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TechMagic is a Vue.js development company that creates highly reliable apps and solutions for our clients. And Vue.js allows us to develop them considerably faster than with other frameworks. Frequent updates to Vue.js and a growing community of developers facilitate continuous learning, which translates into fewer issues and more rapid solutions. Since its launch, the Vue.js framework has held the unofficial title of “a perfect solution for startups.”

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Our Vue.js Development Services
Web app development

TechMagic’s Vue.js web app development teams create engaging, user-centric web solutions. We ensure a powerful online presence for our clients regardless of company size or industry.

Single-page application (SPA) development

Visually striking, fast-performing, and easy-to-navigate pages — this is exactly what businesses need and what we, as Vue.js development company, provide when we develop SPAs.

Custom app development

Vue.js is an impressive framework for creating custom web apps. Building progressive web apps (PWAs) that support both desktop and mobile devices lets us use a single framework for multiple platforms.

Real-time apps

Requirements are very clear when it comes to real-time app development: you need fast performance, effortless use, and complex functionality. We offer Vue.js development services to create tracking and streaming apps that meet all those requirements.

Migration services

At TechMagic, we provide Vue.js app development services even in the middle of the product delivery process. In these cases, we carry out the migration to Vue.js with zero downtime and no data loss.

Component development

We create adaptive UI solutions that are highly functional and reusable across several projects. This is extremely valuable to growing businesses with changing needs.

Maintenance & support

Our Vue.js development team provides full and constant support, maintenance, and fast response to queries after the delivery. It is another step towards achieving the most satisfied customers and the most user-oriented and user-centric applications.

Why Vue.js

Along with a comprehensive set of features, Vue.js is one of the most flexible frameworks. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript comprise the Vue.js learner starter pack, and simple and clear syntax makes for a shallow learning curve.

Size and Speed

The typical size of a project developed with Vue.js is 19–21 KB. Small-sized apps like this have fast performance, regardless of connection speed and the technical characteristics of the device it runs on. Its small footprint and speed are essential for consistently delivering an exceptional user experience.


With Vue.js, it’s easy to develop apps from scratch. But it can also be integrated into any existing app based on JavaScript. This means we can leverage all the advantages of Vue.js to improve any product you might already have under development.


Vue.js makes it easy to create web apps for any company, from startups to enterprises. The ever-growing toolset makes Vue.js the framework of choice for creating both one-page web apps and complex real-time apps.


Since its inception, the number and quality of tools for Vue.js has increased alongside the framework’s growth. Vue.js developers are equipped with end-to-end testing tools and debugging applications that save time and improve the functionality of the final products.

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Why work with TechMagic Vue.js Developers?

Expert engineers

Experienced in creating all varieties of apps for diverse industries, TechMagic Vue.js developers know how to deliver advanced solutions and optimize existing products.

Cutting-edge solutions

TechMagic has extensive experience with Vue.js, and we take advantage of the latest updates and tools. Our developers actively exchange knowledge and experience within the Vue.js community, leading to constant innovation.

Constant training

As Vue.js software development company, we have in-house training centers and are constantly working on maintaining the highest level of developers' skills. TechMagic delivers unique and creative solutions to match all customers’ expectations.

Our magic Vue.js projects

As a company that provides Vue.js mobile development services, we deliver exemplary web and mobile solutions. Vue.js is an extremely flexible and intuitive framework for designing outstanding digital solutions. Our projects range from diagramming, synchronous and asynchronous educational video-streaming, and customizable social media-based dashboards, to real-time sports streaming. We have experience developing solutions for 3D visualization, real-time performance tracking, in-depth statistics, and insights.

What companies use Vue.js?

Vue.js is the primary programming framework for GitLab, BridgeU, and Grammarly. Other world-renowned companies that use Vue.js include Google (for Google Charts library), Netflix (infrastructure management), Adobe (to develop Behance platform), Upwork (elements of the web app), Alibaba (user interface and mobile apps), and Nintendo (My Nintendo reward system). More and more companies are adopting Vue.js thanks to its versatility.

What makes Vue.js unique?

Vue.js is a remarkably compact but powerful programming framework with a shallow learning curve. Even junior developers with limited knowledge in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML can be productive in a matter of weeks. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue.js is component-based and lightweight, meaning you can reuse components within an application. In addition, its model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) architecture separates the UI and business logic, speeding up the Agile process.

What are the advantages of using Vue.js?

Vue.js integrates with existing apps built on JavaScript and allows developers to optimize functionality via HTML directives. The component-based architecture lets you build software using reusable elements you can modify globally, which accelerates development and improves code quality. Its bidirectional data flow reflects all model changes without reloading pages. It’s ideal for building high-performing lightweight applications.

Should I pick Vue.js, React, or Angular for my project?

Even though Vue.js, React, and Angular are all built on JavaScript, they have substantial differences. React is more of a modified library, whereas Angular and Vue.js are purely programming frameworks. Vue.js is lightweight and produces fast applications, but it’s not optimized for software with complex functionality. React and Angular are supported by Meta (Facebook) and Google, respectively. Vue.js, on the other hand, is a relatively new indie project backed by a growing community of devoted developers. Unlike in React and Angular, you don’t need to learn technologies like TypeScript, JSX, or numerous diverse libraries for Vue.js — JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are enough for most projects. Furthermore, each framework is appropriate for certain types of projects. So it’s much more important to find a reliable technical partner with relevant experience than to decide on a framework.

How much do your Vue.js app development services cost?

The cost depends on your project’s size, complexity, and scope of work. TechMagic offers reasonable rates and multiple payment models. You can get in touch anytime to talk about your goals, and we can give you a price estimate.

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