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Our Angular Development Services
Custom software development

TechMagic offers Angular web development services based on your specific requirements. Our Angular consultants will guide you through the entire process, from ideation to launch. Let’s create best-in-class apps together!

Frontend development

TechMagic is an Angular web development company that builds engaging, intuitive, and conversion-driving web apps. Developers find a perfect balance between form and function to deliver products that become a stable source of revenue for clients and a source of enjoyment for users.

Migration & upgrades

The world of technology is dynamic and ever-changing. Being an Angular app development agency, we can help you migrate from one technology to a newer or more effective one and upgrade to the latest versions so your business keeps up with the times and remains competitive.

Enterprise apps

Working on enterprise projects requires a dynamic and flexible development team. As an Angular apps development company, we analyze your requirements, research your specific market, and contribute ideas to achieve the highest quality results.

Cross-platform apps

Using Angular, our developers deliver JavaScript-based apps, open-source projects, and web solutions. Among our Angular web app development services is post-release support, so you can feel confident that your app works smoothly with any modern device over the long term.

Why Angular
Component-based architecture

Angular apps consist of numerous separate independent components. Working with independent components saves a lot of time for developers, facilitates future refinements and updates, and makes complex apps easier to use and understand.

All-in-one framework

One of the main advantages that distinguish Angular from other tools is that it is a mature framework. This speeds up the development process and saves time and effort on third-party services integration.

One-for-all framework

Angular is a cross-platform framework. It’s a single tool for providing Angular mobile app development services as well as delivering web apps. No third-party services or libraries are needed.

Clean code

Angular is built on TypeScript, which supports static data types. Mistakes are detected immediately while coding, before the testing stage. Accordingly, it saves time, makes the development process smoother, and helps junior-level developers identify their mistakes so they can fix them right away.

Active community

Since its inception, Angular has been growing its developer community. For a framework, this means constant improvement; for developers, it means fast problem solving and continuous experience exchange. Because Google created Angular, it’s flourishing and there is no question that the development of the framework will continue.

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Why work with TechMagic Angular Developers?

Expert engineers

As an Angular software development company, we have engineers who define the best solution for a particular company and completely understand all Angular specifics.

Cutting-edge solutions

Our Angular team is a proactive member of the developer community, taking part in tech events and following all the updates and news. We guarantee only up-to-date solutions.

Constant development

We have in-house training centers, and our Angular development team constantly works on maintaining the highest knowledge level to meet all customers’ expectations.


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How much time is needed to develop an Angular app?

There’s no particular timeframe to develop an Angular app, as it depends on the scope and complexity of your project. Web application development typically takes three to eight weeks. Though, it can be faster or slower, depending on the expected functionality, third-party integrations, architecture, and other technical requirements. Our experts can provide you with a more accurate timetable after discussing your project.

How much do your Angular development services cost?

The cost of Angular development services varies based on your technical requirements. For example, cross-platform software with advanced features, multiple integrations, and complex architectures require more resources and, therefore, costs more than single-page web applications. Contact us to discuss the scope of work for your project, and we can provide you with a budget estimate.

I need Angular developers for my ongoing project. Can you help?

Sure. TechMagic employs professional Angular developers (who also work with many other programming frameworks). We can build a skilled remote Angular development team for you after learning more about your needs. Just use this contact form to tell us about your project, and we’ll get in touch.

What companies use Angular?

Tech giants like Microsoft and Samsung, online payment systems like PayPal, and global media enterprises like Forbes use the Angular framework for their apps. Other well-known companies that use Angular include Upwork, Deutsche Bank, Mixer, and Delta Air Lines. Notably, Angular is maintained by Google, ensuring its continued development and growth in popularity.

What are the advantages of Angular app development?

Using Angular, we can create high-performance, dynamic, reliable, and mobile-friendly apps. It features automated testing tools to detect coding errors, resulting in a smoother development process and cleaner code. Two-way data binding helps save resources, eliminating the need to manually push and pull data sources. In addition, its component-based architecture and hybrid mobile SDK enable cross-platform development and simplify software updates.

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