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Mobile Practice
E-learning application for salespeople
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About the project
About the project

Mobile Practice is an educational platform that helps people switch learning into application and performance in their field to do their best through group learning & personalized coaching. An interactive platform with structured practice scenarios, empowering managers to feedback to users.

About the project

The main problem was developing a highly scalable video education SaaS platform for Fortune 5000 companies. The app had to be combined with the Serverless approach for video transcoding, with low latency video streaming in EU and US regions. Another challenge was to convince the client to use AWS Lambda with another set of other AWS services due to potential vendor lock. Also, there was a challenge to set up a video recording in the IE, but it is already solved.


We proposed an AWS platform with a Serverless approach for video transcoding and API by implementing AWS transcoder, Lambda, S3, API Gateway, CloudFront, DynamoDB, Firebase, MongoDB, and Sentry. We applied the serverless framework for deployment and CloudWatch to monitor Lambda functions. This technical approach allowed us to build a highly-scalable product build a highly-scalable product for big clients of Mobile Practice with low latency streaming in the EU and US.

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Yulia LisovskaYulia LisovskaPartner Engagement Manager
Provided services for Mobile Practice project
Web frontend
  • 001
    We built a progressive web app, utilising the latest web standards with in-browser video recording for supported devices
  • 002
    We ensured compatibility by delivering an installable desktop app (Electron) for users without modern browsers, which was user installable in corporate environments
  • 003
    We built real-time chat and content updates using Firebase and integrated an access control system into the application
  • 004
    We used Atomic Design, resulting in highly reusable and scalable UI components
Web frontend
  • 001
    We delivered Serverless microservice like video transcoding on events coming from Amazon S3, providing better cost-efficiency
  • 002
    AWS Lambda use case was applied for video and image processing and as an API for the backend
  • 003
    Lambda function triggered by AWS API Gateway or S3 sends a file for transcoding to AWS Transcoder, then stores HLS or DASH stream back on S3, while progress and metadata are stored in DynamoDB
  • 004
    We use the Serverless framework to manage Lambda functions to deploy each of them separately or all of them at once
  • 005
    We use serverless monitoring tools to track the app performance and avoid critical issues
Quality assurance
  • 001
    The test processes were established from scratch as all the requirements were thoroughly clarified with the clients
  • 002
    The test design was done from scratch, too. So the test cases were implemented based on the test design
  • 003
    Web, iOS, admin, and desktop applications for learners and coaches were successfully released
  • 004
    Main challenges the QA team faced: verification of video recording and playing functionality, localization, chat flows, and email notifications testing on all supported browsers, OSs, and devices within a short time frame
Quality assurance
Our most used technologies
What the customer says about work with us

Their attention to detail in the development phase has meant that our product doesn't have any problems when it's released to customers. In fact, we've already made some sales on it, despite this being an early version of the software. Users are finding it sufficiently functional and robust even in its current state, which is promising for the future as we add more features.


Ben Eddy

CO-Founder at Mobile Practice
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Yulia Lisovska
Partner Engagement Manager