Continuous integration for iOS development

Continuous integration for iOS development

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New technologies bring us lots of tools for optimizing development processes. This time, at TechMagic TechTalk, the iOS Ninja Eugene Goloboyar told us about benefits and specifics of using OS X Server as CI for iOS.

Continuous integration (CI) is the practice, in software engineering, of merging all developer working copies to a shared mainline several times a day.

How it looks in practice:

  1. developer writes apps locally in Xcode and check them into a source code repository;
  2. then sends them to Xcode Server, a service provided by OS X Server, for processing;
  3. in Xcode on the development Mac, developer sets up bots that run on the server. These bots process apps, using the source code in the repository, and report back the results;
  4. each runs of a bot is called an integration, and these runs occur regularly throughout the development life cycle of your app.


Usage OS X Server is very beneficial in iOS development, unless you can use it only on Mac:

  • Costs 20$ or free for members of developer program;
  • Made by Apple;
  • Self hosted;
  • Control of Xcode version;
  • Can test on connected iOS devices;
  • Xcode Server runs under multiple users on your;
  • system and it persists all files - they will be picked up;
  • even after deleting both OS X Server and Xcode;
  • Has web interface.

Check out more information about using OS X Server as CI for iOS in the Eugene’s presentation here.

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