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Analytics tools that turns Share of Search data into actionable insights, and gives you the tools to visualize search data and find the cause of your current position, positive or negative.
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About project
About project

MyTelescope is an intelligent analytic platform that helps brands and sellers to collect valuable data about their users to understand not only what are their opinions on a brand but also why it is like that. The platform gathers and processes an enormous amount of data from open sources such as Google Trends, Amazon Web Search, and social media posts to create a complete picture of brand perception by its customers. MyTelescope closes the funnel gap between the moment the company produces the product and the moment customers get it right.

Core team

The core team of MyTelescope from the start consisted of almost exclusively marketing specialists. The founder Rodrigo Pozo Graviz (founder and CEO of Graviz Labs AB), and his friend Fréderique, marketers themselves, spotted the unclosed need in his marketing job and came up with the idea of MyTelescope: a technical solution able to fulfill the blanks.

To bring this idea to life, Graviz Labs AB combined its own practical marketing experience with the technical expertise of TechMagic. Now we work together to make MyTelescope faster, more prominent, and even more comfortable. All future releases are purely based on improving customers' experience and feedback.

Rodrigo Pozo Graviz
Founder & CEO
Fréderique Pirenne
Founder & CTO

As Rodrigo told himself, "the modern user is impatient, and the marketers appreciate time and information received on time." What's crucial it's the time consumed by this. Working with such a large amount of data may take several hours to process and generate a report. We need to be able to handle it. So the main challenge of the MyTelescope team was the creation of a solution that not only collect, process, and visualize data but provide a user with the results in a short time.


Using React.js, Node.js, and Typescript, we built a scalable and fast application with numerous visual components. UI/UX designer made the data well structured and well presented. We analyze and visualize. Users get all the charts and widgets to look at data from different angles. AI technologies help to make every search personalized. The user himself can choose which type of data is the most valuable, and MyTelescope remembers this and adapts it to users' preferences next time. The first version's analysis took up to 72 hours. The new solution needed to be faster and more adaptable to users' preferences while remaining user-friendly and easy to use. The team managed to reduce this time to 20 minutes, and now we're aiming for 10. We use BigQuery serverless data warehouse, which can handle all the amount of data we operate, and Firebase to store all calculations and send them to the front in real-time to provide users with a responsive experience.

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Yulia LisovskaYulia LisovskaPartner Engagement Manager
Provided services for MyTelescope project
UI/UX Design

The MyTelescope team had an in-office designer who created the first versions of the design. As time passed, this role was referred to our team. As the visual part of data is one of the app's key points, we renewed the interface, widgets, and charts to make them how they are now: intuitive, prominent, and easy to use with the new UI/UX design

Frontend Development

We provided MyTelescope with frontend web development using React, Node.js, and Typescript. As a result, the platform has easy-to-understand graphical widgets, charts, and complex grids. All interface is highly intuitive, making MyTelescope easy to use from the first time on.

Business logic with artificial intelligence

TechMagic combined AI with business logic to provide users with more personalised search and analysis results. Every time a user runs the app, data becomes more and more clarified according to the client's preferences.

Increased automation capabilities

TechMagic team made Sync - a data collection and processing process - fully automated. Instead of taking 72 hours when done manually, it takes up to 20 minutes now. We use Meltwater and Google keywords to get data and ML to choose relevant ones and send them to Bigquery. All calculations go through Cloud Functions, and results go to Firebase, from where they're shown in front.

Connected third-party integrations

We use Meltwater as the main data provider. Connected Twitter API and Facebook API. Our team set integrations with Google Tag Manager, Intercom, Google Analytics, and Google Keyword API.

Backend specifics
Object-oriented programming
Object-oriented programming

An issue with code scalability and reusability is present throughout any development process. We addressed it initially by refactoring the problem using OOP concepts and design patterns, which allows an app to be more scalable and easy to support.

FaaS framework
FaaS framework

We choose Cloud Functions - a scalable FaaS solution - to be able to develop faster without worrying about providing resources to meet changing requirements. It allows focusing on building a complex application with powerful capabilities, treating Google and third-party cloud services as building blocks.

Cloud data warehouse
Cloud data warehouse

Big Query is the most effective solution for the amount of data MyTelescope processes. Its built-in machine learning capabilities allow the creation of personalized widgets and charts for every user with chosen data.


We used Firebase as a real-time database to store our calculation results. It allows users of MyTelescope to get a responsive experience with data through secure access to the database directly from our-side code.

Our magic team
TechMagic started working with the project from its launching. We're proud to be a part of its journey. Our team started from 2 people and now consists of 2 Frontend Engineers, 2 Backend Engineers, 1 Full-stack Engineer, a dedicated designer, one manual, one automated QAs, and PM from our side.All team members are very passionate about the product and initiative for many improvements. It's a perfect match between the product and development team.
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Work approach
Set up agile processes inside the team

TechMagic always does so to provide our partners with high-quality development experience.

Built and improved SCRUM process flow

We use this approach to ensure the most efficient time management and task prioritisation.

Grooming sessions, regular calls, and task prioritization with MyTelescope team

Help create top-notch solutions from the start.

Close cooperation with MyTelescope core team

Helps deeply understand not only technical, but also business goals of the project.

Excellent remote work, tight collaboration between UK & UA teams

Ensured high-quality project delivery.

Knowledge sharing sessions

Pro-active team constantly learn new techniques to deliver the best result.

Project outcome

Solution built by the TechMagic team helped MyTelescope become the product it is now: fast, easy to use, and scalable. MyTelescope gathers and analyses data within 20 minutes, instead of 70 hours in the first version, and days when done by humans. Now the team is aiming for 10 minutes.

Among others, IKEA, Volvo, and FinAirs are using MyTelescope on a regular basis. Startup raised around four mln dollars in investment. The platform became more and more popular in Europe and now is ready to present itself to the USA market.

From B2B to SaaS business model
From 70 hrs to 20 min data processing & structuring time
Personalization of the reports using AI and ML
Our most used technologies
What the customer says about work with us

This team comes back and tells us what we could improve, or they come up with workarounds. Sometimes we'll have to make decisions that might not seem logical from a development point of view but make absolute sense from a business point of view. The team will execute them anyway because it's important for the business. TechMagic is made of a team of critical thinkers who advise the business on which approaches are the fastest and most cost-effective…they do what's best for the business.


Rodrigo Pozo Graviz

Founder & CEO at MyTelescope
Full interview with the founder
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Partner Engagement Manager