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We provide a full spectre of trading software development services, from idea to realisation.
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TechMagic specialises in bespoke trading software development for brokers, traders, stock exchanges and investment agencies to optimise trading operations.

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Trading Software Development Services We Provide:
Custom trading platforms

We develop and integrate peer-to-peer trading platforms with real-time transaction data processing, reporting tools, charts, and market monitoring, as well as multi-asset, multi-market, and enterprise-wide trading systems. That is personalisation, quickness, and an incredible user experience.

Mobile trading apps

We focus on trading application development that offers seamless switching between the desktop and mobile versions with real-time notifications of incoming information, quick trade executions, and market research. Ensure stay connected, and react quickly to industry changes with access to bank accounts from any place

Financial data analysis solutions

TechMagic data analysts create unique, comprehensive financial and market data analysis solutions that enable traders to stay updated on all activities on their platforms. We combine data visualisation with various analytical techniques like forecasting and pattern recognition for making predictions and wise judgments.

Automated trading software

For brokers, traders, and asset managers, we offer automated trading software development based on trading rules and put into practice mathematical forecasting models. We enable auto trading, assist in automating techniques, and use the most up-to-date forecasting algorithms to gather, filter, and process market data.

Custom trading software development

Our software development team delivers dependable and fully scalable stock trading software development and the modification and integration of trading systems. Also, we provide spread trading, order matching, fixed provide trading accounting software, financial data visualisation apps, and payment gateway solutions.

Cloud computing

As a FinTech software development company, we access your market data by creating a trading platform for the cloud. Your system will automatically update, avoiding expensive hardware or server problems on-site.

Our Development Stack
React Native
React Native
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We cover all needs of trading development:
Discovery and prototyping
Discovery and prototyping of your trading solution

Ahead of electronic trading platform development, our experts precisely analyse your needs to finalise your vision and validate your idea on market fit. We identify development and business strategy, timeline and budget.

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Web and mobile development
Web and mobile development of scalable and reliable applications

During mobile and web development, we undertake desktop and mobile apps, including trading software with appealing presentation features such as charting, interactive tables, and reports.

UX/UI design
We ensure user experience according to highest quality standards

We believe engaging, user-focused, usable and intuitive design will bring your business to another level. We research the market and audience, iterate, and create various UI/UX design concepts for you.

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Our DevOps experts optimise infrastructure against well-architected framework

At TechMagic, we improve your software performance and automate development processes. With the DevOps approach, we audit cloud infrastructure and automate continuous testing, integration and delivery, protecting all assets against risks.

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Quality assurance
We provide test automation services to reduce human factor

We always realize the project only after our QA experts test systems and apps for compliance with standards, compatibility with exchange systems, performance, stability, and security.

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TechMagic adopts latest security standards to keep your data protected

Our security specialists protect your digital financial services from targeted cyberattacks and insider fraud using analytics-driven fraud detection systems and comprehensive threat monitoring solutions in stock trading app development.

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Why TechMagic
Years of relevant experience

We help with all phases of project development, including consultation, planning, programming, and implementation for our global clients. Our case studies and reviews on Clutch show off the excellent work on high-end solutions for 9 years.

High-security standards

Our core competence is security. From startups to large enterprises, we always keep an eye on data and application security, monitoring, accessing and increasing the security level of existing software.


Over 300+ experienced employees involved in trading app development have all the required skills. We can provide the ideal solution from idea to realisation, taking care of your budget and project scope.

Business mindset

TechMagic supports you in scaling your business protection against pitfalls and risks. Our employees master skills, expertise and technologies and employ them in web and mobile development, security or CTO as a Service.

What are trading platforms?

Trading platform is a tech solution that enables investors and traders to trade securities. Trading platform development allows to open, close or manage market positions digitally.

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