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ISO 27001 Consulting Services

Our mission is to ensure you are fully prepared to achieve and maintain ISO 27001 certification audit, reinforcing your commitment to information security excellence.

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Leverage TechMagic’s ISO 27001 implementation services

We offer comprehensive and efficient consulting for organizations to ensure their ISMS complies with ISO 27001 standards, identify potential improvements, and demonstrate their commitment to information security to clients and partners. Our comprehensive services in preparation include gap assessment, creation of required documentation, implementation support, internal audit, support during the certification process, and maintenance of the certification. With experienced ISO consultants enhance security posture and credibility, and achieve certification in a shorter timeframe.

TechMagic’s ISO 27001 implementation services
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Industries we help to prepare for ISO 27001 certification audit

ISO 27001 certification is critically important across a broad spectrum of industries:

Financial Services

Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms deal with sensitive financial data, making information security paramount to protect against fraud and ensure regulatory compliance.



Hospitals, clinics, and health insurers handle personal health information, requiring stringent data protection measures to follow health data protection regulations.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Organizations offering cloud storage, computing, and services, where data security is paramount.

MarTech Services

MarTech Services

Companies that develop or use any technologies and platforms that collect, store and help analyze customer information.

Other Technology 
and IT Services

Other Technology and IT Services

Companies that provide technology solutions, cloud services, and IT infrastructure must safeguard intellectual property and customer data against cyber threats.

ISO 27001 implementation services we offer:
Gap assessment

We conduct an on-site assessment to identify key areas of weakness within your Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our team takes a deep dive into your current scheme, comparing it against the requirements of ISO 27001 implementation. During ISO 27001 consulting, we make a report from the results of our assessment, providing you with a clear understanding of your organization's level of compliance with ISO 27001 standards. Based on the findings, we create a tailored plan that sets out actions for your organization to follow to address the identified gaps.

Creation of required documentation

We develop policies, procedures, and risk assessment plan that meet ISO 27001 requirements and align with their business needs. Additionally, we review existing documentation to ensure it fits the purpose and meets the necessary standards. Our approach ensures that clients have a comprehensive set of documentation that supports their information security management system (ISMS) and enables them to achieve and maintain ISO 27001 certification.

Implementation support

During consulting, we work closely with your team to fix any issues identified during the Gap Analysis, a process known as remediation, ensuring that your organization is ready for ISO/IEC 27001 certification. As an ISO 27001 consultant, we provide guidance and support to your implementation team throughout the process in certain fixed hours of consulting, ensuring that the chosen controls are effectively applied.

Internal audit

We conduct internal audits one-off or as part of a managed service once per year, ensuring that clients stay compliant and continuously improve information security management systems. With internal audit support, clients can identify areas for improvement and proactively address potential issues, mitigating the risk of security incidents and maintaining their ISO 27001 certification.

Support during the certification process

Our experienced experts guide your team through the certification audit, ensuring that you are fully prepared to meet the requirements of the certification body. Providing ISO 27001 consulting services, we close any identified gaps and address non-compliances or observations made by external auditors. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and successful certification process, minimizing any disruptions to your business operations.

Maintenance of the certification

TechMagic offers ongoing maintenance of ISO 27001 certification to ensure clients comply with evolving standards and best practices. We provide ongoing support and guidance to clients, including regular assessments, internal audits, and reviews of policies and procedures.

Gap assessment
Creation of documentation
Implementation support
Internal audit
Support during the process
Ongoing maintenance

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Core benefits of ISO 27001 consulting
Core benefits of 
ISO 27001 consulting
Enhanced information security

By implementing ISO 27001, companies can embed information security into every layer of their organization, ensuring proper risk reduction, compliance framework, and threat protection and detection capabilities. This proactive approach helps prevent security incidents, saving companies money and protecting their reputation.

Increased sales with compliance certification recognition

Having ISO 27001 certification can be a significant advantage in the market, as it demonstrates a commitment to information security and compliance. Many customers and partners are sensitive about keeping their information safe, and ISO 27001 certification can increase their confidence in a company's security practices.

Meeting regulator’s requirements

Many customers and regulators require their business partners to meet certain information security standards, including ISO 27001. Fulfill these requirements, build trust with customers and regulators, and ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

Optimization of business processes affects the company’s revenue

Implementing ISO 27001 requires a thorough review and optimization of business processes related to information security. This can result in streamlined and efficient processes, improved risk management, and reduced incidents of security breaches or data leaks.

Improved customer and business partner confidence

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates your commitment to information security, instilling confidence in your customers and business partners. It instills confidence in the security practices of the certified company, leading to improved trust, loyalty, and long-term relationships with customers and partners.

Core benefits of 
ISO 27001 consulting
ISO 27001 certification steps

Step 1

Vulnerability Assessment

This phase evaluates your current data security status against ISO 27001 standards, identifying areas that need enhancement.

Step 2

Planning and Design

Develop a comprehensive plan to address identified gaps, often involving the creation or revision of policies and procedures aligned with ISO standards.

Step 3


Put the planned quality management systems and controls into action, integrating them into daily operations to meet ISO's information security standards.

Step 4

Training and Awareness

Educate staff on their roles within the ISMS, emphasizing the importance of security practices and compliance requirements.

Step 5

Internal Audit

A critical self-examination to ensure the ISMS is functioning correctly and effectively.

Step 6

Management Review

Review the ISMS's performance, based on internal audit results and feedback, to ensure its ongoing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness.

Step 7

Certification Audit

Conducted by a certified specialist, this two-stage audit first reviews ISMS documentation (Stage 1) and then assesses the practical implementation of the ISMS (Stage 2).

Step 8

Continual Improvement

Following certification, the organization must continually monitor, review, and improve the ISMS to ensure it remains effective and compliant with ISO 27001, adapting to new threats and changes in the organization.

Why choose TechMagic

Compliance is a critical aspect of our services at TechMagic. We ensure that our services are aligned with relevant compliance requirements, providing you with peace of mind and confidence for different sizes and industries companies.

Certified specialists
Certified specialists

Our team includes certified professionals such as ISO27001 Lead Implementer and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. This ensures that you will be working with qualified and competent specialists who have the expertise and knowledge to deliver top-quality services.


We provide regular updates and progress reports throughout the project lifecycle to keep you informed about the status of your project. We strive for excellence in everything we do, and our assurance of quality and performance is reflected in our work.

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What is ISO 27001 consulting?

The term "ISO consulting" describes the expert advice and professional services provided by consultants to assist companies in becoming ready for ISO 27001 accreditation. These experts provide advice on developing and executing an effective ISMS that meets ISO criteria. The support services include gap analysis, risk assessments, conducting internal audits, development of the quality manual, and assistance with the external audit process. In order to facilitate a more seamless road to certification, ISO consultants are essential in verifying that an organization's ISMS is in compliance with international standards.

How do you ensure the quality of its ISO 27001 consulting services?

We ensure the quality of our ISO 27001 audit services through industry best practices and our internal quality assurance processes. Our team follows established audit methodologies, conducts thorough assessments, and adheres to ISO 27001 standards and guidelines. We also have rigorous quality control measures to review and verify the accuracy and completeness of our audit findings.

How do you work with clients during the ISO 27001 consulting services?

Our ISO 27001 consultant works closely with our clients to understand their business processes, assess their information security controls, identify gaps, and provide recommendations for improvement. We maintain open communication channels, provide regular progress updates, and ensure our clients are actively involved in the audit process.

What is TechMagic's pricing model for ISO 27001 consulting services?

Our pricing model for ISO 27001 audit services is transparent. We offer customized pricing based on the scope and complexity of the audit and other relevant factors. Contact us and get detailed pricing proposals outlining the costs associated with the audit, ensuring transparency and clarity for our clients.

How long does it take to prepare for an ISO audit?

The preparation time for an ISO audit can vary depending on the size and complexity of the organization, the existing state of the information security management system (ISMS), and other factors. We work closely with our clients to assess their readiness for the audit, provide guidance on the necessary preparations, and develop a timeline that aligns with their specific requirements.

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