Mobile News Monthly Digest - November 2018

Mobile News Monthly Digest - November 2018

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Hi friends and folks!

Today we will cover the most interesting insights and links connected to Native Mobile, iOS, Android. Hope you will enjoy it.

iOS news and updates:

Android news and updates:

  • Transform API — a real-world example. Being able to tinker with the byte code gives you a lot of power and opportunities — thanks to the Transform API it’s integrated into your builds in an easy and safe way. It’s probably not something every developer should do on a daily basis but it is good to know how and what you can do.


  • Understanding Android Matrix transformations. Nice article that explains how to set custom transformation to the image view

  • Android's Java 9, 10, 11, and 12 Support. As the larger Java ecosystem moves forward to newer versions, it’s reassuring that every language feature between 8 and 12 is already available on Android. With Java 9 work seemingly happening in AOSP (cross your fingers for Android P+1), hopefully, we’ll have a new batch of APIs in the summer as candidates for desugaring.

  • Supercharging your app development speed with custom file templates. If used properly, Android Studio templating is a powerful feature to speed up the app development process. These templates can be spread across your whole Android team to ease the boilerplate code creation.

  • Letting Android Lint fix your code. Starting with Android Gradle Plugin 3.2.0 Lint got a lot smarter and you can simply execute the lintFix Gradle task. It will fix all of the issues it can and break the build since changes were done after compilation.

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