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Top 10 Praсtical Benefits of Vue.js for Web Development

Artem Arkhipov
Web Expert at Techmagic, full-stack developer, coach and speaker. Passionate about JavaScript, Cloud Computing and Serverless.
Top 10 Praсtical Benefits of Vue.js for Web Development

Think of a Javascript development framework, and the chances are you think of Angular or React. Except that’s no longer entirely true. Vue.js is becoming an increasingly popular choice for front end developers.

Vue was the brainchild of Evan You, a creative technologist at Google - which goes some way to explaining any outward similarities with Angular that you might notice. The point, however, is that when You created Vue, he did so with a view to addressing some of the shortcomings that he had experienced with Angular and also with React.

We have different views on Vue even inside our company. It's not the one-fits-all case. But the fact remaining is that sometimes Vue.js is the most fitting solution and today we're going to tell when and why.

Vue is open source but also benefits from some big-hitting backers, including DevExpress, StoreKit, Modus Create and Vehikl, to name just a few. The software provides a straightforward way to build modern, agile apps and user interfaces, both simple and complex.

Top 10 advantages of using Vue.js

benefits of using vue.js

Keeping it simple

One of the primary Vue js benefits is that it consists of single-file component-based architecture based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This makes life easy for developers as every app part can be independently tested, and the coding is straightforward for programmers to understand. This, in turn, makes it easy to optimise and identify any faults.


Incredible though it might sound, the Vue framework is only around 20 Kb in size. It takes up no space whatsoever, and there is no waiting around for it to download and install.

No steep learning curve

Sticking with the theme of simplicity, anyone with basic coding knowledge using HTML, CSS and JavaScript can learn Vue.js and start using it straight away. There is nothing complicated to learn and even amateur coders can achieve maximum results with the minimum lines of code.

A useful range of tools

It might be small, but the Vue framework comes packed with an impressive array of tools that enhance its functionality. For example, Vue CLI is a globally installed npm package that makes it easy to instantly scaffold a new project via Vue Create. The GUI is likewise invaluable for quick and easy creation, development and management of projects.

Incrementally adoptable

Vue incrementally introduces additional markup to the HTML code, thereby adapting to the needs of the developer, where other frameworks require the developer to rewrite an existing application from scratch.

Integrates with other frameworks

If you are already using an alternative like Angular or React, that is no barrier to adopting Vue. It can easily integrate with these and other frameworks and customise your UI project accordingly.

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Virtual DOM modelling and rendering

A Document Object Model represents the HTML pages as the user sees and interacts with them, including content, styles and all the other system elements of a webpage or app. The DOM can be a complex beast, and updating the entire thing is a cumbersome task.

Vue uses a virtual DOM, essentially a copy of the original DOM used for incremental changes. It simplifies the mobile app development process as it is no longer necessary to keep rendering the entire DOM. It also means better performance and smoother DOM operations.

DOM manipulation benefit

Also known as two-way binding, this feature of Vue makes it easy to update components and track data updates. Bound data can be updated the same way as DOM objects, so Vue is especially agile when working with applications that incorporate real-time updates.

Speed and performance

Mobile-first now a reality for browsing and other online tasks. Users are less patient than ever before when it comes to slow-loading pages or apps. Vue offers the fastest performance and combines it with a user experience that is second to none.

Fabulous support

Angular and React might have Google and Facebook behind them, but even these giants pale compared to the support you get from the open source community.

With the backing of local developers and sponsors mentioned earlier, Vue is successfully challenging the tech giants' frameworks. Support is swift and responsive, with most queries addressed the same day, and there are regular and consistent updates to support guides.

In terms of advantages of Vue, you can specify the possibility to add to the legacy projects with server rendering, which are written in Ruby, PHP or Java. In this case, you can add Vue or React apps as small frontend micro-services - for example, add a multistep form to the page that will not reload the page.
In theory, you can even gradually rewrite the project in this way, replacing legacy with Vue. Angular will not help here, it cannot be used like that (at least, it couldn’t before), but Vue and React are possible to use.

Oleg Medviediev, web developer at TechMagic.

Possible deal breakers

With all these advantages, why isn’t the whole world using Vue? As with anything, there are a few cons to weigh against the Vue pros, and we would be remiss not to point them out.

why vue js

Lack of scalability

Vue is perfect for creating individual apps and UIs. However, it is not easily adaptable for larger scale projects. This can be a problem for larger companies and is why it is more commonly adopted by SMEs. Having said that, Vue is constantly evolving and improving, so this is certainly something that is likely to become less of an issue in future.

Lost in translation

As Vue.js was built in China, much of the user base is also located there. Inevitably, a great deal of the user manuals, guides, forum advice and so on is in Chinese, and not everything has been translated. Of course, with tools like Google Translate to hand, that is not an insurmountable problem, and as Vue’s popularity spreads, so does the multilingual nature of the support resources.

Some mobile legacy incompatibilities

Vue is relatively new, which can cause compatibility issues with outdated versions of mobile operating systems and browsers, most notably Safari and iOS. Realistically, this should not be a significant obstacle, as it is just a case of updating the obsolete software.

Less expertise

Another consequence of Vue’s relative newness is that there are fewer developers and software engineers with experience in Vue compared with the likes of React and Angular. Having said that, the user-friendly simplicity of Vue means that even amateurs and inexperienced professionals find themselves using it with confidence in next to no time.

Regular updates

The newer a framework is, the more often it is updated. Vue is subject to more frequent updates than those frameworks that have been around longer, so there is always something new to learn and explore. That’s exciting from a functionality perspective, but it does mean dedicating some time in order to understand each update and to upskill accordingly.

Flexible Coding

Vue offers high flexibility, allowing coders to really get creative. That can be both a blessing and a curse. Some software engineers have found that the extreme flexibility exposes the coding to bugs and inconsistencies due to different programming methods being implemented at the same time.

Fewer Plug-Ins

By its nature, Vue uses fewer plug-ins than other frameworks. That can be something of a culture shock to software developers who have grown accustomed to having these tools at their disposal.

Applications built with Vue.js

why vue js is better

We mentioned earlier that Vue is ideally suited to SMEs. That’s true as far as it goes, but some corporate giants have also used the Vue framework to stunning effect. These include:

  • BMW,
  • Adobe,
  • NBC Sports,
  • Alibaba
  • and Upwork.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that even Google used Vue, specifically to build Google Careers. This is an open platform through which applicants can apply for job vacancies.

What projects can reap the benefits of using Vue.js?

The sheer breadth of applications mentioned above demonstrates just how versatile Vue is. If you are just getting acquainted with the framework, Github has some fabulous Vue.js project ideas that will help you get fully acquainted with Vue and its tools.

Perhaps the easiest is a simple calculator. It’s something everyone uses, and gives you a great chance to really focus on UX from basic principles. Other ideas in the suite include personal organiser apps for appointments, to-do lists and so on, a job board, a news page and even a weather app. Scalability issues aside, the world really is your oyster with Vue.js.

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TechMagic - your friendly neighbourhood Vue developers

At TechMagic, we have eight years experience in creating innovative software solutions. We use Vue.js because experience has taught us that doing so in particular cases allows us to create apps better, faster and smarter than other frameworks.

TechMagic’s Vue.js development services deliver a wide variety of software solutions ranging from web apps to single-page apps to custom apps to real-time apps. We understand that developing and delivering the perfect software solution is only the first step, so we also provide comprehensive maintenance and support and peripheral services such as migration support.


  1. Why use Vue js?

    Vue is a relatively new challenger brand compared with established names like Angular and React. However, businesses large and small are leveraging vue.js benefits. These benefits include simplicity, ease of learning, straightforward integration with other frameworks and a wide range of useful tools.

  2. Why is Vue.js better than React?

    Vue is simple, intuitive and highly customisable. Some users also feel more at ease with the user interface for Vue.

  3. Why is VueJS better than Angular?

    Vue is a significantly more lightweight solution than Angular. You can install it using only a few Kb and get to work almost instantly. It is also generally considered more user-friendly. For a more in-depth study of these questions, TechMagic has prepared a vuejs vs react vs angular study that examines the Vue pros and cons compared with its most serious rivals in some detail.

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