What is AWS ISV Partner Path and How to Get Started

What is AWS ISV Partner Path and How to Get Started

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While more and more businesses get started with digital transformation mainly forced by the pandemic, they face the need for collaboration with a reliable tech partner. The partner is expected to support them along this path, help with migrating operations to the cloud, and open up the ultimate opportunities for data analysis.

Choosing development vendors featured by the world-leading cloud solutions provider is a winning strategy in this case. Amazon partners get cutting-edge advantages for delivering value to their customers, so let’s find out how to get started with AWS ISV Partner Path.

What Is The AWS ISV Partner Path?

What Is The AWS ISV Partner Path | TechMagic.co

AWS ISV Partner Path program is a set of useful tools, insightful resources, advanced technologies, and the best practices that may be used by development companies (independent software vendors, as stated by Amazon) in the process of creating cloud-based software for their customers. Your company needs to join the AWS Partner Network (APN) to access this cloud-based treasure chest.

But what is the AWS ISV Partner Path? The AWS ISV Partner Path is the approach to speed up the development of cloud-based software. The company that participates in the program gets step-by-step assistance with introducing the best development practices of Amazon into their business processes. The program’s goal is to supply tech-savvy companies with such an ultimate set of advanced tools that will allow them to drive innovations and move the progress forward.

AWS Partner Network Updates

Direct partnership with Amazon is a great opportunity for independent software vendors to create better solutions, market and promote them to the target users and increase the value proposition of their services. However, it would be impossible without several AWS updates aimed at even more effective collaboration between all parties and addressing the most pressing issues of modern businesses and communities.

Below are some of the AWS ISV Partner Programs aimed at streamlining software development for businesses from different industries.

AWS ISV Accelerate

AWS Accelerate is an improved program for those software development vendors who are willing to boost sales of their services and programming solutions. The goal is to accelerate the growth of development companies, as well as their customers and end users.

For this purpose, Amazon provides access to their AWS marketplace and establishes stronger connections between Partners and AWS sales teams.

AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency

2020 was quite challenging for the companies in the tourism and hospitality industry. They understand the importance of digital transformation but want to work with reliable tech partners who will support them on this path, opening up the opportunities for effective usage of data analysis and cloud technologies.

AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency update highlights the most promising development companies that may support tourism and hospitality businesses at these times. Amazon also encourages other vendors to join the network by getting started with APN Navigate.

AWS Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency

In the framework of this update, Amazon had opened up access to innovative solutions allowing legal authorities to deal with emergencies and disasters using a data-driven approach. Amazon also states that creating software that will be used for public safety and disaster response is one of the most challenging tasks ever, so getting featured as an AWS partner in this niche will be quite challenging as well.

Amazon RDS Service Delivery Program

This AWS ISV partner program was launched to confirm the expertise and skills of Amazon’s partners in cloud data migration and management. Amazon has also developed strict requirements for tech partners to become featured as a company experienced in dealing with specific database engines and technologies.

AWS SaaS Boost

In response to the growing demand for a Software as a Service business model, Amazon offers its partners to take advantage of the AWS SaaS Boost program. This is an open environment that allows developers to speed up the transformation of digital products into SaaS offerings. While this transformation requires time, effort and may portend some risks, SaaS Boost provides tools, frameworks, and technologies to make the transformation process seamless and effective.

AWS SaaS Factory Insights Hub

If developing SaaS applications for your customers is your core competency, Amazon invited your company to unlock plenty of practical insights, tactics, and opportunities to cope with this task better and faster. AWS SaaS Factory is an open collection of the best practices and approaches to SaaS development. When utilized along with SaaS Boost, it allows for delivering ultimate value to the end customers with minimal effort.

AWS Well-Architected SaaS Lens

SaaS Lens is a kind of checklist that allows the developers to make sure that they haven't missed anything crucial and improve the final product using the pre-developed plans and templates.

APIs for the AWS Well-Architected Tool

AWS Well-Architected Tool is the set of principles and practices that Amazon considers to be the best in cloud development. With the help of APIs, the partners will be able to introduce and follow these practices when creating software solutions for their customers as well.

AWS Foundational Technical Review Lens

This framework is slightly similar to the previous one, but it focuses on safety, reliability, and quality, outlining the best practices to adhere to these principles.

ISV Partner Path Benefits

ISV Partner Path Benefits | TechMagic.co

AWS Partner Network offers a lot of effective tools for skyrocketing cloud software development but let’s take a look at the additional ISV partner path benefits. You can unlock them by launching a partnership with Amazon and following AWS ISV Path.

Become a Credible Software Development Vendor Supported By AWS

Most businesses are looking for reliable tech vendors, especially if they outsource their development processes. Getting featured as an Amazon AWS partner improves the credibility of the development company because of the reputational effect — mentioning leading global brands makes us trust.

What’s more, those customers who understand what opportunities Amazon AWS partners have may be sure to get top-notch development services, seamless cloud operations, and well-established processes.

Deliver Value and Innovation Using AWS Products

Amazon stands for the software products that will deliver value to businesses and customers using them, plus it promotes movement towards innovations. That’s why the company supplies its partners with top-notch tools and technologies to achieve these missions effectively. Amazon partners get the opportunity to unlock access to AWS resources, knowledge, and best practices.

Promote and Sell Your Solutions With the Help of the AWS Marketplace

Equal opportunities for business development is one more goal Amazon strives for. Amazon Partners may promote and sell their tech products using AWS marketplace, instantly getting in touch with the companies in need of solutions that will meet their business demands.

Work With the Assigned Partner Manager

With an Assigned Partner Manager, work with Amazon AWS becomes even more effective and seamless. The specialists help the company quickly get started and instantly respond to their customers’ issues, serving them better.

How to Get Started your AWS ISV Partner Path

How to Get Started your AWS ISV Partner Path | TechMagic.co

Wondering how to launch AWS ISV partner path? Follow the simple strategy below to do it step by step.

Create an APN Partner Central Account

The registration process consists of three steps — you need to create an account using business email, tell Amazon about your company’s specifics and accept terms and conditions.

Discover AWS Frameworks and Partner Programs

At this step, you will be invited to adopt AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, proceed with AWS Well-Architected Framework, and research the available partner programs depending on your business needs and the ones of your customers.

Study APN Resources

At this stage, you may expect support from Amazon’s Representative, who will guide you through the available resources you need to study before the collaboration begins. After this step, you will be able to use ISV Partner’s opportunities as effectively as possible.

Make Sure You Follow the Best AWS Practices

Now, you need to proceed with AWS Well-Architected Review. This is one more educational step that will allow you to take a deeper look at the best AWS approaches and make sure your company is ready to follow them. Next, you should proceed with AWS Foundational Technical Review.

Pay the Annual Fee

After you make the payment ($2,500), you will get access to the ultimate lists of the Programs you may benefit from. Choose the one that suits your business needs most and allows for meeting your customers’ expectations.

Get Started With Selling Your Services

At this stage, you are done with preparatory steps and may sell your digital goods and services on the AWS marketplace and enjoy other advantages of following AWS ISV Partner Path.


Our AWS ISV Partner Path Review allows for concluding that becoming an AWS partner is quite a promising opportunity for tech companies and their customers. We are proud to be an AWS Consulting partner and welcome you to take advantage of our web and mobile development expertise. Our tech-savvy team is ready to share and implement the best software creation practices while being supported by Amazon and guided by the needs of your business!

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