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Smart electric scooters with mobile remote control apps
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About project

Etergo is the innovative electric mobility company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company is working on the environment-friendly automotive solution and intending to make petrol transportation a thing of the past. Etergo team is developing the AppScooter that is the electric smart vehicle concept, including music, safety, navigation, modern features and even communication into one intuitive app-centric interface.

About project
About Etergo founders

All startups should move in an environment-friendly direction. Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Flipse created a great solution in the automotive industry-electric vehicles that are safe for the climate and easily controlled by your phone. What is the story behind this startup? A few years ago, after meeting at an accelerator event in Delft, Bart and Marijn combined their mutual experience in mechanical engineering and entrepreneurship and created Bolt Mobility, well-known as Etergo since 2015. Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Flipse created something new, innovative, and ecological. This idea helped them in 2015 to close the most significant online funding round ever in The Netherlands with €1,135,000. Thus, they co-founded Etergo with a mission to help the automotive industry be a few steps closer to sustainable energy and safe transportation. Marijn and Bart created scalable and environmentally friendly alternative diesel and petrol transport vehicles. Nowadays, their team is not just ambitious co-founders likewise—more than 70 motivated people working on unique and innovative automotive solutions.

Native apps for iOS & Android

‘’Excellent partner in terms of communication, project management, technical capabilities, and most importantly: flexibility to adapt to our ever-changing needs”


Bob van Iersel

User Interface Team Lead & Industrial Designer, Etergo

Electric scooters are great for daily use and don’t harm the environment. What if you want to manage, lock, and unlock your scooter with just a smartphone or view your scooter components status, control the scooter's battery and see an additional statistic about your vehicle? Challenge to create excellent iOS and Android mobile apps accepted!


Etergo team provided us with designs, so we directly started to work on developing iOS and Android apps with opportunities to use a smartphone as a remote scooter control. We developed apps that allow users to request service technicians, view scooter components status and usage stats. Besides developing two mobile applications, we integrated a serverless solution with real-time collaboration capabilities for sending commands and receiving cemetery data from scooters. Business logic was written with Kotlin Multiplatform, so iOS and Android native apps successfully use it to exchange information between database and user interface quickly.

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Mobile app development
Native apps for iOS & Android
Native apps for iOS & Android

For the convenience of all users, we built two native mobile apps for different operating systems used in mobile technology. Apps allow users to use their smartphones as a key to remote lock/unlock the scooter, use Find My Scooter feature, control the battery status of the vehicle, get notifications and receive updates about software installation. Also, in case of car problems, users can use the app to request a technician for a service check.

Business logic
Business logic

All the business logic was written using the Kotlin multiplatform. Native applications are based on a clean architecture with three main layers: the presentation, the domain, and data. The domain and data layers are common between Android and iOS apps, allowing us to simultaneously use a single codebase for the business logic of two apps. Therefore, native iOS and Android apps successfully use Kotlin multiplatform core.

Backend specifics - scooter simulator

While writing code for the backend and connecting third-party services, we created a scooter simulator to test all the implemented features. It let us understand and emulate the behaviour of the vehicle and as a result to create a high-quality product.

As we also integrated third-party services (in this case Salesforce), we used SOAP Server. Additionally, with AWS IoT we enabled synchronization with the backend and made possible the receiving and transmitting telemetry on scooters for collecting valuable information about a vehicle and driver's performance.

For the fast performance and data processing, backend of the project was written with Node.js. We also used Firebase for notifications and the pairing process when a user connects to a scooter. To obtain data and generate operations in mobile apps and admin console, we used REST API.

Serverless solution with third-party integrations

We integrated managed cloud service AWS IoT Core to let connected scooters easily and securely send commands and receive cemetery data.

Salesforce field service solution
Salesforce field service solution

We integrated a Salesforce field servicing, a management platform with real-time collaboration capabilities, to enable requesting technicians for doing service checks.

Oracle Netsuite
Oracle Netsuite

We integrated a cloud business software suite to enable receiving updates about the scooter manufacturing process and software installation.

Cross-country collaboration between tech teams

When we found out about the Etergo startup and its incredible benefits for the environment, we admired starting work and implying all the ideas in reality. Due to different cultural obstacles, we have been on the same path and created a helpful app to use in our collaboration with Etergo.

Mobile team

Included developers from Techmagic and Etergo sides. We worked together on Kotlin Multiplatform core, Drive UI (software for build-in scooter display), Companion Apps (Android and iOS).

Embedded team

Included only experts from Etergo side who worked on integrating scooter components.

Backend team

Included tech lead from the Etergo side and senior engineers from the Techmagic side.

QA team

Included a QA engineer from the Etergo side who did both manual and automation testing. Also, the team included QA engineer from the Techmagic side who documented requirements for the Companion apps.

Work approach
Kanban project management

We use Kanban as a framework for visualizing and improving workflows, increasing team focus, and incrementing updates on projects. The Kanban method is simple and suitable for companies of any size.

Structured & well-organized team management

To build two mobile apps for different operating systems, the team must have excellent and systematized interaction. Our management principles are based on internal activities, leadership roles, and intelligent, organized goals.

Regular update calls with Etergo & TechMagic teams

Working with us, you get constant support on what’s going on in project building stages. Once a week, we discuss ideas on how to improve some app options and fix them immediately.

Regular documented reports

Calls and meetings are good, but it is better to write in all we’ve said and make a report about every process and stage of building the app. Such reports allow you to keep everything in order and understand what is happening at which step.

Multiple shared Trello boards

To do the work more efficiently, we follow up on all the tasks on Trello boards. All workflows, information repositories, and many cards are in one place.

Knowledge sharing sessions about technical implementation

We are open to experience and skills exchange with our partners. In these conferences, we report challenges and solutions we have managed to build vital products in tech.

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