Summing Up 2023: TechMagic's Highlights

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Summing Up 2023: TechMagic's Highlights

In the 2023's year of challenges, TechMagic has shown incredible resilience and adaptability. It's been a year of twists and turns, with the world facing unpredictability and rapid technological shifts.

The year threw various obstacles on our way, from navigating uncertain markets to keeping up with the ever-evolving tech landscape. But rather than just surviving, we turned these challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

We didn't just adapt; we embraced change, pushing ourselves to excel and redefine success in our industry.

While many industries struggled to find footing, TechMagic remained committed to delivering software product development services, fostering groundbreaking tech advancements, and building lasting partnerships.

Company Growth in 2023

We've seen remarkable growth, a team of 300 despite the challenging landscape, marking a 2% increase.

We expand into demanding skill sets and emerging technologies, focusing on strengthening AI, FinTech, and security services.

In AI and Data Engineering, TechMagic introduced new services and spearheaded AI-based projects, including the innovative Wendy platform. This unique solution streamlined recruitment processes, leveraging AI for candidate analysis and assessments, demonstrating our commitment to pioneering technological solutions.

Furthermore, our team showcased expertise in integrating AI into real-world applications, notably collaborating with Elements on a transformative project where we successfully integrated AI, revolutionizing their processes.

Moreover, we've delved into in-depth explorations of using ChatGPT in Cloud Security Assessment during the world-known HTB Business CTF 2023.

Expanding our service spectrum was a hallmark of our growth. TechMagic strengthened web app development services by integrating PHP, Java, .Net, and Python development stacks. Furthermore, our Cloud Solutions portfolio witnessed an expansion, offering expertise not only in AWS but also in GCP and Azure, ensuring a more comprehensive suite of services to cater to diverse client needs.

Noteworthy was the enhancement of our security services. We offer various security testing services, including penetration testing, managed security services, and certification preparation consultation. This augmentation, from acquired expertise, positioned us as a trusted partner in helping companies meet ISO and SOC2 security standards.

TechMagic presented a new subsidiary company, MagicFlux, a specialized brand focusing on UI/UX services and prioritizing accessible and user-centric design.

After an external audit in August, we proudly renewed our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, a testament to our unwavering commitment to information security and quality management.


Learn how we built an AI-powered recruitment assistant using OpenAI stack

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Industry Recognition and Certifications

Forbes Ukraine honored us among the Top 20 Employers, recognizing our dedication to fostering an environment that encourages talent, innovation, and professional growth. This recognition reflects our commitment to nurturing a workplace culture that values expertise and empowers individuals to thrive.

Throughout the past year, TechMagic has been honored to receive prestigious badges and awards from Clutch, recognizing our dedication and expertise in various domains. These awards include:

Professional Development

Steady growth in our Salesforce team, now comprised of 45 skilled professionals, and active engagements with various clients through our Center of Excellence (CoE) team, particularly in the integration of OpenAI and large language models (LLMs).

TechMagic remained actively engaged in prominent tech conferences and events, fostering connections and gaining insights into the latest industry trends:

  • FinTech Week London
  • FinovateFall and Plug and Play Detroit Startup Arena

Our security engineers, Ihor Sasovets, Denys Spys, and Victoria Shutenko, showcased remarkable skills and achievements in this international Snyk Fetch the Flag CTF 2023 competition, elevating our standing in secure coding practices. Our Security team's stellar performance, securing the 57th position among 1287 participants, signified our prowess in the cybersecurity domain, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

Business Trips and Strategic Meetings

Strategic meetings and business trips provided invaluable opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Adrian King, CTO at Elements.Cloud, visited our Lviv office, fostering discussions and sharing insights during an enriching All Hands meeting.

Achieving the highest customer satisfaction score in years

TechMagic proudly reached an exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80%, marking a significant rise in client satisfaction.  

At TechMagic, everything we do centers around our clients. Our team of specialists is dedicated to delivering the best for them, ensuring every project, innovation, and solution is finely tuned to meet and exceed their needs. We're constantly exploring new ideas, developing innovative solutions, and pushing boundaries to ensure that every service or product we provide goes beyond just fulfilling expectations.

Voluntary activities

Despite the challenges faced nationally and within the global IT market, TechMagic has rallied significant support, raising 16 million UAH for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We honor and deeply appreciate the resilience of Ukrainian men and women who have steadfastly defended our homeland.

TechMagic has been recognized among the top 9 IT companies that display exceptional care and commitment to Ukraine in a rating conducted by in partnership with Highload.

Our commitment to philanthropy is evident in various charitable endeavors. Notably, our "Unbreakable in Our Blood" campaign hosted a Donor Day in our Lviv office, attracting 35 donors and promoting the noble act of blood donation. Additionally, TechMagic's partnership with the Blood Center in Lviv, backed by a 1 million UAH donation, has led to implementation innovative practices advocated by international military doctors.

Our security team's significant collaboration with the Government of Ukraine in bolstering internal systems highlights our commitment to national security. Further, our ongoing participation in voluntary initiatives underscores our dedication to social causes.

Life at TechMagic

We conducted comprehensive marketing and lead generation, JavaScript Academy to gain new talents and strengthen our brand presence.

Prioritizing mental health, we've initiated a comprehensive healthcare mental program, ensuring our team's holistic well-being.

Our offices are not just workplaces; they are vibrant spaces fostering collaboration and camaraderie. From team gatherings in our office to engaging outdoor activities in the picturesque mountains, we believe in fostering a balanced work-life dynamic.

TechMagic organized and participated in various AWS meetups, fostering knowledge sharing among industry peers:

  • An online session dedicated to AI within the AWS ecosystem, providing insights into the latest advancements and applications of artificial intelligence.
  • Explored the intricacies of micro frontends, offering a comprehensive understanding of its implementation and optimal use cases, enriching our team's frontend development expertise.
  • Featured a presentation by Yurii Martyniuk, shedding light on the AWS Service Catalog, and enhancing our understanding of this service and its potential applications.

Looking forward to new achievements in the year to come

We've scaled new heights, achieved significant milestones, and navigated challenges with resilience. Our dedication to delivering high-quality software solutions has propelled us forward, allowing our clients to focus on their core business objectives.

As we step into the future, our commitment remains steadfast – to lead the digital transformation landscape, innovate relentlessly, and empower businesses with cutting-edge solutions.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. We sincerely appreciate our remarkable employees, clients, and valued partners. Your unwavering support and collaboration have been the cornerstone of our success.

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