Insurance Development Services

We provide a full spectre of insurance development services, from idea to realisation.
Insurance Development Service

Boost efficiency, productivity and safety, automate tasks, provide better user experience and lead the InsurTech market at an affordable price. TechMagic is here to bring digital innovations to your insurance company.

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Insurance Development Services We Provide:
Custom insurance solutions development

Developing insurance software applications, our engineers develop web and mobile apps and chatbots. You can expand client base, connect with suppliers, improve communication, increase insurance service offerings and your profits and attract more client-added value and innovation to mobile-friendly and custom platforms.

Insurance document management system

During insurance app development, we create solutions for scanning, e-sign, approving, storing, and managing insurance documents that automate processes and boost outcomes. Integration insurance process documents from multiple channels can save you money and reduce the cost of operational activity.

Risk management software (RMS)

At Techmagic, we create enterprise risk management systems to spot, monitor and manage business risks and turn them into opportunities. We streamline and automate procedures reducing paperwork. It shortens the time it takes to issue policies, improves client onboarding, and boosts income.

Insurance quoting software

We offer high-efficient quote solutions to create more precise data-driven offerings while conversing with consumers. By leaving estimating to well-defined algorithms, calculators, and comparison tools, we help to reduce the amount of paperwork and automate low-value operations.

Insurance system integration & modernisation

Our specialists efficiently conduct data transferring between systems and provide connected user experiences based on your needs. We integrate your insurance software programs with several data sources via APIs when additional data is accessible from diverse data suppliers into a single, compatible system.

Maintenance of legacy insurance systems

At TechMagic, we aim to update and manage your current software with cutting-edge technologies in insurance software development. We assist in reengineering legacy systems, modernisation of policy administration, claims management process, API insurance development and third-party integration.

Our Technical Stack
React Native
React Native
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We cover all needs of insurance development:
Discovery and prototyping
Discovery and prototyping of insurance software

During insurance app development services, we start with market requirements research, create a product development roadmap, and prototype the application for your insurance agency.

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Web and mobile development
Web and mobile development of your insurance solution

Through the discovery phase, we provide full-cycle mobile and web development services applications with clear outcomes and development processes for various industries, from fintech to MarTech, healthcare and HR Tech. Scale up optimising cost and time!

UX/UI design
Intuitive easy-to-use design for seamless user experience

TechMagic’s UI/UX designers simplify client and agent portals and user instructions in responsive web and mobile app design. We enhance accessibility, usability and client-focused user experience based on user testing and market research.

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DevOps services
Best practices for continuous deployment

We move your old solution to the cloud to adopt the latest technologies and digitalise software delivery practices. Our DevOps perform continuous integration, deployment and testing for growing data volumes and expanding cross-channel presence.

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Quality assurance
Test automation services to ensure robust solution

Our priority is secure, high-performance, reliable application that follows regulatory compliance. We apply extensive and effective security, user acceptance, integration, and compliance testing to boost the quality of your insurance app during development.

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Latest security practices for data protection and fraud prevention

To prevent pharming, phishing, ransomware, worms, and DDoS attacks, we focus on cybersecurity testing and compliance management processes crucial to the insurance sector. With security testing services, we ensure the safety of data and financial operations.

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Why TechMagic
Years of relevant experience

Being a top-notch IT service provider among insurance software development companies for 9 years, TechMagic creates FinTech products for fast-growing startups and established enterprises.

High-security standards

At TechMagic, we ensure the high quality and security of insurance systems, apps, and data. With penetration testing and managed security services, our QA experts guarantee that product meets all industry compliance requirements.


Delivering insurance development services, we handle all operations that lead to reducing time and development costs. Our clients can focus and automate manual claim processing and client communications to tech-powered ones.

Business mindset

TechMagic offers innovative technological solutions based on market and business needs. We guarantee efficient operations in InsurTech with the latest trends and a dedicated team.

How much is development wrap insurance cost?

The total cost of insurance development service depends on the project complexity, features and requirements, varying from $45 - $100 000 for InsurTech software solutions. Contact our team to get details with project cost estimation based on your needs to understand better what range you may fall into.

Let’s turn ideas into action
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