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Intelligent platform that empowers brands' online presence and maximizes return from e-commerce investments.
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About project
About project

Acorn-I is an intelligent platform that helps brands and sellers to boost their online presence and increase the return from e-commerce investments. The platform gives users access to Amazon search analytics, real-time performance tracking, well-structured data, advertising, and promotions.

Core team

The team of ex-Amazon employees and eCommerce experts founded Acorn-I to provide a practical omnichannel approach to electronic commerce. The Acorn-I core team knows everything about digital advertisement for online sellers. That’s why they decided to combine their shared knowledge and expertise to create a new product that would empower brands.

Therefore, the Acorn-I team mixed a dedicated team of experts with innovative technology solutions and built the best platform for scaling the brand's digital sales channels via data-driven approaches.

Ross Caveille
Co-Founder Acorn-i
Claire Leon
Co-Founder Acorn-i
James Poll
CTO Acorn-i
Matthew Akino-Wittering
Technical Product Lead Acorn-i
Project challenge

The Acorn-I platform was created using a data pipeline built on AWS Lambda functions and AWS Quick Sight to represent data in grids and graphs. The challenge was to build a new solution that would make it possible for the clients to use the system independently without the Acorn-I team's help. The new solution needed to be user-friendly, modern UX concepts, and easy to use. Besides, we enhanced the data pipeline to support more service integrations and be more scalable at a reasonable cost.

Solution delivered

Using Angular and Highcharts library, we built a web application with a modern, interactive, and user-friendly UI/UX design. Also, we created a Serverless API for the web app and delivered refactored data pipeline automation through AWS Cloud Development Kit. As a result, the data platform became testable, more reliable, and simple to use. It helped us increase the existing solution's performance 15 times!

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Yulia LisovskaYulia LisovskaPartner Engagement Manager
Provided services for Acorn-i project
UI/UX Design

The Acorn-I team provided us with their brand colors and product vision. Based on that, we created and implemented an entirely new concept of user-friendly UI/UX design from scratch.

Frontend Development

We provided Acorn-I with frontend web development by using Angular. As a result, the web platform has easy and ready complex charts, grids, and maps that allow users to see their data in an interactive and graphical interface.

Data pipeline improvements

TechMagic team refactored the existing data pipeline to use Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts and better algorithms.

Business logic with machine learning

We integrated machine learning into business logic to provide more insights into users' sales and marketing data. Consequently, machine learning allows for building automated scenarios based on predictions.

Increased automation capabilities

We used the trending AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) to describe all infrastructure, including custom resources. As a result, we enhanced the automation capabilities of the platform.

Connected new third-party integrations

We built new integrations with platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Facebook, and Amazon DSP, allowing users to automate their advertisements and get higher performance.

Backend specifics
AWS Cloud Development KIT
AWS Cloud Development KIT

We migrated from Serverless Framework to AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) for part of the system called The Data Platform. It allowed us to support the creation of custom resources and AWS Glue tables.

AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda

To extend other AWS services with custom logic, we invoked Lambda functions and currently, our solution has 300K+ AWS Lambda invocations per day.

Serverless framework
Serverless framework

We used the Serverless framework as API for Ignite frontend app - the intelligent platform for eCommerce. Its main purpose is to query data from Snowflake and return it to the frontend. Additionally, we developed an adapter to work with Snowflake.

Object-oriented programming
Object-oriented programming

During development, we faced an issue with code scalability and reusability. As a result, we refactored the problem using OOP concepts and design patterns to be more scalable and easy to support.

Work approach
Setting up agile processes inside the team

Breaking project into pieces of the development cycle to give feedback on each creation phase.

Built & improved scrum process flow

Daily scrum meetings to set a plan for a day, solve problems and review ongoing processes.

Regular grooming, retro sessions & daily calls with Acorn-i

Working with us, you receive sincere cooperation in details about the running product's flow.

Close cooperation with Acorn-i product management team

We connect with Acorn-I team to improve internal processes and share experience and skills.

Outstanding remote work between UK & UA Teams

Despite the distance, we operate owing to structured delegated tasks from highly-skilled specialists.

Visits of Acorn-i to TechMagic before Covid-19

We boost team spirit in developing apps on business trips and share cross-cultural experiences.

Our magic team
TechMagic started the project with a discovery phase to form a product vision. The team consisted of Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer and Solution Architect. After the discovery phase, we onboarded a Full-Stack Engineer, 2 Frontend Engineers and a QA to work on the Acorn-I product. After one year of active work, the level of engineers has grown. Now the Acorn-I project has 3 Full-Stack Engineers, a QA and a Team Lead from the TechMagic side.
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Project outcomes

Solution built by the TechMagic team helped Acorn-I to start moving from the consulting business model to the SaaS model. In the nearest future, machine learning capabilities will automate even more tasks, predictions and calculations that are done manually today. Our input in this project has already increased the performance in 15 times!

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Project outcomes
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What the customer says about work with us

We've been extremely pleased with our continuing relationship with TechMagic to develop solutions on top of the AWS stack. Their specialisation in the Serverless Framework and underlying Serverless Technologies has accelerated our product development. I'd gladly recommend TechMagic to my professional network.


Matthew Akino-Wittering

Technical Product Lead Acorn-i
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Partner Engagement Manager