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We provide a full spectre of custom BNPL development services, from idea to realisation.
As a BNPL development company we offer

Enable the customers to make purchases online without paying the bill at checkout. We provide buy now pay later app development services that help them pay back in instalments over a while and divide the funds to deliver an exclusive user experience.

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Buy now pay later Dapp development services:
Buy now pay later API

With API, we support different payment methods with a single integration. No matter whatever payment methods you decide to use, you now have an integration that includes a BNPL solution into their checkout process in minutes, allowing them to capitalise on the trend without making major internal changes.

Buy now pay later apps development

We offer mobile and web development applications with the following features: login, in-store purchases, features stores, notifications, advanced payments, refunds and others. Ensure paperless, convenient loan terms and repayment frequency on iOS or Android systems.

Custom BNPL software development

During buy now pay later software development, our engineers are responsible for processes from designing to creating to deploying with a narrowly defined set of requirements. We guarantee high-level security and full compliance with the regulations of the BNPL processes.

BNPL solutions for B2B

Being a BNPL development company, we build a top-notch product for B2B businesses that includes a familiar digital experience, seamless payment and favourable credit terms to increase transaction volumes and customer loyalty.

BNPL integrations

Our developers unlock BNPL for company buyers of different platforms seamlessly and fast. These integrations allow customers to pay in instalments over time.

Maintenance and support

After buy now pay later app development, we are in charge of setting up continuous integration and delivery to enhance deployment capacity. We keep you up to date with recent trends to run the app smoothly.

Our Technical Stack
React Native
React Native
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We cover all needs of BNPL app development:
Discovery and prototyping
Discovery, prototyping, and future scope

We prepare wide scope for the project, set technical and business requirements and estimate goals, time and budget to make data-driven decisions, and shorten any risks related to product development.

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Web and mobile development
Web and mobile development development services

Delivering web and mobile app development services, we build end-to-end solutions with designing, integration and maintenance. We can select the technologies, assemble a dedicated team and start developing without your presence.

UX/UI design
Inclusive and intuitive user interface

Our UI/UX designers create a compelling, customer-focused and unique design before custom buy now pay later development. We validate your idea, research the user needs, and make the end-user experience.

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DevOps services
Continuous integration and deployment

At TechMagic, we follow DevOps principles of continuous integration and deployment and immutable infrastructure in code for automation pipelines in the software lifecycle. Our DevOps reduce downtime to zero with transparency.

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Quality assurance
Test automation services and bug detection

TechMagic’s experienced QA specialists focus on preventing mistakes and defects in software by the time thousands of users start using your app and trust their data to you.

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Ensured compliance, data protection and penetration testing

We manage analytics-driven fraud detection systems, comprehensive threat monitoring solutions, and first-hand information on vulnerabilities from pen testing to safeguard your BNPL service in FinTech from cyber-attacks and insider fraud.

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Why TechMagic
Years of relevant experience

Our software engineers, UX/UI designers, and other employees have been taking a robust and secure approach to full-cycle web and mobile app development for many years.

High-security standards

Our employees adhere to the latest security standards and market regulations to create end-to-end solutions for banks and financial companies.


We provide custom solutions for clients worldwide, ensuring they can get the maximum out of available funds. TechMagic partners and clients can be certain about the spending budget and resources on the development.

Business mindset

As a buy now pay later app development company, we deliver process-driven solutions for various industries with experienced, dedicated professionals, the latest trends and technologies. Our values are customer-oriented and secure product development.

What is BNPL in banking?

A buy now, pay later is a temporary financing when consumers can purchase and pay for the goods later by dividing it over several small payments without using a credit card. eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, PayPal, Affirm and others use BNPL development.

How does BNPL work?

BNPL breaks up your purchase into many equal payments, the first of which is payable at checkout. BNPL development company creates a solution where your debit or credit card will be charged for the subsequent payments until your purchase is finished.

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