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Our Next.js Development Services
Web app development

Our years of expertise have made us Next.js software development professionals. We build strategies and give new business prospects with our high-end Next.js solutions to develop robust apps to fulfill your customer needs.

Custom app development

We deliver the best custom Next.js development services to help you migrate to Next.js and improve the performance of your web development app. Hire remote Next.js developers to reduce total development time and cost.


To handle the link between another business tool and your web apps, hire Next.js developers to make third-party integrations available. We can improve your team's workflow with only one easy modification - CRM or database integration.

Maintenance and support

Our team can always help you with support or maintenance issues. Hire Next.js developers for technical support, including bug tracking and resolution and technology updates for your apps.

Consulting services

We provide comprehensive strategy and consulting solutions to take your company to a new level. We help you to implement the best development techniques and tools for your Next.js development project.

Why Next.js
Responsive and adaptable design

Both aspects contribute to a better user experience, as web applications based on Next.js adjust to the device's screen size.

Quick go-to-market

With its numerous ready-made components, Next.js is an excellent option for creating MVP as quickly as possible. This choice lets you receive customer feedback and update your product properly without wasting time or money.

Data fetching

Next.js has 5 data-fetching patterns. Content rendering can be done in a way that suits the structure of your application best, depending on the app’s use case.

Multichannel approach

Next.js applications are available from any device, allowing you to sell your products and services and support the customers through many sales channels.

Fast page loading

Next.js is smart to load the JavaScript and CSS required for each page. The user's browser does not have to download JavaScript or CSS, which are unnecessary for the page the user is viewing.

On-Demand Support

The number of developers is increasing as the popularity of Next.js development services grows. So, it is simpler to hire a company or freelancer to make updates and add new features as needed.

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Contact us to discuss all benefits of this model for your specific business.

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Why hire Next.js developers from TechMagic?

Skilled experts

At TechMagic, Next.js developers enhance their skills and knowledge in developing various apps for any type and size company. We know how to create unique solutions and optimize existing product development.

Innovative solutions

With vast expertise with Next.js, we assemble recent developments and technologies. Our developers proactively share knowledge and expertise for ongoing innovation projects within the Next.js community.

Ongoing training

We have in-house training academies to keep the best developer mastery level continuously. TechMagic aims to meet the needs of clients and their customers with cutting-edge technologies.

Case Studies
Crypto exchange live data aggregator

We improved web app productivity and accessibility, integrated a new heatmap for NFT and, SSR and SPG from Next.js to fasten up loading and improve SEO accessibility

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Is Next.js frontend or backend?

It's both! Web apps have two moving parts: a frontend and a backend. Next.js is a set of tools for building the frontend, and it's currently the most popular project for building a backend.

Why is Next.js good for SEO?

Next.js reads the code or templates on the server and integrates it with client-side files. It employs Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and may also function as an excellent Static Site Generator (SSG) for increasing organic traffic more quickly and ranking your high intent keywords.

I have a legacy code base I want to migrate to Next.js. Do you offer legacy code re-mastering?

Yes, we offer legacy code re-mastering services, including migrating to Next.js. Our team has extensive experience working with legacy codebases and modernizing them to meet current business needs. We understand that migrating to a new framework can be challenging, and we have a well-defined process that ensures a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your business. We will assess your legacy codebase, provide recommendations, and work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your business goals.

Can you provide references from past clients who have worked with your team on Next.js development projects? Or examples of projects you've worked on using this framework?

Yes. You can see a COIN360 case study as one of the examples. We have completed several projects using Next.js, and we would happily share our portfolio with you. Our client's confidentiality is paramount, so we need their permission before sharing their details. However, we can assure you that our team has the experience and expertise required to develop robust and scalable applications using Next.js. Please let us know if you would like to discuss our previous projects, using a form below.

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