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Why a dedicated team is what your business needs?

Our dedicated software development team follows the client’s corporate culture and rules, as well as adopts its existing methodologies, technical resources, and tools.Since the company's establishment in 2014, we’ve built a reputation as a reliable development center and partner for various businesses.

TechMagic offers its clients to hire a dedicated development team, upscale their in-house development capacity, and get access to particular technologies. We have ongoing partnerships on the dedicated team model with companies across Europe, the UK, the USA, and Australia.

From our side
From our side, we provide dedicated development team services and take care of all practical issues, from recruiting your developers to covering all the needs of the nearshore team, such as office facilities, devices, training, etc.Our clients are free of any operational obligations since the dedicated teams are contracted by TechMagic. You can stay focused on the development process.
From your side
From your side, the only responsibility is to manage the remote team and communicate regularly. You have total freedom to operate your dedicated application development team as you wish by integrating your favorite management practices and tools and custom workflows. You can scale your team when necessary expecting a quick response to your resources requirements.
Core benefits of a dedicated development teams
Accelerate your hiring

We can build a dedicated team for application development from scratch or set up a team extension for you

Communicate directly

We do not bring any project managers in between, so you have quick, transparent communication with your dedicated experts

Forget about operations

We cover all administrative and operational issues so that you can fully focus on the development process

Integrate your culture

We let you integrate your corporate culture into the team and share your best traditions

Manage team like yours

We are flexible in our processes, so your dedicated software development team adopts your approach and preferred workflows

Meet team regularly

We encourage the dedicated development team to do regular online meetings with the client to report on their performance

Need more information?

Contact us to discuss all benefits of this model for your specific business.

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Building full-stack web app with deep Salesforce integration

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Building a micro-investment app for an Australian fintech company

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E-learning application for salespeople

Discover how we built an AWS platform with a Serverless approach for video transcoding and API

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Marketplace for graphic designers and illustrators

TechMagic added payment integration, hardware integration with printers, mobile payments, and search by colours and tags.

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Social media marketing platform

We helped improve the client’s overall customer experience using AWS and React Native to expand on the client’s existing mobile application.

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How it works with us
Outlining requirements

We analyze your project idea or existing development needs together and offer you the best-matching team setup.


We do pre-interview sessions with potential candidates and let you interview the vetted ones.

Getting ready to start

Having agreed on the dedicated team structure, we work out the legal aspects of our cooperation.

Kicking off

Clarifying the final details, we onboard your dedicated development team from Ukraine or Poland and get the project rolling.

Tell me more about the benefits of a dedicated team model for my business.
How do I hire a dedicated team in Poland or Ukraine?

To hire a dedicated team, take the following steps:
  • Research the market
  • Choose a software development agency that matches your needs
  • Explore the company's reviews and case studies
  • Do interviews with tech specialists
  • Sign a contract and NDA
When should I hire a dedicated team?

A dedicated team is a go-to option for startups and emerging businesses with ever-changing requirements. For companies seeking long-term partnerships, the dedicated team model comes as the best fit in terms of cost and selection of professionals on the team.

What are the benefits of a Dedicated team compared to hiring an in-house team of engineers?

Let us answer this from a personal perspective. The main advantages of TechMagic's dedicated team are: - Access to ad-hoc resources. Besides engineering, TechMagic has strong UX/UI, Business Analysis, DevOps, and Security units, and we’re open to providing these services on an ad-hoc basis. It makes us a one-stop shop. Clients can cover all services with us. - Flexibility in scaling/ ramping down a team. - Ad-hoc access to our Solution Architects.

What is covered by TechMagic, and what’s by a client?

We take care of legal, accounting, office, vacations, and sick leaves and charge clients only for actual working hours.

How quickly can I ramp up the team?

With our pool of available candidates and solid recruitment team, we can ramp up teams quickly. On average, it takes within 3-8 weeks, depending on our availability and the skillset of the needed engineers.

What is a dedicated web development company?

It’s a team of tech specialists engaged exclusively in your project. They work from our office, and all the administrative work is on us. At the same time, they are your full-time employees, and you manage them.

Startups that built dedicated teams with us
Why TechMagic?

TechMagic is an end-to-end full-stack development company with a presence in Ukraine, Poland, the UK and the USA. We cover every stage of the development process, from concept and discovery to deployment and support. Using the agile approach, we unlock the full potential of technology for your business, bringing solid experience alongside innovations.

Our expertise covers project scoping and prototyping, UX/UI design, web application development services, mobile development, serverless computing, test automation, security services and Salesforce. On top of that, with 9+ years of experience, we know how to avoid common development pitfalls.

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About us
Extensive tech expertise
  • Certified professionals
  • Strong knowledge-sharing
  • T-shaped skills
Local community brand
  • Regular tech meetups
  • Own tech communities
  • In-house training centres
Mature engineers
  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • High English communication skills
  • Hard-working corporate culture
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