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TechMagic is a React.js development company that uses the latest tools to create remarkable web applications. All delivered products meet customer expectations and remain competitive and in-demand. React.js is an excellent tool for developing complex web apps. Thanks to its component-based architecture, development on React saves a lot of time and energy that could be invested in the generation of new ideas and functionalities.

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Our React Development Services
Web app development

As an experienced React.js app development services supplier, we consider this framework the best fit to develop complex and fast-performing JavaScript apps. With React.js, it is easy to extend functionality and improve the end product without rewriting the entire code.

Single-page app development

Thanks to the Virtual DOM, single-page apps delivered with React.js perform fast and smoothly. This feature, coupled with a hassle-free testing process and enabled server-side rendering, makes React.js development services the best match for SPA development.

Migration to React

As huge fans of the top-notch tools, we provide migration from any service based on JavaScript to React.js as one of our React.js application development services. The migration process poses no risks of data loss. There is no need to rewrite the code from scratch and explore the rest of the technology stack.

Support & maintenance

Among our React.js development services, we are proud to offer full post-development assistance and maintenance. It guarantees that the delivered web app by a React.js application development company will always stay up-to-date, easy to use, and optimized for all devices. Our company also provides React.js consulting — either as the initial step in the development process or as a follow-up.

Why React
Fast Development

In addition to the client side, React can render on the server using Node and power mobile apps based on React Native. So it takes much less time and effort to create a fast, scalable app. On top of that, using React significantly simplifies teamwork, allowing developers to deliver results in shorter time frames.

High Performance

High performance is at the center of React.js. The Virtual DOM and server-side rendering ensure maximum speed without compromising functionality. Even the most complex, feature-rich apps created with React.js perform incredibly fast.

Great Toolset

React.js equips developers with ready-made toolkits to power up the workflow. The two major ones are React.js and Redux DevTools. Handy for both beginners and experienced specialists, they allow you to roll back to the previous version and review the changes for errors.

Significant Community

Being a part of the React.js community allows developers to benefit from the latest knowledge and advances. Any questions can be answered at forums and in other open sources. There are also millions of text and video tutorials made by active contributors to make it easier for others to provide React app development services.

Easy To Learn

Compared to other front-end frameworks, React.js is easier to master. For business, it means better chances of finding qualified experts and React.js app development company. Highly readable and well-structured code also facilitates the onboarding of new team members.

SEO Friendly

Interaction with search engines is essential for any app. Rendering speed is one of those factors that can take you to the top of the web search ranking. And when we talk about speed, we mean React.js. Web apps developed with React always rank high.

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Why work with TechMagic React Developers?

The best engineers

As a React.js application development company, we start with an idea, take you through the entire development process, and deliver the app that your users would love

Up-to-date solutions

TechMagic React.js development team keeps up with all the industry updates and shares their experience with developers around the globe. We use only the latest tools to ensure that your product stays ahead of the game.

Proficiency and comfort

At TechMagic, we do our best to help our developers improve their hard and soft skills. Productive and comfortable collaboration — inside the team and with the clients — is our top priority.

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Our React projects portfolio
How much do your React.js development services cost?

Our software development company follows a personalized approach. The cost and timeline depend on the specific features of each particular project and a range of other factors. For this reason, our collaboration with clients always begins with the terms of reference. All you have to do is just leave a request. Our team gets down to web development as soon as the time frame and budget are approved. Rest assured that we will consider all your preferences and requests.

How long does it take to build a web application with React.js?

There is no fixed timeline for app development. The estimate depends on the complexity of your future app. Still, React has two key advantages that speed up the development process:
  • A set of ready-to-use components
  • Reusable code

These two benefits, coupled with a rich source of community-contributed components, cut the time needed to develop a stable, fully-functional app.

Why choose React.js?

Probably the biggest benefit is that React.js can be integrated with any backend. Keep this in mind when planning to build a large and/or complex app. React.js can fit almost any web application. We rounded up some other advantages below:

  • Efficient development process. Reusable components fast-track the process and lower the overall cost. Once created, any element can be used as many times as needed.
  • Native-like user experience. With React, you don’t need to splash on native development. When Facebook released React, its top priority was to provide an excellent end-user experience.
  • Faster time to market. Begin with an MVP, let users check it out, get feedback, adapt accordingly, and repeat. You can start small without investing too much money from the get-go. This approach will allow you to test and improve your app along the way.
  • On-demand help from the React community. The thriving React community is known for its self-reliability. Every member can get on-demand help and guidance for their issue. The number of contributors keeps growing.
  • Scalability. Another major factor to consider. Your app needs to be ready to scale at any point in its journey. With React, you can start small and add new, more powerful features when you need them.
  • Future-proof technology. React is a mature and stable technology, growing exponentially ever since its release day. Top brands use it to build their applications, and it can be easily taken as evidence of React’s reliability. Technology is evolving non-stop, keeping up with the latest trends.
What are the benefits of outsourcing React.js web development?

The main benefit is money. You can easily cut up to 30% of your app’s price tag by attracting outsourced talents. React development vendors provide:

  • Proficient developers with proven expertise
  • Development team management
  • Access to a larger resource pool
  • Scalability opportunities

When talking about outsourcing React development, we’re not talking about a cheap workforce. It’s no secret that some countries are more expensive to live in than others. Hiring a developer from a more affordable country means that you can pay a fair salary, get a reliable app, and still cut your expenses.

Who created React.js?

React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. The social media giant first deployed it in 2011. The Instagram app is written entirely in React. Just as landing or other web pages of Netflix, Imgur, Bleacher Report, Feedly, Airbnb, SeatGeek, HelloSign, and others.

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