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Why a fixed price will work for you

The fixed price model of cooperation is designed for short-term cases like feasibility studies, R&D tasks, proof of concept, and others. They all need accurate time and budget estimates with minimum uncertainties and maximum understanding of requirements.Fixed price software development approach perfectly fits the MVP delivery and short trial periods before longer engagements or dedicated team setup.

Overall, it’s the best match for projects with a limited scope and set requirements. Any changes will be a reason for additional assessment and a new contract.If you decide to go for fixed-price web app development, it’s crucial to accurately define the scope of work and all technical requirements, big and small.

Fixed price model benefits
Fixed price 
model benefits
Fixed timeframes

You get a proposal with an accurate timeline for the initial project delivery based on your detailed requirements

Short-term commitment

It is our usual company policy to start from a short-term fixed-price contract before undertaking a longer engagement

Predicted budget

To avoid any financial risks, we propose a clear budget based on the agreed scope of your fixed-price web development project

High complexity

We can help you investigate highly complex technical ideas, engaging our R&D unit for this kind of task

Expected delivery

Once the fixed-price web development services are provided, all business and technical documentation will be transferred to you

Regular meetings

We are big fans of regular meetings to give you a full vision of the team performance and the entire fixed-price app development process

Fixed price 
model benefits

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certified experts


years on the market


happy clients


client NPS


Building a financial service product for small and mid-sized companies

TechMagic helped users manage financial services for their business in one place

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Developing a matching application for tennis players

TechMagic optimised the performance of the platform saving time for clubs to organise tennis competitions

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Care home management platform

Check how we developed a native iOS app for tablets, visual iPad app for health check and Angular web application with analytics

Case study
How it works with us
Outlining requirements

Before fixed-cost software development, we discuss your project idea from a technical perspective and collect all the requirements you have.

Making an estimate

We prepare an accurate time and budget estimate for the web development tasks based on the confirmed requirements.

Getting ready to start

Having agreed on the timelines and development price, we work on the legal aspects of our cooperation, while tech initiation is starting.

Execution and delivery

We deliver a finished product together with the description of the next steps for its further development.

Estimate my project

Get a detailed estimate of your project with all risks included.

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When is the fixed price model better than an hourly one?

When a development team can estimate precisely how much work has to be done – choose a fixed price model. The hourly model is a better option when your requirements are not clear.

How to choose a fixed-price app development company?

When hunting for a reliable partner, check the following things:
  • Social proof, rating, and reviews
  • The list of services the company provides
  • Case Studies
  • The tech stack used
  • Geographical location and the practice of working across time zones
  • Corporate culture
What is the main advantage of a fixed-price model?

The fixed-price contracts come with a pricing guarantee. As long as the project doesn't go beyond the defined scope of tasks, the price will stay the same. These contracts provide for a well-defined process complete with specific phases and deadlines.

Under what circumstances can a project be implemented on a Fixed Price basis?

Crystal clear requirements, short-term duration (for example, Discovery Phase). If the project is longer than 6 months, it’s better to use T&M.

Why TechMagic
All-in-one product development
All-in-one product development

We cover the entire software product development process and provide support services afterward within the quality management system. Technical expertise allows us to cover full-cycle development, incorporating business vision at every project stage. Our experience in multiple industries makes TechMagic a reliable partner for software development outsourcing resulting in the commercial success of your product.

High-quality software with ongoing support
High-quality software with ongoing support

As a software product development company, we create high-quality products starting from PoC or MVP development for testing your product idea to building complex enterprise software. We ensure the digital health of software solutions by providing ongoing automated testing of product features.

Innovative solutions
Innovative solutions

We discover market trends to offer the most cost-efficient solution. Our web application development services it's not just about software engineering. It's about finding the right technology stack for your business needs and developing future-proof custom software development solutions. Custom software development backed by market research, strategy consulting, project management, and agile development process.

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