lossless real-time sports streaming. We work with 3D visualization, real-time performance tracking, and detailed statistics.

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    We excel at incorporating dashboards with state-of-the-art features
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    We’re experts at facilitating migration from Angular.js to Angular and React
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    We maintain a smooth flow of operations in the web app development process


As a serverless app development company, we love serverless software. Our team works mainly with AWS to build cloud architectures. We can build productive CI/CD pipelines for your project, leveraging AWS functions and services to provide a full solution that automates infrastructure deployments and updates.

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    We improve the security of your infrastructure with custom VPCs. Our engineers are AWS infrastructure experts
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    In addition to AWS, we work with GCP, Firebase, Azure, and IBM Cloud
elastic search


The database type used for each project depends on your requirements, the technical aspects of your app, and how your architecture is set up. As a web app development company, we work with all sorts of databases, but we prefer MongoDB — it’s one of the most popular, reliable, and scalable databases.

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    We’re fluent in MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, and Redis
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    The databases we configure are resilient and scalable. We put every effort into making our client’s databases highly secure
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Stages of our development process
Discovery Phaseicon

The first stage of creating a web application is the discovery phase which may have multiple levels and different scenarios depending on your project. For clients who build every feature by themselves from scratch, our job is to analyze the overall project in light of your future goals. In another scenario, we dedicate a team to analyzing your infrastructure, the architecture of your app, your code, and your deployment approach. During this phase, we create a roadmap that serves as a guide for future goals.

Wireframing & designicon

This phase involves various steps, from basic research to design system creation and building high-fidelity clickable prototypes. If your business needs help with a custom UI/UX design, we assign a design team fully dedicated to assisting you. Our approach to designing web apps is customer-centric, which means that we adapt our approach depending on your goals. Take a look at our UI/UX design page for more information about our design approach.

Architecture & DevOpsicon

To provide quality web application development services, it’s essential that our developers understand the scope of your project. Thus, the next step is DevOps. During this stage, we as a web application development company select and set up an appropriate architecture that allows your application to be both scalable and secure. For the DevOps phase, we assign certified cloud architects and the CTO. For more details, check out our cloud expertise.

Backend and frontend Developmenticon

In the next stage, we develop backend and frontend solutions. Backend development involves integrating third-party server-side solutions and APIs. Frontend developers focus on the API endpoint structure and aim to provide scalable assets that perform seamlessly on a wide range of devices and platforms. We rely on agile development practices and maintain clear communication between teams to ensure that every team member is up-to-date with your project’s progress. To maintain high quality, we test projects at every development stage and address issues as soon as they occur. If you’re interested in our software development life cycle (SDLC) process for web applications, find out more here.

Maintenance and supporticon

Our maintenance stage focuses on providing architectural support for your application. As a custom web development company, we go beyond the standard “one and done” app development practice. We care about our clients’ success, which is why we offer maintenance and support after building your application. We understand that issues may arise in the future, so we remain dedicated to providing immediate solutions to any technical problems you encounter.

Projects that started web development with us


Business process visualization app
Elements.cloud is an app visualizing business processes, popular among Fortune 5000 companies. A cross-browser solution, it works smoothly and lightning-fast. It's a fully tolerant, secure, GDPR-compliant SaaS product for process visualization and management.
  • icon San Francisco, USALocation
    San Francisco, USA
  • icon Node.js, Angular 6, AWS Lambda,
 Redis, Firebase, SalesforceTechnologies
    Node.js, Angular 6, AWS Lambda, Redis, Firebase, Salesforce
  • icon Web, DevOps, Testing Automation, UI/UXServices
    Web, DevOps, Testing Automation, UI/UX
  • icon From 3 to 20+ people in 4 yearsTeam size
    From 3 to 20+ people in 4 years


The Intelligent Platform for eCommerce
Solution built by the TechMagic team helped Acorn-I to start moving from the consulting business model to the SaaS model. In the nearest future, machine learning capabilities will automate even more tasks, predictions, and calculations that are done manually today. Our input in this project has already increased the performance 15 times!
  • icon London, UKLocation
    London, UK
  • icon Node.js, Angular, Serverless

Framework, AWSTechnologies
    Node.js, Angular, Serverless Framework, AWS
  • icon Web, QA, UX/UIServices
    Web, QA, UX/UI
  • icon 9 peopleTeam size
    9 people
What our clients and partners say
Our clients
Why TechMagic?

TechMagic is a JavaScript development company with a presence in Krakow, Poland and Lviv, Ukraine. Specializing in a narrow technology stack, we help startups and enterprises grow their business. Our goal is to increase the capacity of your team by providing expert professionals.

We have expertise in JavaScript, Salesforce, serverless computing, and native mobile app development. With strong values, management experience in web application development, and an active local community, we employ talented engineers to provide quality services to our clients.

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About us
Narrow tech focus
  • Consistent stack since 2014
  • Strong knowledge-sharing
  • T-shaped skills
Local community brand
  • Regular tech meetups
  • Own tech communities
  • In-house training centres
Expert engineers
  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • High English communication skills
  • Hard-working corporate culture
How do web development services help to grow your business?

Even with strong marketing strategy and unique selling point business will fail if lacking technical realisation. Proper web development services enable you to provide customers with a smooth and seamless user experience. You’ll stand out from the crowd, while being able to handle a high demand and user flow from the technical side. This way web development services grow revenue, improve user experience allowing better interaction with web apps to increase brand awareness and make your company unique.

Who becomes the owner of the code after project completion?

The corporate entity or owner that hired our organisation to provide development services is granted full code authority. For your assurance that we won't try to assert any rights after developing the app for you, we'll make sure to include it in our contracts.

What security measures do you take to keep the app secure and stable?

The industry standards for making app use safe for all users and stakeholders serve as the basis for web and mobile application development. We also abide by all laws and rules governing the sector we developed your software for. At TechMagic, we create risk-management procedures that enable optimum uptime and the quickest reaction to security issues.

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