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Our Java Development Services
Custom Java web application development

Providing web development services, we help businesses build scalable, high-performance web applications with sustainable architecture using Java frameworks like Spring and Hibernate.

Java mobile application development

As a Java development company, we deliver native or hybrid mobile applications for various platforms. From simple apps to complex enterprise solutions, we implement new features and improve UI for an accessible user experience.

Java integration services

Our experienced Java developers integrate Java applications with databases, APIs, and third-party applications. We use popular integration frameworks like Apache Camel and Spring Integration to ensure your application works seamlessly with other systems.

Java migration and modernisation services

As a Java software development company, we migrate Java applications to a new platform or modernise existing Java applications to improve their performance and scalability. We follow a systematic approach to ensure your application is migrated smoothly without downtime or data loss.

Quality assurance and testing

We use manual and automated testing techniques to identify and fix any issues in Java applications. As a full cycle Java development company, we use popular testing frameworks like JUnit and TestNG to ensure your application is thoroughly tested before deployment.

Security and compliance

We follow secure coding practices and use security tools like Wappalyzer, Kali Linux, Nmap, Arachni and more to protect your application against cyber threats. We also ensure Java application complies with industry standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Java software maintenance and support

Being a Java application development company, we provide Java software maintenance and support services to keep Java applications up-to-date, bugs free and running smoothly.

Why Java
Cross-platform compatibility

Java code can be run on any platform, regardless of the underlying hardware and software, that supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), providing businesses with high portability and flexibility in application development.


Java supports multithreading, which enables multiple threads to run simultaneously within a single program, improving application responsiveness.

Distributed computing

Java supports distributed computing, enabling companies to develop distributed systems that can handle complex processes and large volumes of data with the help of technologies like RMI and JMS.

High performance and scalability

Java's just-in-time (JIT) compilation and optimised bytecode execution and efficient memory management features for scaling and meeting the needs of large and complex applications.

Robustness and reliability

Java has built-in exception handling, automatic garbage collection, and strict data typing, which help prevent common programming errors and improve application stability.

Security and stability

Java focuses on security and stability, with built-in security features like the Java Security Manager and SSL/TLS encryption support to protect against cyber threats.

Why hire Java developers from TechMagic?


Our Java development team comprises highly skilled professionals proficient in Java programming, software architecture, and design principles. This allows us to deliver efficient and robust Java solutions that meet your business needs.


We have a team of dedicated developers who have worked on diverse software development projects, gaining invaluable experience and skills in the process. With experience, they quickly understand your project needs, develop efficient and effective solutions, and deliver them within the agreed timeline.

Effective communication

As a Java app development company, we understand the importance of clear and effective communication in software development projects. Whether you need regular progress updates or have questions about the project, our team is always available to provide the information you need.

Hire Java Developer

Hire a skilled and dedicated developer to build scalable web applications.

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What kinds of applications can be built with Java?

Java is a versatile programming language for the web, mobile apps and enterprise software. Some typical applications that can be built with Java include web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, and embedded systems.

How do you ensure the security of Java applications?

We employ security measures to ensure the safety and stability of Java applications. It includes secure coding practices, regularly testing and monitoring applications for vulnerabilities, and implementing standard security protocols.

How do you approach testing and quality assurance for Java applications?

We provide comprehensive testing and quality assurance services, including unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, regular code reviews, and continuous integration and delivery practices.

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