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We provide a full spectre of digital asset management software development services, from idea to realisation.
Organise and protect your digital assets in one place

TechMagic services allow you to organise, find, share and distribute digital assets within a controlled, easy-to-use, and secure platform with access anytime and everywhere. Acquire great returns on time and money with DAM software.

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Digital Asset Management Development Services We Provide:
Asset management software development

We create centralised digital asset management software for multi-location companies with numerous employees and IT systems to optimise, organise, control, modify, and secure all data with highly automated operations.

Seamless DAM platform integration services

To expand the functionality of your digital asset management system, facilitate seamless and efficient digital processes and improve your client services, we integrate third-party providers, API, and financial systems into current infrastructure and create add-ons for pre-existing platforms.

Cloud asset management solutions

TechMagic professionals provide cross-platform web and mobile apps and cloud-based digital asset management software solutions with greater flexibility and anytime access to your data from any device using Oracle, AWS, or MS Azure, as well as other well-known cloud-based database providers.

Asset control management system

During asset management product development, we use smart permission restrictions and role-based app controls to help you make sure that only authorised individuals can access, share, and update your digital assets.

DAM storage and searching

With automated input and data enrichment procedures, we create a unique digital asset management platform that stores technical metadata, such as copyright and licensing information, picture descriptions, or any other type of metadata, in one central location.

DAM security services

TechMagic security experts guarantee strong security and scalability of the DAM solution, whether on-premises or in the cloud. We ensure the security of assets using encryption, DRM integrations for video files, and customizable security controls for various user levels during the asset management product development process.

Our Development Stack
React Native
React Native
Digital Asset Management Software Features
Predictable Insights

Get detailed insights on all actions linked to the use and sharing, make a decision based on information, and track and evaluate the crucial insights about them.

Users Authentication

Prevented access to digital assets, even within the business, by employing user roles and permissions for each type of digital file to guarantee that only the appropriate users have access.


Enable users to acquire, maintain and transmit trading investments in the preferred format by instantly transcoding digital files with a single click into the ideal format.

Version Management

Allow users to keep track of the time stamps and modifications made to their assets and verify whenever specific changes are made.

Divided Assets

Quickly share users' digital assets using encryption technology for secure communications.

Intelligent Lookup

Search the assets more efficiently with predictive search tools and filters if your program has a smart search option.

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We cover all needs of digital asset management software development:
Discovery and prototyping
Business goals and project scope of asset management platform

TechMagic team starts with validating an idea, conducting market and user needs research, and then we prototype and test it to ensure the project is ready for development. Also, we estimate the budget, timeline and project scope.

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Web and mobile development
Web and mobile development that meets your needs

From innovative startups to forward-thinking enterprises, we build mobile and web applications to respond quickly to market needs and enhance internal processes with a client-oriented approach and best practices.

UX/UI design
Innovative and functional for all platforms

Our UX/UI designers create a distinct style and brand identity based on your values and vision for all platforms. For smooth interactions, better load optimisation and responsiveness, we boost user experience and interface.

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Automate delivery process with the DevOps approach

We can reduce time to market, improve efficiency and streamline processes reliable and secure with DevOps. At TechMagic, we focus on continuous delivery and testing, Infrastructure as a Code and cloud computing.

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Quality assurance
Continuous testing and bug detection

Our QA experts aim to create a seamless, free-bug end-user experience through manual, automated unit and E2E testing and integration tests. Minimise human error and enhance test accuracy with TechMagic.

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Penetration testing of your application and infrastructure

We provide in-depth security testing, configuration verifications and dependency scanning at all stages of development. Our security professionals safeguard your app from cyberattacks that exploit weaknesses in your code.

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Why TechMagic
Years of relevant experience

In 9 years, we assembled a team of 300+ certified, skilled and experienced employees, specialising in JavaScript, AWS, Salesforce, Kotlin, Serverless and Native Mobile with iOS Swift, Objective-C, Java Android, and Kotlin technologies.

High-security standards

TechMagic builds a scalable, secure repository for all corporate assets, installing firewalls, permission management features, and multi-factor authentication, adhering to regional and industry-specific requirements.


From discovery to implementation, mobile or web development and maintenance, we assure custom tech solutions that enhance business performance and customer satisfaction at a reasonable price.

Business mindset

We offer product development asset management relying on cutting-edge FinTech trends and technologies. TechMagic uncovers the challenges and vision of your company to turn them into business opportunities.

What is asset management in FinTech?

Fintech and asset management create the service of increasing wealth over time by storing, accessing, sharing, managing, obtaining and trading investments that enlarge in value.

Why should FinTech and asset management firms collaborate?

Digital asset management development with FinTech partnership enables new technologies and strategies to be implemented faster and more efficiently, digitalises businesses and manages financial operations that enhance user experience.

What are the types of Asset management?

There are several types of fintech and asset management:

  • Digital asset management (DAM)
  • Financial asset management
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Infrastructure asset management
  • IT asset management
Let’s turn ideas into action
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