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TechMagic is a Node.js app development company that delivers high-efficiency and competitive solutions for companies from start-ups to Fortune 5000 representatives. With Node.js app development services, we create lightweight yet highly efficient products. Our knowledge baggage and experience with the Node.js environment let us build a reliable partnership with the widest possible range of businesses and deliver apps of different scales and complexity.
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Our Node.js Development Services

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Web App Development

We used Node.js application development services on numerous projects for e-commerce, fintech, and other industries. We are full of confidence in the future of Node.js as a powerful tool for delivering apps capable of sustaining millions of daily visits and handling terabytes of data.
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Real-Time Apps

In the RTA development process, everything revolves around speed. Node.js uses Chrome's V8 engine and handles requests asynchronously. WebSockets provide open two-way communication channels, thus making Node.js a perfect solution for delivering fast and complex real-time apps.
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Custom Development

Node.js is an excellent ecosystem for full-stack development, namely building custom applications working on the client and server side. This feature comes in very handy since one dedicated team of developers can take over all custom Node.js development services delivery. It is the most convenient scenario for both developers and the client.
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Enterprise Solutions

Large companies have the highest requirements for scalability, speed, and ease of use. Mostly, we are talking here about complex real-time apps with various integrated features like text and video real-time chat, video streaming, uploading and downloading high volume of data, payment services, etc.
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Migration to Node.js

Node.js can impressively transform business. For enterprises especially, migration to Node.js is a golden opportunity to deliver more value to their customers and increase their number. TechMagic offers migration of your existing app to Node.js with no performance or functionality loss as one of its Node.js web development services.
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Node.js enables development teams to write both the server and the client sides on JavaScript and transport data between them. It makes the maintenance and support of the delivered app as fast and easy as possible. So we assure you that the end app will remain current and useful for customers.

Why Node.js

One Language For Front & Back

The use of Node.js eliminates the need to hire different front-end and back-end developers. The same language can be used for developing both sides of the app. This reduces the development time, positively affects the app's maintainability, and saves costs.

Great Performance

Node.js input/output operations are event-driven and non-blocking. It makes the end app light and high-speed. Node.js can also integrate with other technologies, such as Angular or React, as it is compatible with multiple platforms. Even the heavy traffic of data and users does not affect the performance of the Node.js app.

Proactive Community

The Node.js user community is truly enormous. Thousands of developers exchange their code, ideas, and experience with colleagues around the globe. If something is holding you back or you notice gaps in your knowledge, chances are that answers, tutorials, and detailed explanations can be found through the community.


When making a change in Node.js, you change only one node. There is no need to make changes all the way back to the core code, it does not require anything more than a change to the node. That is great not just for the initial build but also for the ongoing updates and maintenance process.

Ready-Made Solutions

Node Package Manager (NPM) is a great toolkit the developers get into their use. It comprises an ever-increasing number of open-source modules and tools that can be used for creating apps of different scalability. It is an enormous time-saver and allows you to deliver the end app in a short time.

Microservice Architecture

Node.js web app is a construct consisting of numerous modules - microservices. Each one runs its processes and does not depend on other modules. Such architecture is optimal for limitless scalability even at a modest budget. The app has room to grow by adding new capability paths or new resources to the existing programming.

Our Node.js Projects

TechMagic developers have significant experience in using Node.js development services for enterprise companies.
ETERGO attracts attention with its features and fast performance. It is a real-time app developed for a company of the same name, based in the Netherlands. It works on the environment-friendly transport solution able to leave behind petrol transportation. Etergo is the electric smart vehicle concept, including music, safety, navigation, modern features, and real-time communication.
ELEMENTS CLOUD is a business process visualization app widely used by Fortune 5000 companies. It is cross-browser, working smoothly and lightning fast. Real-time editing option scores in its favor as well. The primary business challenge for Elements.cloud was to create a fully tolerant, secure, GDPR-compliant process visualization and management SaaS product.

Why TechMagic Node.js Developers


The Best Engineers

Our developers have significant experience with Node.js and create web products for businesses of all types and sizes. They consider all nuances and find the best solutions for each project individually.


Up-To-Date Solutions

Our Node.js application development company follows all the updates and industry news. We exchange our experiences with developers all around the globe. We help you get ahead of the curve - and stay there.


Constant Development

As a Node.js development company, we strive to deliver only the highest quality products, resolve your business challenges, and make our cooperation comfortable and fruitful.

How much does it cost to develop a Node.js project?

The cost of Node.js project development depends on many factors. The most significant are the development platform, project scope, complexity, and tech stack, developer’s location, and the features you want in your app. Contact us with your idea and requirements to get the most accurate estimate.
What are the benefits of outsourcing Node.js development?

The key benefits of outsourcing your Node.js development project include:
  • Lower development cost;
  • Flexible work according to time-zone;
  • Work with experienced top-skilled developers;
  • Rapid development;
  • Assured quality services;
  • Freedom to choose the best-suited technologies.
Do you provide Node.js consulting services?

Yes, whether you have a specific need or are searching for the best possible solutions, our Node.js consultants are ready to assist you at any point in your development process.
What development process do you follow?

We follow industry-tested Agile methodologies. The web development process at TechMagic includes ideation, planning, designing, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance.
How many dedicated developers can I hire?

We help you to hire as many specialists as you need. We can also assign a project manager to your project to give you a level of support and improve management.
Will I be assigned a specific project manager to look after my project?

Yes, we assign a dedicated project manager to monitor every action the team takes while working on your project. They become your contact person and keep you updated on progress, feedback, or other concerns. You can reach them anytime you need to make any clarifications.

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TechMagic is a software and web development company from Lviv, Ukraine that builds dedicated teams skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React, AWS, Serverless, and Salesforce.
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