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Tracking gaming activity app for kids
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About project
About project

Sqord is the fitness platform that makes healthy, active play fun for kids. The app allows them to compete and earn points for everyday activities. Sqord increases kids' activity and helps them be healthier with gamification.

Physical activity

The program rewards physical activity and engagement with virtual medals, points, levels, etc. All players reward, motivate and encourage each other with High Fives and Squawk messages. Players also wear the additional hardware (S. Booster). It is held in a wristband (though some players prefer carrying it in their pocket or laced onto a shoe). It contains a 3-axis accelerometer to measure the intensity and duration of physical activity.


It is a Seattle-based fun solution for kids that encourages players to spend more time in active, physical play. Kids will be naturally motivated to keep moving by making active rest fun. They'll increase their fitness, improve their overall health, and begin to build life-long habits.


The biggest challenge for Sqord was the absence of an internal mobile development team. Sqord was willing to hire a quickly-adaptable squad to maintain the expected quality level during the project.


The main objective of the project was to create a unique mobile experience. Updating the existing app supported this by including more functionality, registration, login options, and account features.


We launched an application for iOS and Android platforms according to the agreed deadlines. This product was built in connection with the Internet of Things concept using Bluetooth Low Energy technologies.

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Project features

Psychology to keep users engaged and rewarded to return to the game and enjoy playing.

Dynamic UI

The practice of designing a UI to adapt according to the user input with Sqord.

Hardware integration

Combination of the technologies to unite relevant information across the software apps.

Bluetooth low energy

We implement tracking activity to access control blood pressure and connect smartwatches.

Own currency development

Sqord serves not just as a fitness platform, but also to gain points if you were in competition.

Data Encryption

App collects personal information, so we make data encrypted with strong passwords, storing data.

Our most used technologies
What the customer says about work with us

The team members, have been great to work with, bringing a lot of attention to detail, expertise, and patience with our frequently changing requirements.


Jeff Wright

FOUNDER and CTO at Sqord
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