5 steps for building a great startup team

5 steps for building a great startup team

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The experience we have gained at launching our own startup, helps us to provide our customers with good service and strengthen their teams as well. Few years ago, TechMagic was starting its own startups, made a leap in it and now is ready to share the tricks. We know how to avoid traps or how to get out of some on the way of launching the startup.

Firstly, the idea of doing everything on your own without building a team - is far from the best one. You need your team! Investors will support the startup only if you bring a strong team to the table.

Each startup begins with few passionate guys and a brilliant idea not to burn out. However, it is not always enough. As all small organisations and startups are tribal. It is a small tribe with its rules, culture, relations and leader.  Whereas your company is going to grow, the tribe is going to get bigger as well. It is vitally important to get people into your team, who are willing to make difference in the world, who are ready to contribute, eager to get involved and generate ideas.

Bernd Schoner author of The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide gave us a piece of advice about indispensable input of a team: "Having the right team determines the path and outcome of a new venture more than any decision in the lifecycle of a company."

The moment you come up with the idea of hiring people and building your best startup team, you must be aware of different positions you need for the startup. There is going to be a number of people being responsible for sales, administration, marketing, copywriting, translation, design, SEO, PR, paid search, social media, account management, project management, programming, user experience…

In fact, you have to split the responsibilities among founders, better in written form. That will secure you and your future team from unnecessary hustle and bustle later. As soon as you start a company, the outside pressure and big profit might make people act differently.

Hiring people must be reasonable and well-thought out. Do not hire employees - hire team members! There must be three main key players in your team:

  • task oriented person - somebody who is  tech-twisted and knows how to solve problems
  • people oriented person - somebody who is aware of human factor, knows how to manage  people and does all the magic around the office
  • profit oriented person - somebody who obtains the best skills of sales manager

These three ninjas will be the team core. Increasing your startup tribe, you have to keep in mind, that it is not a must to hire full-time employees, as it might get your company into risks. Sometimes it is sensible to hire few part-time ninjas with a real hands-on experience, who will also contribute well. Once you invested into good skills of your employees, it might save your company at drastic times.


Here are 5 steps how to grow your startup motley crew into a rock-solid team:

1. Consider the timing, as you have to be sure, that it is perfect time to launch, that consumers are ready for your product.

2. You are to bring up the team spirit as well.

3. You have to succeed in your team’s expectations: salary, bonuses. As James Sinegal, Co-founder of Costco said “Paying your employees well is not only the right thing to do but it makes for good business.”

4. There is another inevitable stage of hiring people everyone  faces - getting rid of people. It is better to get rid of team member, who is not passionate about his job. Let him do what he really likes, but not keep him and wait until he gets your business down the drain.

5. When your team is ready to be called one of the best startup teams, be wise and think about involving somebody, who is more experienced then you are. Somebody who has been into business much longer. Having an expertise advizer could a necessary consequence of your company progress.

Startup founders will be busy with business and customer development, specifying the market needs and innovations. They are also going to dive in raising startup venture capital. Unfortunately, founders are not always able to devote much time for hiring native developers for their tech-startup. TechMagic is always ready to provide their’s ninja-developers for launching the startup. Our team of ninja developers know how to succeed your startup.

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