TechMagic joined Top European App Developers [ research]

TechMagic joined Top European App Developers [ research]

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Each year the research company Clutch is making a list of top IT companies in different areas of expertise. This year TechMagic joined the listing of Top European App Developers 2015 and is aiming to become the Top One in this area in few years.

Clutch is a research firm that helps start-ups, mid-market and large enterprises find partners that meet their needs, whether for a one-time project or a long term relationship. The Clutch methodology is an innovative research process melding the best of traditional B2B research and newer consumer review services.

There are three main evaluation criteria, each with several underlying metrics:

  1. References and reviews;
  2. Clients and experience;
  3. Market Presence.

Each Leader’s matrix integrates one to three areas of focus, depending on the characteristics of the market being evaluated. In the area of Mobile Application Development, the Leader's matrix has two focus areas. Both UI design and the technical aspects of Mobile Application Development are important for complex app projects.

“The Clutch gathered the best IT providers from all over the world and we are glad to be one of the top European App Developers. It’s very important to make clients feel happy with their products.  Working with startups, we understand the importance of delivering the MVP quickly but also the project should be of a high quality to reach the market validation.” - said Andrew Kuzmych, TechMagic CTO.

"If you give them an eight-week scrum cycle, they always tend to meet that deadline. We have been hitting all our set milestones and constantly focusing on growing our key performance indicators." - said HAGTAP co-founder Alex Romero, one of company’s clients.

Please, check out the TechMagic profile on Clutch if you are looking for a right partner to launch your great idea.

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