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Project Discovery Phase

What is the discovery phase & how does it work?
If you have an idea but no product yet
If you want to build a product from scratch, our team will support you throughout all the software development stages, the first of which is called the discovery phase. At this phase, we will help you define a product concept, so our team can better understand your business goals and project scope.
If you have an existing product
No matter if we set up a dedicated team of developers or complement your existing team, the first thing we will do is study your product. We will examine your current architecture, codebase, deployment approach and pipelines, project management roadmap, and of course, the vision of your product.
Discovery Phase includes
Business goals definitionicon

We collect and analyze information to get an in-depth understanding of the fundamental goals, general scope, and aspirational targets of the project.

Success criteria clarificationicon

During the discovery phase of a software project, we define, in measurable terms, what a successful project outcome looks like for the client, the end user, and all other stakeholders.

User journey mappingicon

To create better experiences for end-users, we build a visualization of how a person uses a product to achieve the desired goal.

Technical analysisicon

We provide functional and technical analyses of the product and then suggest relevant technologies and tools for the development. In addition, we select proper AWS services that can help secure future AWS price reductions

Deliverables finalizationicon

We generate a set of documents with finalized deliverables that define further steps for product implementation.

Benefits of the Discovery phase
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Reduces uncertainty

The discovery phase of a project can eliminate most of the uncertainty and reduce risks early in the development process.

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Aligns all members around a shared vision

The discovery phase provides the engineering team with project goals and direction so they understand all the key drivers and see the big picture.

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Leads to better solutions

The discovery phase helps identify the best way to attain the project’s objectives from a technical and a business perspective.

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Who is involved in the process
The purpose of the discovery phase is to create a foundation for further product development. That’s why all team members responsible for the delivery of work, from a solution architect to a UX designer, take part in the process. Close cooperation with a client is also critical at this stage because it allows us to see the company’s big-picture goals and better understand stakeholders’ expectations. Want to talk to our experts about your product idea or other development needs? Don’t hesitate — we know how to get the ball rolling!
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What will you receive
Team composition plan

A team composition plan lists the experts required to turn your idea into a functional product, considering your project requirements and budget.

Vision and scope document

This document outlines the scope of your project and the business context for its implementation.

Technical proposal

A technical proposal recommends a tech stack that we believe best fits your project’s needs.

Clicable UX/UI prototype

With an interactive UX/UI prototype, you’ll be able to examine the look and feel of your future solution and provide a visualization of the product concept to stakeholders.

High-level project plan

A high-level project plan gives you a birds’-eye view of the product development process, including the key milestones, deadlines, and resources needed at each stage.

Cost proposal with estimates

We estimate your costs based on information available to us, so you can plan your budget.

Projects that started discovery phase with us


SaaS platform for measuring and improvement of cyber-health
London-based startup that helps companies of all sizes to improve their cyber-health. XaaS offers simple, understandable and achievable ways to help you ensure your cyber security. Starting from the discovery phase our team is building easy-to-use, and reliable product.
  • icon London, UKLocation
    London, UK
  • icon Vue.js, Typescript, Node.js,
 AWS, LambdaTechnologies
    Vue.js, Typescript, Node.js, AWS, Lambda
  • icon Web, DevOps, QAServices
    Web, DevOps, QA
  • icon 6 peopleTeam size
    6 people


The Intelligent Platform for eCommerce
Solution built by the TechMagic team helped Acorn-I to start moving from the consulting business model to the SaaS model. In the nearest future, machine learning capabilities will automate even more tasks, predictions, and calculations that are done manually today. Our input in this project has already increased the performance 15 times!
  • icon London, UKLocation
    London, UK
  • icon Node.js, Angular, Serverless
 Framework, AWSTechnologies
    Node.js, Angular, Serverless Framework, AWS
  • icon Web, QA, UX/UIServices
    Web, QA, UX/UI
  • icon 9 peopleTeam size
    9 people
More clients that started discovery phase with us
Case studies
What our clients and partners say
Is Discovery part of the project initiation phase?

Yes, it always takes place before kicking off project development. We conduct a plan of project development, set up a budget and form precise project boundaries based on the collected information

How long does a discovery phase take?

It may take 2 to 8 weeks depending on the project scope and objectives.

How do your specialists communicate with the clients?

Communication is the most important aspect of our work. Our experts communicate via Slack regarding the project details and use encrypted chats and emails for organisational issues.

Can I use the Discovery Phase service apart from the project development?

Of course! Discovery Phase is an autonomous service that is not related to development or any other company services.

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