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Native iOS Development
Native Android Development
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Besides providing web app development services , we develop native iOS and Android applications using Swift, Objective-C, Java, and Kotlin. We create valuable custom solutions for you with outcomes that exceed your expectations.

Our mobile experts analyze your project requirements and recommend first-class technical solutions to achieve your goals. During the development process, we examine your business and offer ways to improve the product and create a smooth user experience.

Why use our native mobile application development services
1Improved Performance
Improved Performance
When we, as mobile app development services company, create an application and optimize it for a specific platform, the result is a seamless, fast, and flawless performance.
2Better User Experience
Better User Experience
With native mobile applications, users can intuitively navigate through the app’s interface and easily comprehend the application’s functions.
3Native Device Features
Native Device Features
Native applications have full access to native hardware features of a device like a camera, GPS, FaceID, payments, processor, and offline operations.
Our magic mobile app development services
Native iOS Development

Native iOS Development

Delivering custom mobile app development services, we take advantage of the variety of device features available on the iOS platform to create custom applications that augment the user experience. Whether you have a great idea for an app or need an existing concept refined into something truly amazing, we can help. We deliver results that meet both your and your client's expectations.

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    We provide native application development in Swift and Objective-C
  • 002
    Our team constantly explores new iOS technologies to enhance your project
  • 003
    We combine clean code with a transparent development process
Native Android Development

Native Android Development

We use the latest Android development tools to develop native apps for Android devices. We’re fluent in device functionality and integrate features that deliver superior user experiences. As a mobile app development company, we bring your design ideas to life and suggest additional innovations and unique concepts to create seamless applications that address your unique needs.

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    We use Kotlin and Java to create modern dynamic applications
  • 002
    We adopt a user-centric design approach
  • 003
    Our Android developers have built some of the top apps on Google Play
Backend & Infrastructure

Backend & Infrastructure

We are big fans of JavaScript app development and mainly use Node.js and Express.js for the backend of our projects. With extensive knowledge and experience in building applications, we can integrate third-party services and APIs and build real-time features. We also have expertise in building cloud architectures.

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    We have experience integrating payment services, like Stripe. TechMagic developers use AWS infrastructure for complex projects and Firebase for MVPs
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    We work with server-side databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and DynamoDB


Our projects use various database setups, depending on your technical needs and architecture. We incorporate leading database technologies, take resiliency and scalability very seriously, and can implement the full scope of real-time and offline features needed for your application.

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    We use SQLite, Core Data, Room, Realm, MongoDB Mobile, and others.
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    We pay great attention to the latest DB technologies. All our experts adhere to high security standards.
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Why TechMagic?

TechMagic is a software development company with a presence in Krakow, Poland and Lviv, Ukraine. We focus on narrow technology and help startups, and enterprises start, grow, and scale their business. To hire a dedicated development team in Poland or Ukraine means to increase the capacity of your team with high-performing professionals.

We have expertise in JavaScript, Salesforce, Serverless, and Native Mobile. With strong values, management experience in web application development, and an active local community we always involve talented engineers to provide quality services to our clients!

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What are services in mobile application development?

At TechMagic, we provide Native iOS and Android development services, including Backend & Infrastructure, Database, UI/UX design, QA and maintenance services in mobile app development.

What do you do to keep my business data secure? Do we sign an NDA for my project?

Yes, we sign an NDA before each project initiation to keep your business information and trade secrets confidential. In this agreement, we write out what measures we undertake to ensure data security, what information we may operate with for the project purposes, and who is authorised to use the data.

How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

The length of the development process is influenced by several variables, including the team's composition, the peculiarities of the system design, the features needed, etc. Contact our management if you already have an understanding of the software you require. We will be happy to arrange a call to evaluate the project's complexity and give you an idea of its delivery timeline and price.

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