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11 Mobile App Design Trends to Follow in 2024

Bohdana Muzyka
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11 Mobile App Design Trends to Follow in 2024

Mobile app design trends are changing at a breathtaking pace. And with over 6.3 billion smartphone users and 1.14 billion tablet users worldwide, it's no surprise that the mobile app industry is flourishing.

According to studies, the average American checks their phone 262 times per day which means once every 5.5 minutes.

People use their smartphones at work, at home, and on their way between home and work, all the time. Smartphones are the first thing most people use in the morning and the last one they hold in their hands before falling asleep. You may be reading this article using your mobile device right now.

Where do people go so often on their phones? That's an exciting thing: 88% of mobile time is spent on apps.

The Latest Mobile App Statistics

The Latest Mobile App Statistics - app design trends 2022

In this article, besides all the shocking numbers mentioned above, we've focused on the hottest mobile trends 2024 brought us. Hopefully, it will help you stay in a good position to satisfy this demand. Some trends are well-known and have remained relevant for a long time, and others are growing in popularity. Obviously, different businesses and niches have specific features and restrictions on app mobile design trends to use. Still, with many approaches, each can determine a perfect combination of trends to implement for their app and business needs.

Your app can become even more successful and recognized with an innovative and user-friendly design. The following are the major reasons for monitoring the developments that will influence the best app design 2024 development this year:

Attract customers

One of the key elements influencing users' decision-making is design. Will they reopen your app or delete it once some time has passed? Will consumers post a bad review on your website or social media sites or suggest this app to their friends? A UI that is confused, a bad first impression, and display problems can all be caused by outdated design.

Lead industry

The likelihood that your target audience will select an app with an intuitive, responsive, and captivating design is higher. You will outperform your competitors and win over customers by integrating your distinctive corporate style with cutting-edge app design trends.

Convince consumers of the app's capabilities

You only have one chance to create a first impression, so let your product's design speak for the usability and user experience of your offering. Your prospects will pass it up in favour of a more alluring option even if you employed the most skilled developers to create feature-rich software. Any business, from a sizable industrial firm to a booming video game startup, may benefit from app design.

Split Screen Design

Split Screen Design - best app design 2022

We can hardly call this mobile design trend a new one; its relevance has increased, and the most diverse ways to implement it are mushrooming in recent years.

Shifts in the trend illustrate numerous options for creating a user-friendly split-screen design. And the top reason for its popularity is its high effectiveness. If we are talking about two or more types of information that the user needs to obtain simultaneously, splitting a screen is a perfect solution. The same can be said about the content, which demands the user to choose between different options. Instead of switching between multiple screens and keeping the information in mind (which is not why we use smartphones), you can see all the info, compare it, make your choice, and move forward.

A perfect example is Uber and almost any driving app. On a single screen, you can see the details about your trip (a car and a driver, payment details, and extra options) while tracking the car's location on the map in real-time.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality - best app design 2022

When we talk about thinking and designing outside the box, these mobile UI trends in 2024 fit it almost literally. Imagine there was 0.44 billion smartphones augmented reality users globally in 2019. This amount is predicted to increase to 1.73 billion by 2024! Add augmented reality to the list of current mobile UI design trends that must be used if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Big-name companies like Google and Apple have AR development platforms that combine digital and physical worlds. But even if you're not such a giant, you can benefit from this trend impressively. Many interior design companies, furniture stores, and architectural firms already do. With the help of augmented reality, they can, so to say, "try on" different options, understand how this or that decision fits the idea, and demonstrate the expected result to the client.

For example, IKEA employs AR so the buyer may place furniture anywhere they want, check whether they like how it appears, and then make a purchase. During the lockdown, this helped maintain prior online sales and even increased them since such interaction is not only helpful but also engaging to buyers.


Illustrations - best app design 2022

Adding illustrations to your app's design concept will work in favor of your brand and its recognizability. Using them reduces the amount of text on the screen, speeds up user interaction with the app, and influences their decision-making. The thing to remember: follow one style so that the user can memorize it, get used to your design, and recognize it quickly.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are among the top app design trends for 2024 and there is a psychological trick behind them: the letters stand out clearly, making it easier for the brain to remember the words.

The top 5 most used serif fonts according to app design trends 2024 are:

  • Recoleta
  • Blacker
  • Linotype Didot
  • ITC Lubalin Graph
  • Hermann

Futuristic Colors

Futuristic Colors in mobile app design

The number of apps is too significant to risk with a neutral or pastel color palette. You need to stand out and be easy to recall. Futuristic kaleidoscopic combinations are now in favor among mobile apps users. This trend allows designers to use color and contrast as instruments and improve user experience.

In addition, it's much harder for designers to be repetitive since a bright palette opens almost endless space for creativity.

Transparent Elements

Transparent Elements in mobile app design

Implementing this trend allows you to achieve maximum depth of your design and immerse users in all possible meanings. The layering of elements demonstrates the sequence of actions, explains how to interact with the elements and their priority. So you can show what's hiding behind the element or an action alphabetically.

And let's not try to hide the fact, it looks modern, exceptionally stylish, and attractive.

Dark Mode

2022 app design trends - Dark Mode

This trend isn't a novel concept, but its relevance is only growing. Companies like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Apple were pioneers in embracing dark interfaces, and many other companies followed suit.

Diving into the Apple Developers Forum, you may come across various surveys showing that between 50% and 82% of iPhone users choose a dark mode in system preferences. So why would it be different with apps?

White text on a dark background stands out and is better remembered, the design looks trendy, and the use is more convenient. A light mode can be uncomfortable for eyes during prolonged use. It is especially acute in the evening and after waking up — when most people use phones, as we know.

Animated Effects

Animated Effects in mobile app design trends 2022

There is no better way to make the interface dynamic than adding animation or video. And if the latter is a little more complicated because the video is relevant in specific situations, the animation seems appropriate almost everywhere. It’s one of the best mobile design trends in the coming years.

Even micro-movements can significantly change the UI and the use of an app. You can draw attention to the right elements, making them animated, hint at the action to be taken next, increase conversions and even sales.

Voice Interactions

In 2024, mobile design is not limited to the visual aspect; consider adding your app voice. Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are being used more and more and significantly improve user experience. It’s one of the new app design trends which is here to stay. But be careful and make a voice interaction optional because while beneficial in some situations, it can cause discomfort to users in others.

No Passwords

app design trends

In the case of mobile applications, passwords are sure to become a moveton. They are not secure, inconvenient to enter and remember. And with such a rapid development of technologies, it’s logical to pay attention to them and consider their implementation.

The simplest and already quite popular way to execute these technologies is a possibility to unlock or log in to the app via fingerprint scanning or FaceID.

Design for People with Disabilities

Design for People with Disabilities - mobile ui trends 2022

You need to remember about all the users who will interact with your design. Inclusiveness is a vital mobile design trend. You can refrain from futuristic colors and AR, but your design must work effectively for people with any kind of disability. Nielsen Norman Group recommends:

  • using ALT texts for images for people with visual disabilities
  • creating image maps
  • encoding information with relative size texts
  • turned off sound should not affect the website UX
  • website or app elements should not require precise tapping

One of the 2024 app design trends that every business must follow is inclusive design or, in other words, design for persons with impairments. You can avoid using futuristic hues and VUI, but your design must be usable by anybody with a handicap.

Our Experience

Implementing top mobile design trends and UI/UX design services are well demonstrated in the GOOD&CO app, delivered by TechMagic developers.

How we built

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The platform analyzes human archetypes based on test responses and determines your FitScore with the companies. Users can discover their strengths and qualities to improve and find their dream company. Companies have a chance to hire the best workers.

The app is exceptionally functional while remaining minimalist and well-structured. Thanks to the animated elements, colors, and shapes that place accents, the use is as intuitive as possible. The illustrations play in favor of usability, recognizability, and enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

Design that tries to include every trend comes out as chaotic. Therefore, it's preferable to pick a few app design trends that are suitable for your company and seamlessly include them in your UI. You may employ mobile app design services to apply these improvements piecemeal, but keep in mind that fashions are always shifting.

Keeping up with mobile UI design trends is necessary for a business looking to grow. But, on the other hand, following all the trends and knowing the best ways to implement them is a time-consuming and challenging task. More often, businesses cannot afford such full-fledged research. That's why companies like TechMagic are taking it upon themselves.

We closely observe all trends, monitor their relevance, and always know which new effects are worth paying attention to. Moreover, we conduct deep research and determine the most practical solution for a particular business since there is no universal design solution.

If you have an idea, contact us, and we will offer the best options for its implementation. Fill out the contact form and choose a suitable time for our manager to talk to you.

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