How to create the company that is comfortable to work in

How to create the company that is comfortable to work in

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Everybody knows that there is huge demand for highly skilled specialists in the IT industry. Customers from the USA and Western Europe require IT services for their countless projects. This market rapidly evolves and new technologies appear every day, which requires constant development and updating.

Therefore, IT companies seek for highly skilled  specialists by offering them higher salaries, greater opportunities for growing or a broader social package. But what do the IT specialists really value when choosing a company to work for?

Famous website DOU made the poll for employees to rate their company. Assessment is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • The company gives its employees good conditions for professional development. Interesting technologies, new tasks, company pays for personal learning, books, mentorship from colleagues and managers;
  • The company provides comfortable working space. Modern workplace, convenient schedule, powerful technical equipment
  • The management in my project is highly competent. Warm professional relationships with a customer, reasonable amount of overtime and stress, conflicts are resolved constructively;
  • The company provides a good compensation package. Salary, social package, vacation, language courses, corporate parties and other "bonuses";
  • My efforts receive the recognition from the company. A transparent procedure of revision of salaries, extra bonuses, career growth;
  • The company has good communication process between management and staff. The logic of management actions is understandable.  In case of conflicts or problems it is known who needs to be contacted;
  • There is a friendly atmosphere in the company. Good relationships with colleagues, staff of other services and departments.
Good relationships

This year a young but fast-growing company TechMagic has joined the listing of the top five IT companies based in Lviv, together with such well-known giants as Perfectial, Intellias, SoftServe and Epam.

TechMagic is a Development Studio for Startups focused on native mobile (iOS and Android) applications and web development. The company was founded less than 2 years ago and has already expanded to 25 professionals within Android, iOS platforms, and JavaScript web-solutions. Being startup founders themselves Oleg Dats, Lidiya Osadets and Andrew Kuzmych decided to use their technical and startup experience to help entrepreneurs launch their great ideas. They have been working in the IT industry for more than 8 years and have evolved from their Junior positions to Team Leads in large IT companies. One day, they left their jobs to work on their own idea. They raised investment and launched three own startups, run totally Lean Startup.


"It is important for everybody to grow, both personally and professionally. That’s why we encourage every colleague’s growth. Recently we have created Mobile and Web Competence Groups, where programmers are talking about the best practices that have been used in our projects. In addition, we organize TechTalks regularly, where everyone can practice their technical and public speaking skills. For example, we have recently discussed the release of Node.js 4.0 and the opportunities of using it in our R&D projects. What’s more, we encourage  the participation in various professional events and conferences" - said Oleg Dats, TechMagic co-founder.

The company is currently building the strongest JavaScript Stack community in Ukraine for a project from London, which uses such technologies as Sails.js, MX Graph, Angular, Mongo DB, and build-system Circle CI, which drives automation tests. This infrastructure is built on Amazon. The team will consist of 20 people and there are 5 JS ninjas already.

"TechMagic is a great working environment with challenging and fresh projects. You work side-by-side with people that can inspire you and teach you something new" - said Anton Semenyuk, TechMagic's iOS Ninja.

In the mobile area TechMagic is going to launch a set of trainings for young IOS developers, where they will obtain practical skills with the mentorship of experienced programmers and even the opportunity to contribute to the development of an actual project. Follow the company updates on its Facebook page.

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