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TechMagic is a Nest.js development company that creates highly reliable apps and solutions for our clients. Nest.js allows us to create them much faster and better than other frameworks.Nest.js's a growing developer community, and regular updates encourage ongoing learning to provide faster and more effective solutions. Also, Nest.js has been accepted as 'the perfect framework for startups.'Nest.js gives you the best developer experience with all the features you need for production: hybrid static & server rendering, TypeScript support, smart bundling, route prefetching, and more. No config needed.

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Our Nest.js Development Services
Web development

Our skilled Nest.js developers use Node.js tools and the most recent JavaScript technologies to create strong, efficient, and scalable online apps and ensure that the code is clean, effective, and bug-free through continuous testing.

App architecture and migrating

Before developing an app, we provide a detailed roadmap with the best patterns to design and build it. Hire Nest.js developers to move software applications from one computer environment to another easily and reduce your cost.

Custom app development

We provide custom Nest.js web development services to build apps based on your company's needs. Our experts have expertise in creating unique solutions utilizing a versatility of Nest.js framework.

Consulting services

Consulting and business analysis traditionally go before Nest.js development services. We conduct research after understanding your needs and product’s idea to set goals, prioritize, and suggest a helpful solution.

Maintenance & support

When the development process is finished, and the app is successfully released, we will assist you with any performance or app updates as long as you need. Hire dedicated Nest.js developers to get professional service and high-quality results.

Why Nest.js
Clear architecture

Nest.js has a clear design that aids in the division of applications into microservices through basic components like modules, controllers, and providers.

Better performance and efficiency

Nest.js adds an abstraction layer on top of Node.js, allowing it to exploit Node.js functionalities while also exposing supercharged APIs.

Many third-party modules

The Nest.js framework provides access to a plethora of third-party modules, which speeds up development and adds a layer of resilience to the code.

Highly configurable with ORMs

Nest.js is also extremely customizable with ORMs such as TypeORM, allowing developers to deal with databases. Active Record and Data Mapper patterns are now easily accessible to developers.

Easy unit-testing applications

NUnit. JUnit. TestNG Nest.js framework’s tools make your code reliable. Nest.js efficiently isolates a function and tests only one piece of code to change the entire debugging process.

Provides detailed documentation

Nest.js is simple and well-maintained, with the easiest documentation for any framework. It saves time quickly scanning the manual and finding the answer to your problem.

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Get a detailed estimate of your project with all risks included.

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Why hire Nest.js developers from TechMagic?

Expert engineers

Hire Nest.js app developers, experienced in creating all varieties of apps for diverse industries to deliver advanced solutions and optimize existing products.

Cutting-edge solutions

TechMagic has extensive experience with Nest.js, and we take advantage of the latest updates and tools. Our developers actively exchange knowledge and experience within the Nest.js community, leading to constant innovation.

Constant training

We have in-house training centers and are constantly working on maintaining the highest level of developers' skills. TechMagic delivers unique and creative solutions to match all customers’ expectations.

Our magic Nest.js projects

We hire the best dedicated Nest.js developers to create unique web and mobile solutions. Nest.js is a highly adaptable, user-friendly, and modern framework for delivering the best development services.As a Nest.js development company, we worked on projects from diagramming to real-time sports streaming, synchronous and asynchronous instructional video streaming to customizable social media dashboards. Also, we specialize in 3D visualization, insights, real-time performance tracking, and detailed data reports.

Who develops Nest.js?

Kamil Mysliwiec built Nest.js as a progressive Node.js framework for building scalable web applications using the model-view-controller design pattern.

Which company uses Nest.js?

At least 291 companies use NestJS in their tech stacks, incl.: kevin, MAK IT, and Postclick. According to public sources, Adidas, Roshe, Autodesk, SOCIETEGENERALE, and other world-known companies have built projects using Nest.js.

Is Nest.js worth using?

Yes, for multiple cases. It's highly customizable, has extensive documentation, and has a broad community of followers. Nest.js is easy to test, scale, and maintain. It is considered a good pick for enterprise-level applications, as it provides a clear structure and guidelines of how things should be. Also, it offers first-class support for React, SVG, and TypeScript.

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