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AI-powered recruitment assistant that provides real-time candidate’s assessment and data analysis.

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About project

Created with an OpenAI stack, Wendy simplifies the recruitment process by finding the best-suited CVs from the scope, supporting the recruiter during interviews, conducting soft skills assessments, and estimating candidates based on predefined criteria. Wendy offers voice-chatting options, where recruiters can record a message, which the Whisper AI will convert to text. The candidate/recruiter can respond with a voice message, which will be converted to text as well, which brings accessibility to the next level.


One of the time-consuming challenges in recruitment is the initial processing of a large resume list and selecting the most relevant candidates based on the specified criteria. This is a routine job that we aimed to optimize. Another challenge is supporting the overwhelming interview process for recruiters by noting, analyzing provided information, generating interview questions based on CVs and previous answers, and memorizing everything about candidates and their responses in job interviews.

Wendy needed to recognize the necessity of adapting the evaluation system and adding individual prompts to provide candidates with a more personalized and tailored recruitment experience. It continuously adapts to the recruiter and the vacancy, acting as it should and considering exactly those criteria that are vital in each case.


TechMagic used the power of AI to create a virtual assistant. Wendy covers CV screening, advanced analytics, and personalized interview features. It relies on automation to help source candidates develop process workflows, and screen resumes, reducing the manual effort required from recruiters. Additionally, we incorporated the voice-chatting option, which has made communication between recruiters and candidates more efficient. To simplify the evaluation process, we created a customizable scoring system (setting the scoring system themselves or using Wendy) to display candidates' competence in numbers, enabling recruiters to make informed decisions based on objective data. Wendy helps select the most suitable resumes, analyze the answers during interviews, and sort out the candidates that don't fit based on the requirements set by the recruiter.

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Provided services for Wendy
Connected third-party integrations
User-friendly interface
Robust backend system
Voice-chatting options
Prompt engineering

At Wendy, we leverage prompt engineering, a concept in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), to enhance recruitment process. Prompt engineering involves embedding the task description that the AI is supposed to accomplish in the input. This allows to train our language model using 'prompt-based learning.' Our prompt engineer created prompts based on the project objectives to simplify and streamline interviewing and assessment process. Using prompt engineering, we’ve resulted in creating unbuyest assistance in interviewing, generating the right questions to test particular skills, and Elo rating system for the overall candidate’s evaluation.

During the interview, the system would transcribe the conversation and analyze it using natural language processing techniques to rate the candidate's performance on key skills and competencies, such as problem-solving ability, prioritization and workload management, and mistake handling. Based on the analysis, the system would generate an overall rating for the candidate and provide detailed feedback to the interviewer.

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Wendy’s features
Wendy’s features

Data analysis

Wendy gathers and analyzes the enormous scope of data to ensure that every significant aspect is counted. AI reduces the human-error factor, having no memory limit. While an actual person makes the hiring decision, Wendy assists with keeping all information in order, marking the most important point.


Candidate’s evaluation

Using pre-defined criteria, AI analyses CVs and responses during interviews to shortlist the most suitable candidates for the position.



Integrated Whisper AI provides the possibility to record voice messages that are translated into text in real time and choose to send options (text, voice, or both). This way, messaging is more accessible for people with hearing or sight impairments.


Real-time assistant

Wendy helps interview candidates with this predefined set of questions or offers additional ones to get more information about the candidate and make a more informed decision.

Wendy’s features
Work approach

Our team used Сopilot for coding resulting in making the process faster. Also, we had a business analyst involved to help us create the right prompts for Wendy. To achieve this understanding, we conducted extensive research and analysis to gather insights into the recruitment process from both perspectives.

Work approach
Project outcome

With a limited time, we created a fully-functioning and adaptable AI-powered recruitment assistant. After testing, Wendy effectively evaluated resumes based on the needed criteria for recruiters. It pays attention to how the candidate communicates during the interview and can assess their suitability for the job based not only on hard but also on soft skills.

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Project outcome
Technologies used for this project
OpenAI for advanced decision-making
GPT for natural language processing
Flask for web development
Firebase for real-time data storage and synchronization
Github Copilot for intelligent code suggestions and completion
Whisper AI for converting a voice into a text

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All-in-one product development

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