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Etype Care
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About project
About project

The product, Etype Care, is a digital suite for care home management, service quality assurance, and analytics. It consists of an iPad app for care home residents' management, surveying, a Web App for the care homes management, and analytics. Etype Care application is currently used in UK care homes to innovate workflow by providing real-time residents information and advanced service quality analytics.

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Native iOS App for tablet

The iPad application provides management and medical staff and a special Surveys module for care homes residents, created considering their needs and expectations. Etype Care iPad application supplies medical staff with all information they need to deliver an excellent quality service to care home residents.

Native iOS App for tablet

Visual iPad app for Health Check

The application combines data from care home medical records, residents' bracelets, and sleep devices to provide whole information about particular residents or care homes in easy-to-use visual dashboards. The iPad application includes staff on the floors with all information they need to give great quality service to care home residents. Including resident's profiles, care and medicine plans, galleries, and real-time care home timeline.

Visual iPad app for Health Check

Angular Web App with analytics

The Web App allows managers to see how the care homes across their organization are performing and compare data to the performance of the competition.

Angular Web App with analytics
What Etype Care does
1Data provision
Data provision

By working alongside operators, Etype Care provides free market and benchmarking data, including occupancy, capacity, current and projected population demographics, and wealth indicators for the population around our home—all to empower care home managers and improve the quality of care.

2Performance analysis
Performance analysis

Etype Care collected market data from the office of national statistics, local government and local operators to present a bespoke report to care homes that sign up to enable them to compare their performance against local competitors. This analysis helps them to improve their performance and the care they provide.

3Advanced care
Advanced care

Etype Care aims to provide relatives an easy and effective way to monitor their loved ones and have peace of mind, provide residents with a higher quality of care, and have their voices heard. Healthcare providers can access the growing elderly care market using the integrated key performance indicators.

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We build healthcare solutions that are fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPPA regulates security and privacy standards for health data management in the US.
The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has a set of policies for safeguarding patient data. Our team of HealthTech developers has industry-specific knowledge to build NHS-compliant healthcare apps.
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