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Vue.js Development Services

What we do

TechMagic is a Vue.js development company that works with the most relevant and demanded technologies to design highly reliable apps and provide the best solutions to clients. The use of the Vue.js framework makes the development process maximally fast and the use of apps - enjoyable. Frequent updates facilitate working with Vue.js, and the community has been continuously growing, which means fewer issues and more rapid solutions. Since its launching and to this day, the Vue.js framework holds an unofficial title of a perfect solution for startups.

Our Vue.JS Development Services

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Web app development

TechMagic Vue.js web app development team creates user-centric and engaging web solutions. We ensure a powerful online customer presence regardless of the company size or industry.
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SPA Development

Visually striking, fast-performing, and easy to navigate pages - this is exactly what businesses need and what we see as the final product of the development process when talking about SPA development.
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Custom App Development

Vue.js has an impressive base for creating custom web apps. The use of PWA supports both desktop and mobile devices, which means a single framework for all apps - mobile and web ones.
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Real-Time App Development

Demands are very clear when it comes to real-time apps development: fast performance, effortless use, complex functionality. We offer Vue.js development services to create tracking and streaming apps meeting all these requirements and delivering products like no other.
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Migration Services

At TechMagic, we provide Vue.js app development services even in the middle of the product delivery process. In these cases, we carry out the migration to Vue.js with zero downtime and data loss.
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Component Development

We create flexible and adaptive UI solutions, ready for use in several projects while remaining highly functional and fully reusable. This is a perfect fit for ever-expanding businesses with growing needs and high-quality requirements.
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Maintenance & Support

Our Vue.js development team provides full and constant support, maintenance, and fast response to queries after the delivery. It is another step towards achieving the most satisfied customers and the most user-oriented and user-centric applications.

Why Vue.JS?


Along with a significant set of features, Vue.js remains the most accessible and flexible framework. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript comprise the Vue.js learner starter pack, simple and clear syntax reduces learning time to a minimum. Teamwork is convenient for specialists of different levels, from junior to senior. Even joining the work in the middle and having modest experience, it is easy to understand the existing code and get started.

Speed & Lightness

The weight of the developed with Vue.js app comprises 19-21 KB. Consequently, the app performs fast regardless of the device technical characteristics and connection speed. It is vital for delivering consistently the highest level of user experience and Vue.js mobile development services.

Simple Integration

With Vue.js, it is easy to develop apps from scratch. But it can also be integrated into any existing app based on JavaScript. This means the ability to improve the product under development with all the advantages of Vue.js.

Universality Of Use

Vue.js makes it easy to create web apps of all types and sizes for any company, from startup to enterprise. The ever-increasing and fast-growing toolset makes this framework suitable for creating both one-page web apps and complex ones like real-time apps.

Impressive Kit of Tools

Since its inception, the number and quality of tools for Vue.js is increasing alongside framework development. Vue.js developers are equipped with end-to-end testing tools, debugging applications, etc. They positively affect the functionality and vision of the final products and seem to be quite the time savers.

Our Vue.JS Projects

Vue.js is an impressively flexible and intuitive framework for designing highly responsible apps and providing the best digital solutions. Some of our complex projects focus on diagramming, online and offline learning with video-streaming, customizable social media-based dashboards, and sports streaming in real-time with zero data loss and time delays. We have experience in including 3D visualization, real-time performance tracking, in-depth statistics, and insights. As a Vue.js mobile app development company, we deliver web and mobile solutions.
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Why Work With TechMagic Vue.js Developers?


The Best Engineers

Experienced in creating apps of various types for diverse industries, TechMagic Vue.js developers know how to deliver modern solutions and improve the existing product.


Up-To-Date Solutions

TechMagic has a solid experience with Vue.js, and we take advantage of the latest updates and tools. Our developers actively exchange knowledge and experience within the Vue.js community.


Constant Development

We have in-house training centers and are constantly working on maintaining the highest level of developers' skills. TechMagic delivers unique and creative solutions to match all customers’ expectations.

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TechMagic is a software and web development company from Lviv, Ukraine that builds dedicated teams skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React, AWS, Serverless, and Salesforce.
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