Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

We provide a full spectre of crypto exchange development services, from idea to realisation.
Build Secure, and Scalable Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

TechMagic offers you to implement cryptocurrency exchange software that is safe to run, and easy to capitalise on for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies securely and efficiently.

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Crypto Exchange Development Services We Provide:
Crypto exchange development

A reliable, safe, and unique mobile app with a wealth of features to increase digital money trade. Our proficiency in app development enables us to develop secure and user-friendly platforms for trading various cryptocurrencies and let companies invest in numerous crypto projects and increase overall ROI.

P2P crypto exchange development

Our engineers develop a P2P crypto exchange platform combining the benefits of centralised and decentralised exchanges. We can create ground-breaking P2P cryptocurrency exchanges with maximum security, minimal transaction filtering and trading without regional restrictions.

Cryptocurrency wallet development

We aim to provide crypto wallets with multi-currency conversion and several layers of transaction protection. We will connect crypto wallets with your cryptocurrency exchange to enable simple, safe transactions without compromising overall speed. Users can easily view all the transaction logs available on the blockchain.

Crypto exchange white label software development

As a crypto exchange software development company, we build platforms with features: client registration and verification, accessing various financial assets, including cryptocurrencies and fiat, and leveraged trading and exchange transactions from any device or external platform.

Decentralised app development

TechMagic team construct flexible, scalable and secure decentralised exchange platform transacting without the need for intermediaries or central administrators. Tha platform enables complete control while avoiding the hazards of centralisation, exchange far more immune to hacking and fraud, and control over own assets and data faster and more effectively.

Centralised exchange development

We create a lightning-fast centralised, superior crypto exchange that offers secure storing, trading, transferring, and withdrawing bitcoins, news feeds, margin trading, and market research tools by adhering to all required laws and standards.

Our Development Stack
React Native
React Native
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We cover all needs of crypto exchange development
Discovery and prototyping
Product concept validation

From the idea to realisation, we assist you in all the phases of determining project scope, business strategy, timeline and budget. Also, we take care of a dedicated team, technological elements, and the best platform.

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Web and mobile development
Full-cycle crypto exchange app development

We build end-to-end mobile and web development applications with our crypto exchange development services to provide clients with quick and accessible access to the system and enhance customer experience.

UX/UI design
Compelling and easy-to-use user interface

TechMagic UI/UX designers create user-friendly, intuitive, and adaptable crypto exchange solutions using a user-centred, research-driven approach. Launch a crypto platform with charts of a user's exchanges, registration, and view spreads and fees.

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Best practices for continuous delivery

Streamline operations maintaining service standards, and changing workloads, we provide cloud solutions with feature customisation to add private, public, or hybrid cloud enablement to our development services for crypto exchanges

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Quality assurance
Test automation for seamless user experience

Before release, our QA engineers run E2E, integration, hardware and unit testing under rigorous conditions to find every fault and resolve it for web and mobile applications.

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In-depth data protection and fraud prevention

We enable organisations to implement a secure link across the gap over transaction user data without risks of private key compromise. Based on a four-step pen test strategy, we focus on managed security and penetration testing services.

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Why TechMagic
Years of relevant experience

Delivering cryptocurrency exchange development services for 9 years, TechMagic engineers team create a configurable and scalable crypto exchange platform that focuses on security and a seamless user experience.

High-security standards

Customers of crypto exchange platforms trust their money and data. Our goal is to provide safe, scalable, and dependable infrastructure and ensure that your software solution complies with the regulatory standards.


We enable crypto exchange development services at affordable prices with top-notch experts, expertise and technologies for your needs. Contact us to determine best customisation, on-premises architecture, and cloud infrastructure.

Business mindset

At TechMagic, we are constantly learning and growing to offer full-cycle services for developing crypto exchanges with new technologies and trends in FinTech, HR Tech and other industries.

What is common in cryptocurrency & blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology enables the rise of cryptocurrency. Crypto exchange development includes a decentralised, distributed ledger that saves its record of digital assets as blockchain.

What different types of cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency consists of more than 12.000 thousand different types. Most popular in crypto exchange software development are coin and altcoins, tokens, Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Solana and Binance coins.

What gives cryptocurrency value?

Cryptocurrency is valuable when its demand is significantly higher than the supply. The more people are willing to own cryptocurrency, the more demand and value increase leading to the p2p crypto exchange.

Is cryptocurrency the same as bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most known digital cryptocurrency that focuses on reducing the cost of users and making transactions time flexible and anonymous. When crypto exchanges white label exchange services or goods safely with a middleman interface, without government.

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