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We provide digital banking solutions that let you personalise customer experiences, boost operational effectiveness, update the IT infrastructure of an existing bank, or establish digital-first banking and financial services.

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Digital banking development services we offer:
Digital app development

We offer web and mobile for iOS or Android systems app development to bring your project to market fast and securely. Realising your concept of deployment and ensuring cyber security, the TechMagic team develops robust and high-performing products.

Digital payments

Our dynamic and user-friendly digital bill payment solutions make it simple for banking customers to view and pay invoices. We create automated billing and payment processing, detailed transactional statistics and custom payment storage terms based on in-depth research and analysis of the most recent trends.

Money transfer

Our developers set up funds transferring from one bank to another, including reference code without the direct involvement of bank employees, either within a single financial institution or across many institutions.

Expenses tracking

At TechMagic, we assist in connecting bank accounts and credit cards to track and prioritise customer expenses with card limits, saving rules, spending alerts and creating budget features. It reduces users’ time and enhances their in-app experience, increasing your client base.

Custom Solutions Development

During digital banking development, we create banking systems with API-first features, CRM migration, mobile banking solutions, client acquisition, business process automation, and customer scoring. TechMagic aims to meet the expanding market and client’s needs.

Legacy code re-mastering

We master legacy code, identifying what to change and test, breaking the dependencies, testing and eventually modifying and fixing bugs. We enhance the code base without any breaks in delivering value for digital banking customers.

Our Technical Stack
React Native
React Native
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We provide a full cycle of banking software development:
Discovery and prototyping
Discovery and prototyping of banking software

At TechMagic, we fill the gap between the business concept of a project and technical realisation with a discovery phase. Our team defines costs and technical requirements and designs a wireframes roadmap with detailed feature-based estimation for prototyping of digital bank app.

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Web and mobile development
Scalable and robust web and mobile banking applications

We cover full-cycle mobile and web development processes considering the latest technologies and development stack based on your business needs. With expert developers, create reliable, fast and lightweight digital banking.

UX/UI design
UX/UI design for easy-to-use banking software

Our UI/UX designers enhance user experience, providing your project's user interface with the utmost simplicity and usability. We are familiar with your industry's roadmap and potential pitfalls during the end-user lifecycle.

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Best practices for continuous deployment and optimisation

Providing digital banking development services, TechMagic DevOps determine a strategy that drives continuous delivery, runs the tools needed and deploys automation, a configured environment in the cloud or on-premise, to reduce downtime and streamline workflows.

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Quality assurance
Test automation services that reduce risk factor

To deliver consistent results and set top-notch software quality standards, we perform ongoing testing. Our QA experts prevent defects and bugs in web and mobile apps.

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Data protection, ensured compliances and penetration testing

Our security specialists strengthen your cyber defence with security measures in each stage of the deployment or development of digital banking applications. We conduct vulnerability assessments and more.

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Why TechMagic
Years of relevant experience

With 9 years of experience, counting on the dozens of new technologies and industry expertise, including CTO as a Service experience, we create dynamic and robust digital banking solutions for increasing customers and expanding the market.

High-security standards

Delivering banking software development services, we ensure tight security systems to prevent penetration, malware and data leaks. Our cybersecurity experts identify security protocols, testing and vulnerability assessments.


Affordable development price ensures increasing investments into digitalisation for better user experience. We supervise product quality and security, development and hiring based on three pricing models: fixed price, dedicated team and R&D centre.

Business mindset

Being a top-notch expert among banking software development companies intends to deliver unique and custom FinTech services and revolutionary technologies to our clients. We respect and value your ideas and are ready to take them into reality.

How does Fintech compare to regular banking?

Fintech banks focus on innovative technologies, personalised customer experience, AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), while regular banks operate large deposits and have strict regulatory environments.

How to start a digital bank?

Start with a valid licence, funding, a proper strategy of development banking and timely execution of a project. At TechMagic, we are aware of regulations for creating digital banks, taking care of full documentation, assembling dedicated teams, and building IT systems for banking operations.

How do digital banks make money?

Digital banking makes income by paying interest that tacks on new account balances to new purchases, including offering premium accounts, loans and mortgages, extending credit cards, and getting interchange fees. Also, digital banking development services take advantage of automation back-end processes like administrative tasks or data processing that fee on each purchase and facilitate using credit cards.

Let’s turn ideas into action
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