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About project

Good&Co is a platform connecting people, companies, and workplace-based in San Francisco, the USA. The company helps nearly 3 million job seekers, employers, and employees find a great fit and discover their unique skills and strengths through an integrated psychometric algorithm.

Its enterprise solution benefits companies daily by filtering candidates in recruiting and growing teams for boosted productivity, and happier workplaces.

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Palle Pedersen about TechMagic

We've been working with this team of TechMagic for a long time. We started back more than 3 years ago. TechMagic really helps us deliver awesome products in the innovative spaces for both mobile and web.


Palle Pedersen

HR Tech

One of the biggest challenges in our life is to find a dream company to work for. However, how can you choose the company that will match your demands? Usually, you have to work for several companies and spend years before you get to know where you want to work.


The key to the solution is Good&Co. The platform analyzes human archetypes based on test responses and determines your FitScore with the companies. On the one hand, users can discover their strengths and find their dream company; meanwhile, it helps companies find better workers.

Good&Co native mobile app today
We built amazing quizzes
  • 001
    Everybody is lazy. You probably won't do this without motivation if it takes more than 5 minutes to do something
  • 002
    Therefore, we made passing the tests extremely easy; users just need to swipe left or right and tap to approve the answer
  • 003
    Tips help users to understand the mobile UX faster. When users start the tests, they pass three main tips to ensure everything is clear for them
We built amazing quizzes
We integrated gamification
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    Users are much more active at quizzes when they get points for their activity. It helps us gather more information about users and define their archetypes more accurately
  • 002
    Users earn Karma points for actions in the mobile app: sharing with friends and passing new quizzes. It allows attracting more users to the game process
  • 003
    Personal advice is based on test results that you have passed. The platform identifies your three basic archetypes and gives a detailed description of them
We integrated gamification
App provides data-science insights
  • 001
    This section contains tips, hacks, and tricks for your personal and professional development based on the automatically generated reports
  • 002
    Using the application, you can see companies’ archetypes and psychological portraits of their workers and check your FitScore with companies
  • 003
    The app is based on personality modeling and psychobiological frameworks of personality rooted in neuroscience and behavioral genetics
App provides data-science insights
From Hybrid mobile application framework to Native

We faced the problem of moving a mobile application from hybrid to native. There are plenty of hybrid frameworks. In our case, the Good&Co app was on Angular within a web view of jockey events. In our case, when we moved Good&Co to a native app, it received a 5-star rating on App Store and Google Play instead of the previous 3-star one. Moreover, more than 170 000 people have downloaded Good&Co application since then.


Bad User Experience

Hard to discover in App Store and Google Play

Hard to support in the future

No Access to device hardware and software

And more


Best User Experience

Easy to discover in App Store and Google Play

Easy to support

Access to device Hardware and Software

And more

Good&Co pro web application today
Recruitment processing

Our tech team developed a separate section inside the Good&Co Pro to enhance recruitment processes. It helps to understand candidates much better from the initial stages of hiring.

  • 001
    Comparison of candidates to a tailored personality template
  • 002
    Advanced candidates scoring system and filtering
  • 003
    Downloadable PDF reports about the candidate's personality
  • 004
    Analysis of formation diversity and team members' fitness
Recruitment processing
Team performance insights

In tandem with Good&Co data science team, our engineers implemented many HR-related features into the web version of Teamwork Pro that helps us understand employees much better. We developed:

  • 001
    Data-science based quizzes to decode personalities
  • 002
    Diversity analytics based on the Variance Scores
  • 003
    Analytics of team members strengths and working preferences
  • 004
    Team engagement metrics based on weekly surveys
Team performance insights
In-built integrative widgets

Recently, we established a subteam of React engineers that work on the widgets and embed them into job-related websites. These widgets allow potential candidates to take a short quiz and get their fit score with the desired company.

  • 001
    More than 10 React-based interactive widgets
  • 002
    Secure integration into global job boards and platforms
  • 003
    Embedment as a part of the page instead of iFrame
  • 004
    Higher level of direct interaction with candidates
In-built integrative widgets
From Angular JS to Angular

As big fans of the latest frameworks, we strategically migrated web applications to the new version of Angular. This process was not very easy to implement, but we fulfilled complete migration without any stops or delays in developing new features and functionality. As a result, Good&Co Pro became more stable, app performance increased, and the team was much more motivated while working with the new tech stack. Also, we compared Node.js vs. Ruby on Rails performance, as parts of the product are built by different frameworks.

Angular JS

Lagging UI with a poor performance and user experience

Difficulties in maintenance and support for the tech team

The very low motivation of the engineers as it’s outdated

Implementations scale poorly with unnecessary issues

And more


Better structure to create and maintain big applications easily

Hierarchical Dependency Injection system for better performance

Full TypeScript support helps in building bulky applications

Ideal for single-page web applications with an extended interface

And more

Work approach
Agile project management

Our teams work in Jira, customize workflow visibility, and monitor time performance.

Bi-weekly sprints with weekly demos

We keep clients up to speed with product development, discussing and planning the next sprint.

Daily standups with USA teams

Our meetings boost the team’s spirit across the continents and reduce issues outset.

Structured split of subteams

TechMagic delegates employees to network close by their strengths and skills in the workflow.

Regular visits of key stakeholders

This cooperation is about networking and discovering how to involve them in business better.

Regular trips to the US and UK offices

We travel to our clients in reverse to strengthen the partnership and boost the app's higher level.

Results of our magic work with Good&Co project
list item
1.200+ different cultures

Decoded more than 1.200 company cultures and their hiring needs

list item
15+ million questions

Answered more than 15 million questions on psychometric tests

list item
Workplace choice

Solved the problem of workplace choice for millions of employees

list item
2 million downloads

Received more than 2 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play

Media recognition
The New York Times
The New York Times
The New York Times

Good&Co is creating happier employees by solving the culture fit problem.

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TC Tech Crunch
TC Tech Crunch
TC Tech Crunch

Good&Co wants to put employees in good company.

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Good&Co lets you see how well your personality matches up with specific companies & employees, so you end up at a place that’s really the right for you.

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