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Digital Wallet Development Service

We provide a full spectre of digital wallet development services, from idea to realisation.
Digital Wallet Development Services

Our end-to-end secure crypto wallet development service guarantees your privacy, keeps your funds safe from illegal access, processes transferring and stores your private transaction keys.

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Digital Wallet Development Services We Provide:
Web3 Wallet Developmenticon

As a crypto wallet app development company, we create Web3 wallets that access points for, handle the assets independently and store for dApps on various chains. We develop it for purchasing and selling NFTs, using DeFi applications, and managing tokens on the Ethereum, Solana, and Algorand networks.

DeFi Wallet Developmenticon

Delivering DeFi wallet development services, we implement specialised decentralised cryptocurrency wallet development, taking care of a set of features and managing entire DeFi systems. We advance your company's operations and keep you one step ahead of the competition with the DeFi system's capabilities.

NFT Wallet Developmenticon

We ensure a scalable non-fungible token wallet platform structure for your product to be readily integrated at any time. We entail creating a structured storage platform or storage management compatible, cross-chain and crypto exchange API systems.

White Label Crypto Wallet Developmenticon

We adapt and customise white-label crypto wallets created by third parties. Our skilled developers assist you in expanding your presence in the cryptocurrency market with high-grade security protections, so your customers may earn, transfer, and manage the virtual currency.

Web and Mobile Wallets Developmenticon

As a blockchain wallet development company, we create user-friendly and supporting on-the-go transaction wallets for iOS and Android operating systems. Your clients can access web wallets with authentication-based log-ins and encryption, receive, and store virtual money, making it simple to send payments anywhere.

Multi-Currency Wallet Developmenticon

There are many exchange platforms, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, to create cryptocurrency wallets. We are skilled in creating cryptocurrency wallets for all platforms that facilitate transactions, store and exchange several currencies, and increase trading diversity.

Our Technical Stack
React Native
React Native
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We cover all needs of digital wallet development:
Discovery and prototyping
Discovery phase, prototyping and project scoping

We thoroughly examine the project and market research to identify its goals and product strategy with business and technical reports. It includes project costs, timeline, functions, specifications and tech stack.

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Discovery and prototyping
Discovery phase, prototyping and project scoping

We thoroughly examine the project and market research to identify its goals and product strategy with business and technical reports. It includes project costs, timeline, functions, specifications and tech stack.

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Web and mobile development
Robust web and mobile applications development

Web development in TechMagic involves programming based on the UI components and interface styles from design. We create scalable and easy-to-use applications for your customers with mobile app development services.

UX/UI design
Creation of intuitive, user-oriented design

Here, we start with designing user interface frameworks and wireframes from scratch, considering the visual design and user situations. It leads to ready-to-go prototyping, graphic components, a roadmap and a screen-switching scheme.

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DevOps services
Best practices for continuous deployment

Providing cryptocurrency wallet development services, we master your blockchain storage and handle structured and unstructured data to scale out of data sharing across a network. Our DevOps backup, test, and rollout for top-notch automation.

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Quality assurance
Automated tests and reduced risk factor

Being a crypto wallet app development company, we always carry out comprehensive QA testing as part of our ongoing data-derived validation process to ensure the product is ready to market.

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Ensured compliance, data protection and penetration testing

TechMagic specialists take full responsibility for platform and data security for secure and open payment transactions. We manage public and private keys, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, KYC verification and crypto wallet backup.

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Why TechMagic
Years of relevant experience

Our experts have enormous experience in safe, quick, and reliable development. With expertise, we offer unique solutions taking the customer's business culture and requirements into account and the most cutting-edge and effective technologies.

High-security standards

As a digital wallet app development company, we create transparent and safe solutions. Our experienced specialists are aware of the security risks and regulatory requirements necessary to prevent money laundering and protect user data.


At TechMagic, we provide cost-effective, quality and innovative FinTech services for clients' business needs. There are several pricing models we offer: dedicated team, fixed price and R&D centre.

Business mindset

Our experienced bitcoin developers stay up to date with the most recent development trends in cryptocurrency wallets. We aim to build custom, reliable bitcoin wallets to keep one step ahead of the competition.

How much does research and development cost for a wallet?

Digital wallet development service price depends on the client’s needs, including complexity and the solution development process time. Also, the features you seek in a wallet application will determine how a cryptocurrency wallet is developed.

What is digital wallet development?

Crypto wallet app development is a type of wallet creation for cryptocurrencies. There are so many new cryptocurrencies, so a cryptocurrency wallet is a must-have. Consumers can access various currencies through a single, user-friendly platform, transfer and receive digital currency and check their balances.

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